How to Make Your Ex Love You Again (Without Pretending You Are Someone Else)

Today I want to share with you how to make your ex love you again.

Now, if you’ve gone through a breakup with your ex, there has been a certain — let’s just say event— that happened that caused the two of you to grow apart emotionally.

If the two of you are going to come together again and if your ex is going to love you again then something is going to need to change.

Chances are, the “thing” that must change for you to get back together is going to be the emotional connection that brings you together.

This is where what we teach really kind of steps out of the realm that maybe a lot of the things that you may have seen online in other videos and websites.

We are going to take things to a much deeper level than you may have heard elsewhere.

This is in the world of emotionally connecting with other people and specifically emotionally connecting with your ex so that they will fall in love with you again.

Now when it comes to all of this, it’s very easy to get distracted by a whole lot of inconsequential things like text messages, social media behavior, photos that people post online with the other person cropped out and it’s like “Oh, who’s that arm around their shoulder?” and all that stuff.

The only thing you really need to focus on is the emotional connection between you and your ex.

If you simply focus on having a strong emotional connection with your ex, you can let go of the online stuff, the text messages and all of that other stuff.

When it comes to the emotional connection, I teach Advanced Relational Skills which are really interpersonal skills that allow you to connect with your ex at a deeper level.

I go into a lot of great detail about these Advanced Relational Skills inside The Ex Solution Course but I’m only be able to give you a brief overview of them here.

Essentially, they cover a series of topics and allow you to dial into the situation so that you’re actually able to understand the emotional dynamic in any given moment between you and your ex.

They do this by allowing you to wake up and get present to things.

For example, you may have noticed that when you walk into a certain room or a certain store, it has a different kind of energy to it than a different room, store or building.

This is part of the emotional current.

If you can start to dial into this, even at a distance— maybe you’re texting your ex, emailing them or talking to them on the phone— there is an emotional current between you.

If you can dial into that emotional current, you can tune in to what their experience is and what the whole dynamic in general is, then you can start to do something about whatever dynamic might be there.

If your ex is standoffish, you can actually address that and get them to open up to you.

Additionally, Advanced Relational Skills will allow you to have a deeper, more quality connection with your ex.

You’ll be able to do this because you’re not just walking on eggshells, holding your breath and anxiously wondering things like,

“What do I say next?

“What do I say next to my ex?”

“How do I keep the conversation going?”

“Oh no, my ex is pulling away. What do I do?”

Instead, you’ll be able to get real about what’s actually happening or what you really want to know.

The most important thing for you to do is to recognize that your ex is actually another human being.

I know that you get this.

I know that you’re not just like, “oh, women are objects or all men are objects or anything like that, right?”

That’s really old fashioned and unless you’re, I don’t know, like 100 years old or something, then you’re probably not thinking that.

But… there’s a big difference between intellectually understanding that we are all humans and actually experiencing things and thinking, “Wow, I get it. You have your own fears, hopes, dreams, desires, anxieties, all of that stuff.

Suddenly, once you realize that your ex is having their own full, rich emotional experience of life the same way you are, then you can develop a keen sense of curiosity and an incredible ability to connect with them on an emotional level.

Advanced Relational Skills help you bring yourself to interactions with your ex in a way that is complete, transparent, vulnerable and full of integrity towards how you are actually being.

Oftentimes, maybe on some of the other videos (or articles) that you might have seen, there is breakup advice that says, “You have to act disinterested, pretend like you don’t care, be an Alpha male or female, you have to be a jerk or aloof” to get your ex back.

The problem is that for most people, it’s an act.

Now, if you naturally are that way, then that’s great. Just go ahead and be that way.

What I want to encourage you to do is to not act around your ex, to be 100 percent complete, open, natural, normal and authentic.

And do this in a way that’s not going to drive your ex away and will increase your emotional connection.

There are a lot of always you can do this that will drive your ex away—like the difference between good vulnerability and bad vulnerability.

But you really want to be complete, open, and honest with your ex because if you’re not being being yourself, then you’re trying to force a square peg through a round hole and that dynamic is not going to work.

It’s just not going to work.

Even if the two of you get back together it’s just not going to work.

It’s just going to blow up and fall apart because you’re not being yourself.

If you can’t be yourself in a relationship and you can’t be loved for who you are, then you’re just going to crash and burn.

It’s disastrous.

I’ve seen it over and over again.

The next thing that Advanced Relational Skills do is show you actual conversation and communication patterns that will help you open up doorways of connection with your ex.

These are involved techniques like deepening your conversations down to the emotional world of connection.

You go from surface level things where you’re kind of scrambling to think of things to talk about.

Should I talk about this TV show?

Should I talk about this thing that happened at work?

Should I talk about how terrible traffic is?

Should I talk about the weather?

Should I talk about sports?

Should I talk about politics and all of this?

Stuff that quite frankly, most of us probably don’t give a shit about, right?

Advanced relational skills pull your communication down to the emotional level where you’re able to actually have a deep, meaningful, rich conversation with your ex.

Your conversations become deeper, more meaningful and richer than any conversation that your ex has probably had in quite a while.

When you’re able to have this kind of connection with your ex then you’re going to outshine anyone that they might be seeing.

You’re going to outshine any rebound relationship they might be in or any other person that they might be dating or whatever.

When that happens, the emotional connection between you becomes so strong that your ex will go out of their way to interact with you.

They will go out of their way to call you.

They will go out of their way to meet up with you.

And when that happens, it is extremely likely that your ex will fall in love with you again.

That, my friends is how to make your ex love you again.

You focus on the quality of the emotional connection and what actually brings the two of you together, which is high-quality interactions.

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