“My Ex Says He Doesn’t Have Feelings For Me Anymore”

If you want to learn how to get back together with your ex when he or she says that they don’t have feelings for you, then you’ve come to the right place.

I’m going to reveal sneaky, psychological tactics that will help you convince your ex that you’re the only one for them and you’ll be able to ignite those powerful emotions inside your ex’s mind whenever you want.

Let me jump right into some tips on how you can get your ex to share that spark and that feeling with you again.

1. Force your ex to go back to “emotional neutral.”

Now, just a quick disclaimer, making your ex have romantic feelings for you again overnight is going to be next to impossible. There’s very little that you can do or say right now that’s going to make them change their minds and take you back right away. But there are things you can do right now to begin the process.

Now, I’m not going to talk about the “No Contact” technique since I’ve explained it in plenty of my other articles. But, one of the best ways to start mending wounds is just to simply not contact your ex for a period of at least 30 days.

During this time of no contact, there are several things that you can do right now to expedite the process of making your ex return to an emotionally neutral state.

For example, if you’ve done a ton of begging and pleading right after your breakup, you can send something that I call the “Clean Slate Email Template.”

Now, this is a covert and sneaky email or text that you can send to make your ex forget about all the bad memories that they had of you so that you can eventually replace those ones with nostalgic and happy ones.

To learn more about that email and how to use it, go and watch the free presentation at my website that explains what the Clean Slate Email Template is along with tons of my other strategies and psychological techniques to help you get your ex back.

Keep in mind that getting your ex to go back to that emotional neutral state can take anywhere from 30 to 90 days.

In some rare cases it take even longer than that. But in this stage, it’s important to do whatever you can to recover from the breakup to put your best foot forward, so that you could be mentally ready to contact your ex again in the future when the time is right.

2. Become the most attractive version of yourself possible.

In order to get the spark back with your ex, you’re going to have to become a much more attractive version of yourself. I don’t just mean physically, although that does help. What I mean is that you need to become a more confident, vibrant, happy, and powerful version of yourself.

Human beings are attracted to people with equal to or higher social status than their own.

This is true for both sexes but it’s especially true for women. So in order to regain that feeling and get that attraction back, you’re going to have to focus on yourself.

You ultimately want to make your ex look at you and say, “You know, why the hell did I ever let that awesome guy or girl go?” Of course, this is a lot easier said than done. And, right now, you’re probably feeling pretty shitty.

Becoming the best version of yourself is often the last thing you want to do right now and understandably so.

But it’s moments like this that define us, right? I mean, some people will tend to drop everything and give up when they face even the smallest bit of resistance. And, these people are destined to live in mediocrity, right?

People who pull themselves up by the bootstraps when they’re faced with adversity are 10 times more likely to succeed in life.

So let me ask you this: Do you want to succeed in life or not? Do you want to live powerfully or do you just want to roll over and give up? The choice is up to you, of course.

Now, let’s go quickly into how you can become the best version of yourself.

Get a pen and a piece of paper and write down all the traits that you think or that you wish you had.

For example, if you wish you were more confident, maybe you’re kind of shy, write that down. And then write down how you want to become more confident.

Do you want to be able to talk to people more easily?

Do you want to make friends more easily?

Whatever it is, come up with a plan of action to help yourself gain that confidence and then stick to it.

Do you want to learn a new talent? Again, write that down.

Then, come up with a solid plan of action to learn that new talent. Now is the time to spread your wings. And, make sure that when you do contact your ex when that time is right and they’re going to be receptive.

3. Don’t waste your chances to connect with your ex.

Contact your ex in a non-intrusive manner and make sure you contact your ex for a very good reason when you do reach out.

When you finally do contact your ex and the time is right, you really need to craft the perfect message to make sure that you hook them in properly.

If you are too forward and share lots of your feelings for them, you’re going to come across as needy and desperate, which obviously isn’t good.

On the other hand, if your message isn’t powerful enough, then you’re not going to get any reply at all. So really, you just need to strike that perfect balance.

