5 Uncomfortable Signs Someone Is Just Using You


Today we’re going to be talking about five signs that a woman is using you.

Now, guys don’t like to be used by women and I imagine women don’t like to be used by women either. But, unfortunately, sometimes in this world, it does happen. So, let’s go over five ways that you can tell that somebody might be using you.

(This is directed at men, but some of these signs someone is using you apply to both genders).

1. You usually have a one-way conversation that features THEM.

Now, the first sign someone is using you is that you’re basically having a one-way conversation and it’s usually them talking to you about whatever.

They’re just kind of like venting at you about their life, using you as their therapist and using you as like the emotional crutch.

So, if you’re the therapist, the emotional crutch kind of friend, then chances are if she’s using you and she’s not very seriously romantically interested in you.

2. They talk all about their dating drama.

The second sign that builds off of that emotional crutch one-way conversation thing is that she often comes talking to you about her dramatic love life. You know, talking about the guys that she dates or the guys that she is in a relationship with other guys she’s going to break up with or something like that, right?

As a guy, you might think that maybe she’s telling you this sort of stuff because she’s trying to prove that she’s desirable to other guys because you know that’s something that guys do to impress women.

They mention other women that are interested in them and stuff as like a social proof kind of thing like, “Yeah, other women like me. You should like me too.” kind of thing. But women don’t really do that with men they are interested in.

Of course, some women might try to spark some jealousy. But, typically that’s not something that women do.

Typically, if a woman really likes a guy, she wants to communicate:

“Hey, I’m available. I’m totally free on Saturday night. If you wanted to do something, here’s my number, by the way.”

“I like Chinese food. There’s a great place down the street and I’m free on Saturday night.”

So, they’re not going to be spending too much time talking about their dramatic love life, their ex-boyfriends, their current boyfriend or the guy they met last weekend at the bar.

If she’s talking a lot about dating other people, chances are she’s probably using you or sees you as just a friend.

3. They seem WAY too interested in your money and status.

The third sign that woman is using you is that she seems extremely interested in your status, your money, your career or your associations with other people.

If you’re moderately or even relatively very successful in life, people might take a less than a genuine interest in you, right?

They might want to be near you to advance their career, just bag a guy with some money or maybe they want to use your connections in some industry.

So, if they seem like extremely interested in that sort of thing, then– then that’s something to be wary of, especially if they seem more interested in that than they do in you as a person and you as an individual.

Like getting to know your world and experience, what’s important to you and what you value in life should be the number one things that a woman should want to know about if she is genuinely interested in you for you.

She shouldn’t be saying, “Oh, you’re seeing Mr. Big again? That’s really cool. When do I get a chance to meet him?” So, definitely keep an on eye on that.

4. They don’t reciprocate.

The fourth sign that a woman might be taking advantage of you is if she never seems to reciprocate any sort of chivalry or favors that you do for her.

So, you know, it can be– it can be kind of a little– little bit of a tightrope when it comes to chivalry and paying for dates and stuff. Because on one hand, it’s expected for guys to do it and women expect guys to do it and in a certain way guys kind of like doing it.

But on another hand, it’s the 21st century and women are free, independent and they can pay for stuff too.

So, you know, when you go out for dates you’re probably going to pay for many of them especially in the beginning. That’s totally fine. And, you don’t want to be keeping score. I mean like, “Aha! I paid for four of them and you paid for one.” That’s out of balance because I don’t ever recommend keeping score.

But, if your relationship has that one-sided nature, the kind we talked about in the first sign, then that’s going to definitely be a sign that she’s using you.

I’m not just talking about paying for stuff either— it’s like, “Hey, will you help me move this weekend? I can’t lift all these heavy things by myself, I need your big strong burly biceps to help you lift this heavy box of books.”

And– and you don’t really get much appreciation or she never seems to want to repay you in some way and it doesn’t really come across as like she really sees you as more than a “favor friend.” You’re somebody she just calls whenever she needs somebody to do something for her. Then, that could definitely be a sign a woman is using you so definitely be on the lookout for that.

5. You’re their Plan B.

And the fifth and final sign someone is using you is if you are essentially their “plan B” in a lot of areas of her life.

So, if she wants to go out with you to a friend’s party but as soon as she runs into somebody that she knows, Poof! she’s gone and you’re just kind of left hanging out by yourself.

Or, as soon as she runs into a guy that she might be attracted to, she treats you like she doesn’t know you. She says, “Who’s that guy?” “I don’t know, I don’t know! I don’t know who that guy. He’s kind of came through the door around the same time as me, it looks like we were together but I promise you, we weren’t together.”

If that kind of thing happens then she’s probably just using you.

She’s probably using you as like her plan B, a back up, someone to come here with so it doesn’t look like she came alone because women sometimes think about not looking like a loner. For some reason that’s important for them.

If she just calls you up like the last minute and says, “Hey, you know, I couldn’t get anyone else to hang out with me tonight, you want to get together for coffee?” that’s definitely a sign that she’s using you.

Because if she was genuinely interested in you, you wouldn’t have been the last person she called. You wouldn’t have been the plan B. You would have been the plan A, you were the first person she called.

I hope this has helped you out and you’re not coming to the conclusion that the person that you have in mind when you clicked on this article is using you.

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