Why Your BEING Is The Key To Getting The Love You Really Want

Today I’m going to talk about common misconceptions and mistakes that people make when getting their ex back and with the advanced relational skills that we teach in our articles, videos and courses. Let’s go ahead and get right into it.

A common misconception people have about the advanced relational skills we teach to attract others is that these skills are something that you turn on when it’s time to perform for somebody else and then turn them OFF when you’re not around anyone important (like your ex) who you want to impress.

Advanced relational skills are really about upgrading your way of being.

Your way of being is basically the average of all the ways that you bring yourself to life throughout any period of time, right?

Your way of being this week is the sum of how you are behaving and bringing yourself to interactions throughout the entire week.

The more you can step into a certain way of being, the more you can step into being charismatic, curious about someone else’s experience, having integrity and being present in the moment.

The more you do that on a consistent basis, the more it becomes your consistent way of being.

Advanced relational skills are about upgrading your entire way of being so that you can behave, act and respond to others in a way that is going to get you better results with love and relationships.

This is the “BE, do, and have” model. You are being upgraded so that you can do things that will get you different results.

This is very contradictory to the way that most people approach things which is to “have, do, and BE.

Most people think, “I could HAVE the magic pick up line that I could DO (by going up to the girl or guy) and then I would BE a confident person.”

That’s the opposite of what I’m trying to teach you.

Instead I want you to simply practice being a confident person so you automatically know what to say to get the girl or guy.

If you’re doing it the wrong way you’re essentially always going to be in performance mode.

What do I mean by performance mode?

Performance mode is when you are putting on an act in order to impress somebody. It’s trying to be something that you are not to impress somebody or otherwise trying to hide, conceal or polish part of yourself to appear different than what you are.

This is not a great place to be in when you are trying to make progress with an interpersonal relationship or any other area of your life.

Often when people throw up their hands in the air and say, “Oh, I tried that but it didn’t work!” it’s a key indicator that they were not BEING something new. They were just performing.

They weren’t BEING charismatic, attractive or the kind of person who is naturally going to get the results they want in their romantic relationship situation.

Instead, they were simply trying a tactic, quick tip or ninja trick. That kind of stuff doesn’t really work long term. It might get you one or two steps down the road, but ultimately, something’s going to happen and you’re going to run out of lines. Then, what are you going to say when you run out of lines and tricks, right?

Suddenly, you have to stand on your own two feet and if you’ve just been faking it this whole time, then you’re going to crash and burn.

I don’t care if you’re a guy or a girl, if you’re trying to meet somebody, save your relationship, get your ex back, or trying to meet Mr. Right, you’re going to crash and burn if you’re just relying on lines, tricks, and gimmicks.

You have to incorporate changing your being into your process for approaching romantic situations. That’s really what the advanced relational skills I teach are all about.

It’s about upgrading the way that you are bringing yourself to every single moment with other people.

You always want to embrace and embody these advanced relational skills because that way you’ll always be attractive.

You won’t think, “Oh, HE is over there. How do I turn ON my advanced relational skills so that I can impress him?”

If you’re doing it that way, you are going to have a lot harder time than if you were to simply say to yourself, “I see what Clay is teaching here. I’m going to work on being all of these things as often as possible throughout my entire day.”

Then you’ll always be ready to interact with any person you’re attracted to.

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