Text Message To Send Your Ex Which WILL Make Them Miss You?

Texting is one of the absolute best ways to communicate with your ex for several reasons. 

For one, it’s non-intrusive. In the wake of a breakup, the last thing you want to do is prod and pry. Doing so is only going to push your ex further and further away from you. 

Secondly, texting allows you the time to craft the perfect text message to send to your ex. Through my coaching program I’ve helped thousands of people rekindle the flame with their ex through texting because I can simply tell them exactly what to say and when to say it.

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What is this mystery text to your ex?

First, I have to establish a few ground rules because you can’t simply just send this text whenever you want and expect it to have any results.

You have to psychologically prime them first before you can use this text message to send your ex. You have to force your ex to return to emotional neutral. This is basically just a psychological state that the key component to making your ex crave you again. 

Basically, in the wake of a breakup, emotions are running high. Your ex might be angry at you, they might be jealous, sad, depressed, etc.

If your ex dumped you, but it’s more likely that they are going to feel to some degree, no longer attracted to you.

I know that’s a little harsh, but unfortunately, that is just the reality of the situation. In order for you to successfully re-attract your ex back into your life, you’re going to have to make sure that your ex returns to emotional neutral. 

That means you need to make your ex not feel any of the negative emotions that one normally feels after a breakup. 

There are a number of things that you can do to make your ex return to the emotionally neutral state, and one of them is the no-contact period.

Not contacting your ex forces him or her to eventually forget about the bad memories that he or she associates with you. 

However, if there was something that you did to really damage the relationship, like for example, you cheated. The chances that he or she will return to emotional neutral after only 30 days are going to be much lower. In that specific scenario, you’ll need to expand the no-contact period.

There are a number of other things that you can do to help your ex return to that emotionally neutral state. One of the things that I teach in my EX Factor Program, which is my comprehensive online course designed to help you get your ex back is something called the “clean slate email.”

Now this email is great if you’ve done a lot of, begging and pleading after the breakup. And if you’ve been reading my other articles or watching my videos you know that begging and pleading after a relationship ends are one of the last things you want to be doing.

For more how to write the “clean slate email,” click here.

So, after you’ve engaged in no contact and you forced your ex to return to emotional neutral, what do you send them in your text? 

One of the best texts you can send your ex is what I like to call, “The good memory text.” 

To better explain how this text to your ex works, let’s just jump quickly into a couple of examples here. 

You could text your ex something like:

“Remember that little cafe in Denmark that we went to on that little street in Copenhagen, what was the name of that again? I’m just asking for a friend.” 

Or, another example:

“Remember that night that we watched that movie about the girl who fell in love with a sea monster? I can’t remember the name of it and it’s killing me.”

Here’s another one you could you could try:

“What was the name of that restaurant we went to on Cook Street? You know, the one with the amazing patio that overlooks the ocean, I really want to take a friend there.”

If you set the situation up correctly, this type of text to your ex can work wonders.

Obviously, you’re going to have to tailor it to suit your own needs, but this text works great for a couple of reasons.

First, it forces your ex to remember a time when your relationship was amazing. And, this kind of psychological Ju-Jitsu can be enough to make your ex crave you and obsess over you again in quite frankly no time at all.

Secondly, this text message to your ex also makes it sound like you legitimately just want to ask your ex a real, genuine question.

It doesn’t scream “I miss you” or “I want you back,” all it really does is remind your ex of a really positive experience that the two of you share together.

Finally, you can also use this text to incite or provoke a bit of jealousy in your ex. For example, I ended that third example text message above with the words, “I want to take a friend” there.

This cryptic message allows your ex to wonder who this friend is.

Is it a friend that they’ve met before?

Is it someone new?

Is it someone that you’re dating already?

This is a very powerful way to psychologically get your ex to wonder and to think about you to the point that he or she has to see you and hopefully take you back.

As a bonus, I’m going to go over another kind of text message quickly that will get your ex to chase you. I call it the “intimacy text.” 

Let’s just jump into a couple of examples here. You could say something like: 

“I miss the way your cologne left a subtle scent on my pillow.” 

Or something like:

“I miss having your arms wrapped around me as I fell asleep.” 

Again, a big disclaimer here— the intimacy text is something that you should only do if you’ve primed your ex properly.

If you just jump out of nowhere with this text, you’re either going to make your ex think that you just want a booty call or you’re going to turn your ex off completely. So you really do have to be careful when sending this kind of text to your ex.

However, if you do get the timing right and you send it at the right time, then sparks are going to fly like crazy and it’s only going to be a matter of days before your ex is dying to see you again. 

For more about how to prime your ex and make them excited to hear from you, make sure you visit my website and watch my full video presentation now. You’ll learn psychological strategies, techniques and more sneaky texts to keep yourself on your exe’s mind.

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