How Attraction Works for Men – 6 Ways to Be A Man Magnet

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When it comes to the world of dating, it is super important to be able to take the man’s perspective into account. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just understand how attraction works for men, how it really works?

Although every man is different, and will be attracted to different things and different women, there are a few common traits that men are attracted to in women. Some of them are slow to bubble to the surface; others are pretty obvious and can be initiated from the beginning. Attraction builds on itself over time as he gets to know you better.

One of the keys to a successful relationship is knowing what these keys of attraction are for men, and sustaining them over the long term.  Attracting men is much simpler than many women make it out to be.

To create serious attraction with a man, first read this article all the way through and then watch this video presentation about the single most important thing to a man.

Here are a few key points to get you started:

1. Beauty.

A no brainer right?  Beautiful women are attractive to men.  The world of advertising is built on this basic evolutionary idea.  A beautiful woman is something very special to a man, and when a beautiful woman pays attention to him, and maybe, even likes him, he is instantly attracted.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and every man will be attracted to different kinds of beauty, but a gorgeous woman is a very hard thing to refuse for any warm-blooded member of the male species.  You don’t need to look like Angelina Jolie.  Do your best to look great around the man you are interested in. Think about your most striking attributes and try to accentuate them. Rock what you’ve got!

2. He feels good around you.

A man’s level of attraction towards one particular woman will increase if he always feels good around her. He will also on occasion be attracted to other women that make him feel good, but if he has one girlfriend or is married, his attraction to that woman will deepen over time because she consistently makes him feel great.

She compliments him frequently, says thank you when he does something nice, and she never seems to get caught up in drama or games and conflict.  This kind of woman is easy to feel good around, and when he discovers this, his attraction will increase and he will simply want to be around her more.

3. You show him respect

Men crave a woman’s respect and admiration. To make a man feel loved, you must make him feel respected.

When women want to attract a man, often they will mistakenly try to show their value by doing things for a man. Giving is great, but he will actually appreciate your confidence in his ability to accomplish things more than he would if you stepped in and did it for him. A man who feels emasculated by you will not be attracted to you. Give him the space he needs to show you he’s competent and he will be more drawn to you than if you try to solve his problems for him.

4. You are quick to forgive.

Women that constantly nag their man over every tiny little thing become less and less attractive to him over time. Nagging is an absolute attraction killer!

If something comes up and she treats it as no big deal, or expresses gratitude for an apology and lets things go, she becomes even more attractive to him.

This laid-back behavior sends him the message that as they go through life together, she will not get stuck on anger over the small stuff.  It goes back to being easy to be with.  If a woman is constantly nagging him over dumb real or imagined mis-steps, it makes him feel like he can’t make her happy.  This can hold true from the first date to the fiftieth anniversary. If he spills his wine on you on the first date and you freak out, he will remember that moment for many days, weeks even, after the fact.

This is not to say that you should ignore everything he does wrong.  It’s more about how you handle his mistakes.  If you fly off the handle over every little thing, and stack your resentments, it’s going to be hard to stay with you over the long term.  Just think about it this way:  would you enjoy being with someone who makes a big deal over every little thing you do wrong and mentions it for months afterward?  Probably not.

5. Confidence.

Men rate confident women as some of the most irresistible creatures on the planet. A woman who knows who she is but isn’t arrogant about it, isn’t afraid to go after what she wants but acts like her life doesn’t depend on it, and isn’t afraid to call someone’s bluff or call someone out, is very sexy to a man.

A strong sense of self-confidence is not something you can fake, but it can be learned.  If it isn’t real he will catch on quickly, and you’ll seem insecure or worse.  This kind of confidence is the same thing that increases a woman’s attraction to men. If a man is bold enough to go after you, you find it sexy and appealing. The same concept applies both ways.  If you carry yourself in the world like you don’t care what other people think of you intrinsically, he will be very, very attracted.

Often men rate confidence as more important than beauty.  They will often pass up a beautiful woman who isn’t self confident for a very confident, plain woman who makes them feel good.  Have you ever met someone who seemed to be of average attractiveness but also seemed to have the choice of any man she wanted?  The answer was probably a strong dose of self-confidence.

6. Your smile.

This is one of the easiest ways to create attraction in a man, and many women don’t realize it. Women who smile frequently seem happier, more confident and more easy going. Women love happy women! Men are very literal, and smiling a lot (when it makes sense, not creeper-style) is a sign that you’re happy. He’ll also probably mentally take credit for it.

A smile to a man you’ve never met before sends the message that you are approachable.  Smiling at the man  you are dating sends the message that you still like him and find him easy to be with.  A smile to the man you are with long term says that everything is going to be okay no matter what we are talking about or doing today.  Women forget how powerful their smile is to their man. It makes him feel like he did something right, and succeeding at making you happy makes him happy.

The Bottom Line- How Attraction Works for Men

The bottom line for understanding how attraction works in men is not put too much thought into it. Over thinking a man’s attraction for you usually backfires, making you feel and seem unnatural to him.

Men are much simpler creatures than we think. Smile more, look great without trying too hard, be easy to be around, forgive easily, and don’t act like the world depends on him calling you back, and he will think you are too good to be true. As you master these principles, his attraction for you will increase over time.

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2 thoughts on “How Attraction Works for Men – 6 Ways to Be A Man Magnet”

  1. Avatar

    From a mans perspective. There are several beauty elements that are undeniable in attracting a man’s attention, the best women have groups of these elements, and they are all PHYSICAL attributes, not behavior. A man will actually forgive a lot of behavior related weaknesses if the physical side of the equation is high enough.

    Now for the list: 1) Figure; 2) Butt shape and firmness; 3) Hair (longer = better); 4) Eyes; 5) Fleshy part of brow above eyes; 6) Upper cheeks/cheek bones.

    My suggestion to women is to figure out which of these attributes you have, and study on how to maximize the impact. I have seen women who only have eyes who can command a man with that ONE attribute.

    If, unfortunately, you are a woman with none of these elements. I am sorry, but the alpha or semi-alpha male will never be “into” you unless he is emotionally damaged in some way, in which case you a best to steer clear and just be happy with a beta.

  2. Avatar

    Dude, those are just the things you are looking for in a woman. You are not in the mind of every man on the planet. There is,no such thing as an Alpha man. Only God is Alpha and Omega. Get over yourself! By the way, I am a woman and attract many men and each male has their own concept of what attracted me to them. Legs, eyes,smile, lips, face, petite frame, skin color, etc. Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder.

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