3 Mistakes Women Make That Definitely Push Him Away

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So you met a man and everything was going great between the two of you. Or so you thought.

Then, quicker than lightning, he was out the door.

When it comes to relationships, women and men have unique perspectives. From first date etiquette to when to sleep with someone new— men and women disagree on just about everything.

When a man pulls away from the woman he’s seeing, it’s usually for a specific reason.

Here are three HUGE mistakes women make that push men away.

1. Showing your body insecurity.

Studies have shown that 97% of women are unhappy with their bodies at least once a day.

When it comes to relationships showing your inner insecurities is never a good idea. Sure, it’s nice to feel comfortable enough to talk about your gym routine or the healthy eating kick you’re on with your man, but if you’re asking him, “Do these jeans make me look fat?” or nagging him any time an attractive woman comes near him, then you’re going to push him away and wonder whether you’re worth being with.

Once your insecurities start to show there’s no going back. You can’t say you hate your body one day and then completely reverse course the next day. It’s not real and he’ll just think you’re trying to feel better about yourself. Don’t say words about yourself to him that you can’t take back.

Instead of pushing him away with your self-doubts show him your happy-go-lucky side and he’ll be hooked.

A good tip to follow is to pretend that every date with your man is a first because there’s no way you’d let him see this side of you then.

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2. Acting clingy and needy.

If there’s one thing that will send any guy running in the opposite direction it’s a clingy woman.

Sure, it’s nice to be affectionate and show him that he’s on your mind, but when you make him the end-all, be-all for you, he will start to feel smothered and uncomfortable around you.

Then, he’ll do the opposite of what you want (more affection). Instead, he’ll try to regain his independence by pulling away from you— even if used to really like you.

What’s worse is when you make it known that you’re falling for him too quickly. Since men are looking for fun in the beginning of a relationship, letting him know that you’re already planning your future together will scare him away.

Instead of showing your emotions too soon, it’s crucial that you remain calm, cool and collected.

If a man senses that a woman wants more from him and the relationship than he’s prepared to give, he will pull away. No one wants to feel like their partner is begging for their attention or demanding that they feel exactly as intense as they do AT ALL TIMES.

That’s why keeping the intensity of your feelings to yourself is a good idea, especially in the beginning of any relationship.

3. Being miserable without him.

Just because you’re happy when you’re with him it doesn’t mean that he isn’t catching on to your negativity when he’s not in the room. In fact, if he knows that he’s your sole source of happiness then it’s likely to push him away.

The problem here is this type of situation makes him feel pressured to keep you content, and that’s a huge responsibility for anyone! You’ve probably dated people who made it seem like they would die without you— and instead of being sweet, made you feel icky, right? Same with him.

Instead of relying on him to keep you smiling, make the most of your life. Do the things that you love. Keep your passions alive. When you do, you’ll not only be making yourself happier, but it’ll improve the overall quality of your relationship too since you’ll have things to talk about when you get together.

There is nothing more attractive than someone who is passionate about their life. But you won’t have time to pursue your goals if you’re living for him. Keeping a full life will keep you happy whether or not he’s the one for you.

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