Here’s a quick example of a really good message that you can send to your ex after the no contact period ends. You can text your ex something like:

“Hey, do you remember that incredible band that we listened to during Woodstock last year? What was the name of that band again? I’m trying to make a new playlist. Hope everything is going well with you.”

Now, this is a great text message to your ex for a number of reasons.

First and foremost, it forces your ex to reminisce about a happy time you spent together. This is going to start to bring back some of the feelings that he or she had for when you first started dating. And if you do this at the right time, it can be an extremely powerful technique and it will probably be only a matter of days before your ex starts to miss you like crazy.

4. Implant the seeds of desire deep within your exe’s mind.

When you go through my best-selling Ex Factor program, you’ll learn hundreds of simple psychological tips and tricks which slowly add up and begin to make your ex yearning for you again.

They are going to start to miss you. And eventually, they are going to ask you to get back together.

One of the most powerful techniques that you can use to make your ex regain some of those emotions and that feeling of attraction is to engage in some playful flirting.

For this one, you’re going to have to setup a quick coffee meet up or meet them for a drink. Basically, what you need to do is come up with a very specific and good reason as to why you want to meet up with your ex.

You can’t simply just ask them for a coffee date or to go for lunch just because you miss them. That’s going to make you seem needy, desperate, and unattractive.

Instead, what you need to do is text them something like, “Hey, I’ve decided to get into water painting again. I always knew that you were super good at that stuff. Do you think I can buy you a coffee so I can pick your brain about that?”

Or you could say you know, something like:

“Hey, I hope all’s well. I’m planning that trip to New Zealand finally. I was wondering if you had any tips for me since I know you were there just a few years ago. Do you think I could buy you lunch sometime and get some advice?”

That’s all it takes. If you’ve done everything else correctly up until this point, your ex should really be eager to meet up and hang out with you.

And of course, this is where you need to start building attraction with some light-hearted flirting. That means smiling, making strong eye contact, making some slightly fun and playful jokes at your ex, and touching them at the right times in the right places.

Again, in my Ex Factor program, I go through a ton of these little flirting tactics. If you’re interested in picking up a copy, you can do that here.

On that page, you’ll be prompted to select which version of the Ex Factor you want to order, for men or women. And after that, the checkout process is pretty self-explanatory. You will get access to my full program today, immediately after you sign up.

Keep in mind guys, if you do decide to pick up a copy of my Ex Factor program, you’re going to be given my ironclad 60-Day money back guarantee to back your purchase. So basically, if you don’t like the program for whatever reason, within 60 days of signing up, you can just email my customer support team and we will refund every single penny you’ve paid within a day or two, no questions asked. You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose.

5. Use subtle reverse psychology.

My final tip to make your ex feel powerful emotion for you again is by using some subtle reverse psychology. By using this tactic, you’re going to begin to turn the tides and make your ex start chasing you instead of the other way around. So listen closely here.

Before you meet up with your ex for coffee or for a drink after work, you’re going to want to drop some very subtle hints about where you’re at in your life.

Talk about how you felt like the breakup was a positive thing for you. Tell them how it’s forced you to try new things and pursue new hobbies and take on new passions— that kind of thing.

By hinting at this kind of stuff, you’re going to make your ex begin to question themselves. You’re going to make them wonder if they really didn’t make the right decision and think maybe they shouldn’t have walked away from such a great catch.

Now, you’re also going to want to use another powerful psychological tool called “pre-selection” to your advantage. So to use this, subtly drop the hint that ever since you and your ex broke up, there’s been a line-up of people of the opposite sex dying to land a date with you.

Human beings basically guys are just hardwired to want the guy or the girl that everyone else wants. This is an evolutionary phenomenon that’s ubiquitous throughout the animal kingdom. You can use this psychological strategy to your advantage and it can really skyrocket your sex appeal and make your ex feel a desire for you again.

All right guys, this is getting long. So I’m going to wrap it up here. I could go on and on about all these little known psychological tactics that you can use to get your ex back.

To learn more about some of those tactics, you have to go to my website and watch my free video presentation.

Head over there right now and get started.

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