If You Want A Response From Your Ex, DON’T Send This Type Of Message

There’s a couple of different reasons why your ex might not respond to you. Today, we’re going to be talking about one of the most common reasons why your ex doesn’t respond to your messages and that is the “wall of text” type of message.

Now, what is the wall of text message?

When you’re texting your ex, what I’ve noticed is that lots of people tend to pour out their heart and soul into their message— whether they are sending their ex a text, email or letter.

They’ll write, and write, and write, and write, and write, and write, and write and then they’ll send it off to their ex.

They create what we call a “wall of text.”

It’s essentially just one giant mono paragraph that is very difficult for somebody to read.

And, trust me I get all of your emails and messages where you guys send me a wall of text and it’s very difficult for me to read and I am not emotionally invested in your breakup.

I’m not emotionally invested in your relationship the way your ex is because I wasn’t there. I don’t really know who lied or cheated or what. I don’t know that stuff but your ex probably has a very strong opinion about that.

And when your ex receives a wall of text message like this, it is very difficult for two main reasons.

1. A wall of text message is hard for your ex to read.

There is no space for your eye to rest.

It looks like a lot of work to read and that makes it very difficult for your ex to want to read it.

So they might put off reading your message. They might say to themselves, “I will read tomorrow, I’ll read it the next week, or whatever.”

Eventually, they start to feel guilty for putting it off for so long that they just don’t read it promptly, and they don’t respond.

2. It’s very dramatic and intense.

The second reason why the wall of text is difficult for your ex to respond to or want to respond to is because it also is filled with very heavy, dramatic and intense language and writing.

You’re pouring your emotions into this kind of message to your ex and it’s very difficult for your ex to respond to.

If they’re out and about doing whatever they do in the middle of the day and they get a wall of text message from you, they might be in the middle of something.

And they don’t have the emotional capacity to stop and go over your intense message in the middle of the supermarket or riding the bus to wherever they’re going or whatever.

Your ex might just put off responding to you and then get into the habit of putting it off.

Eventually, they don’t want to respond to your message out of guilt or whatever it might be.

What should you do instead to get a good response from your ex?

First, you want to avoid sending your ex a wall of text.

You want to make any message that you sent your ex much more manageable and easier for them to read.

That’s going to help you get a response.

In case you’re wondering about the wall of text I showed in the video above, that’s not a real wall of text message that I got from anybody, that’s just something that I made up. I’ve read enough of these that I can put them together. I’ve written maybe one or two back in the old days when I was going through my breakup. But it’s totally made up so don’t worry, that’s nobody’s private information and story or anything.

Anyway, if you want to learn how to bypass the wall of text message to your ex, what you need to do is to learn how to actually connect with your ex.

Obviously, things like learning not to do the wall of text are important.

But simply just not doing the wrong things isn’t going to get your ex back.

You have to do the right things to get back together.

In addition to not sending your ex a wall of text, you want to be able to create a strong emotional connection with your ex— something that is going to bring the two of you closer together.

If you would like to learn more about how to do that, here’s what I’d like you to do.

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