How To Make Your Ex Jealous– 3 Subtle Tricks That Create Real Jealousy

Hey, this is Brad Browning. Today I’ll be sharing how to make your ex jealous.

First of all, you might be wondering why you should even want to make your ex jealous. Well, the reason is simple. Jealously is a painful emotion, and it can really make your ex second-guess their decision to end the relationship.

In some cases, this jealousy can even drive your ex to reach out and try to start talking with you again which will give you the opportunity to rebuild some attraction and rekindle the romance.

You also need to understand that this whole jealousy thing can backfire.

You can’t let your ex know that you’re actively trying to make him or her jealous. It has to look unintentional.

So, be very careful not to expose yourself and your intentions. Just keep it all under the radar and very subtle. As a matter of fact, that’s why I call it “covert jealousy” in my program “The Ex Factor” guide, because you need to make it covert.

1. Get a makeover.

The first way to make your ex jealous is ridiculously simple, and that’s just to get a makeover.

I don’t mean go get plastic surgery or spend thousands replacing every item of clothing in your closet. Just go out and buy some nice new clothes. Hit the gym daily. Drop 10 pounds. Get a new haircut. Splurge on that teeth-whitening product.

Whatever you do, just generally make sure that when your ex sees you, they’re blown away by how much better you’re looking. You want to look like you have made a lot of positive changes to your life, and one of the best ways to do that is to show those changes is through your physical appearance. And, that can create some serious jealousy if you do it properly.

2. Go on LOTS of dates.

The second way to make your ex jealous is the most powerful, and that is just to go on some dates.

Date, date, date, and date some more.

Now, you don’t need to be serious about these dates. Even if you want to get your ex back and you don’t want to go out, and you don’t want to see anyone else, you want your ex only, still go out on dates, because it really is a very powerful way to create attraction.

The laws of jealousy are very simple. If you make your ex see you experiencing amazing things, such as dating new people, great new people, hot new guys, whoever it is, that will cause a lot of jealousy.

The more you date, the more your ex will think, “Hey, I used to date this really high quality dude, or high quality girl, so why on earth did I dump them in the first place?”

So, yes, go out on dates. And, I’m not saying you should sleep with the entire world here, either. But, make it known that you’re highly sought after and that members of the opposite sex want you.

In the dating world, this is what we call “preselection”. Being wanted is a desirable quality that the opposite sex looks for subconsciously in a partner.

So, mingle. Join a club. Go out with your friends to a nightclub. Just get out of your comfort zone and meet people, and don’t let anything, especially yourself, stop you from dating and finding some new people to go out and hang out with.

3. Use social media to your advantage.

Yes, it’s no secret here, your ex is going to visit your Facebook profile, no matter what. So, unless your relationship ended so poorly that he or she has deleted you and blocked you from social media, then you should have absolutely no problem using social media as a tool to make your ex jealous.

Post some pictures of you doing really fun things, you know, snowboarding, bungee jumping, whatever it is. Go out with your friends and take pictures.

Take pictures of yourself with really good-looking members of the opposite sex. Do everything you can to convey to the world that you love life and that you’re happy and thriving since the breakup.

Again, like I said before, be careful doing this sort of stuff because, although jealousy is a great way to help get your ex back into your arms, it can also backfire if you’re not really careful.

If you need help crafting a plan of attack beyond how to make your ex jealous– to get your ex back, just go over to my website, watch the free video presentation, and feel free to send me an email as well to talk about your specific situation.

Thank you very much!

See you next time.

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