5 Irresistible Ways To Make Him Miss You

Today, we’re going to talk about how to make him miss you and want you all over again.

Early in a relationship, you hear it all the time.

“I miss you, I miss you more, I miss the most, I miss you ultimate!!”

It’s crazy, I know. And it’s kind of a teenager-y thing to go back and forth like that but you get the point.

When you’re first falling in love with someone, you can never get enough of the other person, can you? They’re always on your mind and you miss them even when you’re with them.

As time goes on, you long for that connection that you felt right at the start, right?

That part of you that wanted to be with them all the time, that tingle of excitement when you see his name come up on your phone.

Don’t tell me you haven’t felt that way before. Sometimes you wonder if he’s even thinking about you.

And, that’s when you probably realized, “I miss him missing me.”

All human beings crave that feeling of being wanted and desired by another person. It gives us a feeling of value that we crave as human beings.

So today, we’re going to take a quick plunge into the world of ways to make him miss you and want you again.

Now, whether you took a break from a relationship or at the moment you’re struggling to get him to love you, you’ll find that there are tips in here that you can use. So, let’s get on with number one:

1. Pause your communication.

This includes social media. Here’s why. There’s a basic psychological principle I want you to understand.

We want what we can’t have.

We want what we can’t have. I know, I know. Brilliant, Carlos! You just basically summed up all the game-playing of the last century.

But hear me out on this. The key to triggering desire for something or someone lies on how much we think it’s ours for the taking.

It’s true of nearly everything in your life– whether you believe it or not– I guarantee that if you really, deeply want that sportscar right now and then you get it, you’re going to want it less after you get it. If you really, really want that beautiful leather jacket right now, you’re going to want it a little less after you actually get it. It’s human nature.

You can want it to be different, but it’s not going to change.

And that’s good news because that empowers you to steer a man away from some other shameless manipulator and into your arms instead of– well, some other woman getting him. I’ll tell you a bit more in a minute about how to work that angle.

2. Trigger his memory.

How to make him miss you and want you tip number two is to trigger his memory.

Now, there’s a classic trick and it works like this. You’re going to send them a postcard. I know, you’re probably saying “Postcard, what the heck is that?” We back in the day,  we used to send these when we’re on vacation.

Basically, post cards were a little way to make other people jealous that we were in a cool place. If you’ve never seen one of these before, trust me they still exist out there. They’re pretty cheap and easy to send. Go out and get yourself a postcard. But not just any postcard.

When you send him the postcard, put both of your addresses on it and then put a big fat red kiss in red lipstick on it. Then cover the lipstick up with clear tape because you don’t want it to smudge.

Then, I want you to spray that postcard down with your favorite perfume or rather his favorite perfume and then mail it to him. Or heck, just stick it under his door.

When he sees the lips and he smells your scent on this card is going to trigger a memory of you and that’s exactly what you want. You want to get that olfactory system going because it’s connected to a part of the brain which is deeply rooted in our long-term memory.

And those smells trigger emotions. Kind of like when you smell some place that reminds you of your grandmother’s kitchen or someplace from your childhood and the way it’s all comes rushing back to you, the emotions, works the same way with perfume.

He’ll be smelling that card daily and triggering his memories of you over and over and over. This one is guaranteed to do all the right things and get him obsessed with you.

3. Cut him off.

If you’re still in contact with him right now, this is an especially effective way to make him miss you.

One big mistake that most women make with guys is they spend too much time with them. Usually in those early days of the relationship, right?

When you spend all your time together and get addicted hanging out with a person, you’re ruining your romantic value to him. This is directly connected to tip number one except that you have to manage how much time he gets to spend with you.

Don’t let your lack of self-control ruin your chances with him, keep your dates short. Keep your time together limited. We don’t fall in love with somebody when they’re with us.

We typically fall in love with somebody when they are away from us and we are wishing they were with us.

That’s because there’s more potential desire for you that’s not being satisfied. When you’re with him, he’s getting everything he wants and he’s satisfied.

When he’s not with you, he’s dissatisfied which is the state that men love the most. It inspires us to work, to chase you, to pursue that which we don’t have which we want the most.

A little secret here— men don’t act out of complacency and comfort.

We act out of dissatisfaction.

Remember that rule above all else.

4. Make him your friend.

If there’s one thing guys hate it’s being friend-zoned.

Ask any guy and he’ll tell you exactly 2,458 different times that a woman that he liked said to him, “I’m not sure I feel that way about you, I don’t think about you like that. Can we just be friends?” and it’s usually summed up with a little peck on the cheek and then, “Aw, you’re so sweet.” As I’m saying this, I’m getting really bad flashbacks here.

However, there’s a good part of that experience for some guys and that’s the time period where we’re wondering if we’re really just friends with you or if we have a romantic potential. I’ll bet you might even be able to relate that feeling, right?

Let him wonder a little bit. I’ll bet that if you’re wondering about him right now, there’s a good chance that he thinks you’re too available for him to take seriously. So, take that away from him, stop making it so easy and so obvious that you’re into him, treat him like he’s another friend and guess what, he’ll aspire to be that much more. Give him doubt.

Remember, these little quirks of psychology that I’m telling you about that are in his head whether you want them to exist or not, it’s how we work. This is how humans work and this is how men work. So, why not use it for something good like getting him invested and obsessed with you?

5. Trigger mystery and curiosity.

The women that attract men know that the secret to winning guy’s heart is not between his legs. It’s between his ears.

When you can trigger the right thoughts in his head, his heart will open to you. Mystery and intrigue are the key emotions that you must be associating with you and triggering.

The more that he thinks he knows you and they more thinks he has you figured out, the less romantic control you have over him and the less of a relationship you’re going to have as well.

The best thing you can do to a man is trigger his fascination with you. When a man is thinking about you, you’re on his mind, in his thoughts and even better if he’s fantasizing about you.

When you’ve got him wondering about you, you are only days away from having fallen in love with you. And, he’s probably falling with you all over again. Mystery insures he’ll want you more than anything else or anyone.

When a man makes you his priority, you’re always on his mind. He’s thinking about you, obsessing about you and fantasizing about being with you.

If you can make a man think about you all the time, he’s yours. He’ll feel a warm pull towards you that’s irresistible. When he sees you, he’ll feel a surge of exquisite desire for you. His hunger to be near you and looking at you and being with you, it’s going to insatiable. You’ll catch him adoring you with his eyes all the time.

Imagine that you knew a few “magic words” that you can whisper in any man’s ear—and make him fall head-over-heels in love.

Imagine that these same magic words unleash a flood of pent-up desire for you—and only you.

And imagine that when you use these magic words on your man…

…he won’t be able to stop thinking about you….

…he’ll lie awake at night, hoping you feel the same…

…he may even drop to his knees and beg to be your boyfriend (or even your husband).

Check it out here now.

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