5 Signs Your Ex Is ALMOST Ready To Get Back Together With You


Today we are going to talk about five signs that your ex is about to get back together with you.

Let’s go ahead and jump right into this.

1. You can reliably get ahold of them.

The first sign that your ex might be about ready to get back together with you is if you can reliably get ahold of them. Now, of course, this is not a definitive sign where it’s like, “if you can get ahold of your ex then you will absolutely get back together.”

But it is a clue that you’re moving in the right direction.

A lot of people go through this process where they try to reach out to their ex and get nothing and it frustrates them. Then they go a week or longer without hearing from their ex or without their ex replying to them. It can be a very difficult process for them to even get in touch with their ex.

So if you can contact your ex and know that within a relatively reasonable period of time that they’re going to get back to you, then that’s a pretty good sign you’re headed in the right direction and your ex might be about ready to get back together with you.

2. The connection between you and your ex is improving.

The second sign you’re going to get back together with your ex is that the connection between the two of you is actually improving, right?

You’re not going through awkward silent dates or struggling to make conversation like, “So, it’s been raining lately.”

“Yeah, you need to carry an umbrella when you go outside. Do you have an umbrella? I was thinking of getting one, there’s a sale on umbrellas over at the drug store.”

If you’re having that kind of conversation when you meet up with your ex and it’s still strained and awkward, that’s not a good sign.

If you’re able to connect with your ex on an emotional level, re-bond with them and have heart-to-heart conversations like you had when things were really good, that is definitely a good sign you’re making progress in getting back together.

3. You’re focusing on the correct things.

The third sign your ex is about to get back together with you is that you’re focusing in on the right things.

Oftentimes when people are trying to get back together with their ex, they are not focusing on the right things.

Instead, they’re focusing in on things like text messages and saying, “he initiated one time but it seems like I’m initiating texts 80 percent of the time. What does that mean?” or, “I posted this thing on Facebook or Instagram and he usually likes all of my photos but he didn’t like this one, what does that mean?”

These petty things are not the right things to focus on.

You should be focusing on the emotional connection between you and your ex. The emotional connection between you and your ex is the most important thing in the “big picture” of the two of you actually getting back together.

4. You are out of damage control mode.

The fourth sign that you will be getting back together with your ex is that you are out of damage control mode.

Now, what is damage control mode?

It’s the panicky state of mind a lot of people are in immediately after a breakup when they’re trying to do anything they can to get back together with their ex and make things right again.

Instead of being be able to consciously and decisively create the sort of organic and natural connection that moves things forward with their ex, they’re constantly in a panic, reacting to what their ex is doing.

Their ex does this or that, they react.

Their ex doesn’t send them a text message, they react.

Their ex likes someone else’s photo on Facebook, they react.

If you have moved out of that reactive damage control mode and into a mindset that’s much better for being more deliberate, calm and collected.  When you’re a little bit more in control of your emotions, that is definitely a good sign that you can get back together with your ex.

5. You and your ex are closer and more vulnerable with each other.

The fifth sign that you can get back together with your ex is if both you and your ex are starting to open up and experience more vulnerability and closeness with one another.

So, I talked about focusing on the emotional connection and the emotional connection deepening.However, sometimes that’s a little one-sided.

You be might be sharing a lot about your experience and what you’re going through, but maybe your ex isn’t opening up that much. Maybe they are still a little bit opaque or not very transparent.

Or maybe it’s the other way around. Maybe your ex is talking a lot about what they’re up to but you’re like, “That’s cool. What was that like for you?” “Oh, that’s cool. Nice, cool, good job. How did that make you feel?” “OK, yeah. That’s nice. What did you do after that?” “Oh cool. OK, Nice. That sounds really interesting. Yeah, OK.”

If you’re not opening up emotionally too, then that shows a lack of vulnerability on your part.

It’s not going to inspire your ex to want to continue interacting with you, getting closer to you and bonding with you. You definitely want both of you to be able to open up with vulnerability and transparency and basically share what’s on your mind.

This requires a little bit of social skill on your part to be able to get your ex to open up and talk a little bit more about themselves.

Also, a little bit of courage on your part to open up yourself so that you feel confident and at ease expressing what’s on your mind without fear of rejection or looking foolish.

Again, this have been five signs that you are about to get back together with your ex. These are by no means definitive or exclusive. Take them in summation rather than focusing on one little tiny thing and making it mean the whole world, okay?

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Until next time, this has been Clay. Take care.

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  1. alice mphande

    May 6, 2018 at 1:41 pm

    Me and my ex we don’t communicate but when we meet up..there’s a conflict between us too…he don’t want anything to do with me.but I dont know why he hates me like that…I still love him.

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