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Attract The One is tirelessly focused on helping people revolutionize their relationships.

In our quest to help people love, live and relate happily, we reach over 120,014 visitors a month and have a newsletter subscription base of over 17K active subscribers as of June 2019.

We are always looking for new voices to help build our community. To do that, we would love to hear from expert contributors like you. Please write a 1200+ word piece aimed at personal achievement, dating, relationship issues, divorce, marriage, love or self help.

Guest posts that perform best are authentic takes on your own relationship experiences along with helpful advice for our readers. The tone around here is authentic, warm, humorous, helpful and genuine.

Your work will receive wide-reaching exposure on our social media platforms as well as qualify for potential inclusion in our email marketing campaigns.

Our ideal contributing authors are active on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram and willing to promote their work at Attract The One through these mediums.

We are searching for personalities who are willing to build on our platform to connect with and grow their audience as they develop their own personal and professional brand.

Most importantly, you should be as interested in compassionately helping people improve and grow their relationships as we are.

Here are some good examples of recent guest posts:

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Guest Post Submission Guidelines

1. Please select an interesting title for your work– but understand that it might be changed during the editing process to attract a larger audience.

2. Include your own personal experiences into your work. 

We welcome personal stories and anecdotes in your posts.

Also, we aim to showcase honesty, growth, appropriate humor, expert voices and authors who genuinely want to help the audience.

3. Understand your audience and address them directly.

The majority of the audience for Attract the One is college educated, female and aged 30+. They are your smart, sweet, kind best friends and sisters who are going through some TOUGH THINGS.

We welcome men also, who make up about 20% of our readership (and growing).

Right now, you might notice that most of the content at Attract The One is written with women and heterosexual relationships in mind– but other sexual orientations, voices, genders and perspectives on relationship are also welcomed– they just don’t happen to be submitted as often.

Keep in mind that most people who are seeking out help with their most significant personal relationships are hurting and trying to feel better. Treat your reader with empathy, kindness and compassion.

None of our visitors are mindless internet bots who want your snark, disrespect or derision.

4. Keep it real and original.

We only publish guest post content that has never been posted before.

Every single article is checked for this, and articles that aren’t original will be discarded without further notice. When you send us your work, you give us the exclusive rights to publish it. It should not be published elsewhere first (Google agrees).

5. Please do your best to differentiate your work from that already is found on Attract The One.

Lots of topics in love and relationships clearly overlap, just try and make sure that your piece isn’t identical to those already found on the site by using the search bar with keywords that correspond to your article.

6. Your word count must be over 1200, excluding your author bio.

Longer and in-depth guest posts do MUCH better with both our audience and the search engines– although if you add needless fluff to increase word count without meaningful content, your article might not get published.

Your work should focus on helping the reader who directly is interacting with your content. If you wouldn’t want to read your own writing if you were personally struggling with whatever issue you’re discussing, think it over and try again before you send it over to us.

7. Links to yourself/brand/business/products/promotions/etc. are allowed in your author bio only.

Links placed in text of your guest post will be evaluated for their usefulness to the reader and removed without prior notice if deemed self-promotional or downright weird.

We highly encourage research-based content and linking out to relevant scholarly sources.

8. Please do not include stock photos with your guest post.

Since we attain proper licensing and hand select all images published at Attract The One, we would rather you focus on your writing instead of what image(s) may be included with your final published guest post.

If you choose to submit personal images that pertain to your work in some way, the publishing and use is up to the discretion of the editor.

If you should choose to include personal images, please be aware that by submitting them with your guest post, you are granting Attract The One limited licensing rights to use them across all media directly associated with your work– including, but not limited to all web property of Attract The One and social media content associated with the brand.

If you have questions about photos or anything else unusual or unique you want to include with your article, we can definitely discuss the possibilities.

About Your Author Bio Box

9. Please include your author bio of 75 words (or less) with your article.

Don’t be shy. Please share any professional credentials you happen to have. With recent Google updates centering around authorship credibility, over time your content will rank better in the search engines which gains you more eyeballs on your finished work.

10. Authorship is reserved for human beings, not brands.

Brands do not write guest posts. People do.

If you’re interested in building the audience for your brand or a brand you work for, we’re still interested in reading your work.

However, all author bio boxes at Attract The One are populated by humans and not logos. As stated above, your author bio box links are yours to work with, but even if you’re an agent for a brand, we’ll want to see a human name on your work– even if you’re shy and it happens to be your pen name.

We value continuity and community here– so if you want to guest post another time after your first piece is published, go ahead and share more posts.

After Your Guest Post Is Live

11. Please share your post on your social media once published.

For example, we love posting AND seeing you share your published work on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

12. Please respond to reader’s comments and questions about your work.

This is much appreciated and increases the chances that we will accept more of your writing in the future.


Ready To Get Started Guest Posting at Attract The One?

To begin, please email the contact form below and include your first and last name, email address, website, twitter, facebook and Pinterest account URLS, why you think your work would be a good fit for us, your proposed article title or a 1-2 sentence pitch, and a quick bio.

If you’re already finished writing something that has never been published before that you think would fit in well at Attract The One, you may upload your whole article. Whole articles take priority simply because we are busy. The more friction you can remove from the process, the more likely your work will be selected for guest posting :).

Due to time constraints, incomplete, auto-submitted and spam submissions will be deleted without notification.

Guest Post Submissions

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