5 Subtle Signs He’s Seeing Someone Else

Today I’m going to reveal the signs that your man could be seeing another woman. This is not one of those fun and exciting topics, yet it’s an important one.

Finding love can be hard enough and then to find out that your man is physically or emotionally cheating is an awful feeling. It’s one of the worst forms of betrayal.

In fact, most women ignore these signs he’s cheating simply because they would rather be with someone than be on their own.

And… even if they consciously and legitimately know that they can’t trust their partner, they still think that something is better than nothing.

But before we get further into the signs he’s cheating, I want to be very clear.

Many women target men as the cheaters in this world but women have caught up.

Right now, the percentage of women who cheat versus men is almost even.

I know this won’t make you feel any better if you suspect your significant other of cheating, yet it’s a point worth making that based on research, both sexes cheat.

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So let’s get to it.

Is your man seeing another woman?

Are you feeling that something is off or not quite right with your man and you want to find out what’s really going on?

Loving someone and finding out that they’re cheating can feel like your heart is being ripped to shreds. It could be this swift and what you thought was a special relationship and/or the birth of new beginnings and a deeper understanding into your self, relationships and you future decisions around love.

Though it needs to be said, some women suspect every man they date cheating— not because he is— but because she assumes that all men cheat and is hypersensitive to every single thing he does.

To help you workout what’s really going on, let me share five signs that your man is probably seeing another woman.

1. He doesn’t want to touch.

If your man has someone on the side and thinking of ending a relationship, he will most likely become physically distant. It doesn’t matter if you live together or not.

Most men will become less willing to touch you if they’re also seeing someone else.

Sure, there are those slick guys who still seem hot for you even hotter than before— while giving another his affections.

These people are the exception rather than the rule.

If you sense a growing distance between the two of you, if he’s reluctant to respond when you cuddle or kiss him, he’s not initiating physical intimacy and there’s an alarm in your mind going off alerting you that something isn’t quite right, then you might want to take notice.

But let’s be careful.

There are ton of other reasons why your man might become distant and pull away that have nothing to do with another woman or his level of attraction or devotion to you.

So, if your man seems physically removed from you, this doesn’t mean that he’s cheating though it’s one of a few key signs that he could be seeing someone else on the side.

2. He doesn’t want to talk.

Sharing is a big part of an intimate and open relationship. And many relationships crash and burn because one or both of the partners don’t have forthcoming and effective relating skills.

Sometimes a partner won’t be willing to share their deeper feelings because they have a fear of exposing themselves and being vulnerable.

Other times, it’s because you’re not the person they want to share with which means this is an additional way to tell if you’re man is seeing someone else. Your man will stop sharing and stop caring what you have to share. He’ll become less and less invested and more emotionally detached.

Now, sometimes this change happens suddenly. He has met someone else. He’s becoming emotionally and physically invested and he’s confused about what to do about it. And he’s closed down from you.

If that’s what happened to your relationship, you probably won’t have any problems spotting it. But sometimes it takes time to notice that your man hasn’t asked about how your day was in a while. Or he hasn’t shared much about what’s going on in his world for some time.

In fact, when he’s seeing someone else and cheating on you he most likely doesn’t seem all that interested in talking to you much at all.

Sadly, there’s a chance that he seeing another woman or perhaps thinking about it.

Of course, he maybe very busy and too tired to communicate after work. Or, he maybe a moody dude with poor communication skills that cause him to regularly go running to his cave.

…Or, then again, he maybe very busy seeing someone else.

3. He gets annoyed easily and hides stuff from you.

If your man is seeing another woman, chances are he’ll become ambiguous about where he has been and who he’s seeing. He may also be irritable if you ask him any specific questions about what he has been up to.

Basically, he’s secretive.

But does he have something to hide?

Let’s say that even though some of his behaviors are a bit strange, you don’t believe there’s anything wrong with your relationship, so what’s the one thing that will confirm whether he’s cheating or not?

Perhaps seeing calls and text to and from another woman?

If he IS seeing someone else, he’s not going to let you near his phone and that there is another sign he’s seeing someone else.

People who have nothing to hide are open. After all you don’t hide your phone from him, do you?

If he does hide his phone or he never leaves it unattended around you, take it as a huge red flag he’s cheating on you.

4. He creates conflict.

If you notice you argue more frequently than before, if you feel like he’s constantly annoyed by you no matter what you do or say then he could be using conflict to distance himself.

No matter why the conflict is happening, your relationship definitely needs some help and you may very well have a cheater in the house.

I know cheating is difficult to talk about. It’s difficult to think about how someone you love maybe getting his appetite satisfied elsewhere.

It doesn’t have to be the end of the world.

Even though deceit can be excruciatingly painful, many women choose to ignore the problem rather than face it. They don’t consciously decide to ignore the signs he’s seeing someone else yet ignoring a problem especially such a big one isn’t going to solve it.

No man ever stopped cheating because his girlfriend or wife pretended she didn’t want to notice the signs.

That’s why I’m talking about how to learn to read the signs he’s seeing another woman, so you can be prepared and spare yourself at least some of the pain that comes with the realization that your relationship is not what you thought it was.

So, you have noticed your man doesn’t want to touch you as before, doesn’t initiate physical contact, and he’s being secretive– he might be cheating on you.

Now, we move to the last sign he’s seeing someone else.

5. He blames you for everything.

There are some men who’ll actually go further than clamming up and shutting up and instead start blaming you for everything that’s wrong in your relationship and their life.

It can be a way of speeding things along by provoking you to break off the relationship because they don’t have the guts to take this final step.

This can feel so shattering and confusing especially if this kind of behavior is out of character for him or he doesn’t want you to end the relationship and he stills want to have his cake and eat it too.

To make this worse, every time you show your concerns with him, ask why he’s hiding his phone or wonder where he was until late on Thursday evening, he tells you that you’re going mad, you’re insecure and making things up in your head.

Sure, you could be making it up or he’s trying to make you feel like a completely insecure nutter for suggesting that anything he does is anything but above board.

So, there are the five signs that your man could be seeing someone else and sharing his affections with another woman.

If he doesn’t want to touch you, doesn’t want to talk to you, if he hides things from you and he’s start acting as if he’s simply doesn’t want to be around you, it’s time to take an honest self-honoring look at what you value in a relationship and what you deserve.

Sure, not all of these five signs definitively mean that your man is cheating on you. Though if you notice several of them, then it’s worth taking notice.

In my program, Unlock His Heart, I have a chapter called What Makes Men Wobble. I revealed the common insecurities men experience that cause them to shut off their hearts to you.

If your man isn’t cheating then there’s a good chance these are the reasons why he’s withdrawn and acting strange so check out Unlock His Heart here.

As a side note, if you sense your partner IS cheating then you have a choice confront him or pretend you don’t notice it and continue the relationship as is.

I can’t tell you what to do but what I know is, what you eventually do comes down to what you value emotionally and physically in your life.

It’s also worth considering carefully and mindfully that there are different types of cheaters.

Some men are once-off cheats. They made a mistake and would never do it again.

A relationship can recover from this kind of infidelity, though a serial cheater typically has no remorse and will continue to see other women.

Whatever your situation is and whatever you decide to do, know that there is always a solution to every challenge.

And there are plenty of loving and loyal men in the world.

Whether he has cheated or not or is on the verge, always look after your heart and know that no situation defines you worth or value in this world.

Never stop learning and growing and believing in love.

That’s it for today. And let’s hope you never have to see these signs your man is cheating in YOUR man.

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