Here’s Exactly What To Do When He Doesn’t Text Back

Today, we’re going to talk about what to do when he doesn’t text back.

First, let’s talk about why guys don’t text back sometimes. Here are five reasons why a guy might not text you back.

One is that he’s busy, right?

So he might have other things going on in his life and he’s you know taking a shower or he’s at work or he’s got something that’s important going on that he needs to pay attention to and so we can’t contact you back.

Another one is that he thinks that you’re acting needy.

A lot of times when a guy feels like a woman is acting needy, he’ll just cut off contact and feel like, “Oh God, I’ll just wait until she’s not acting needy and then I’ll try to talk to her,” which can drive you crazy but a lot of times, guys won’t contact you back if they think that you’re acting needy.

When he isn’t really that into you he might not text you back and that’s also an important thing to know.

If he’s not near his phone. Maybe he left his phone somewhere, maybe he’s doing something and he didn’t want to keep his phone with him.

If he’s not near his phone, I would assume that he wouldn’t be able to text you back then. 

This is kind of a rough one, but another reason why he doesn’t text back could be if he’s with another girl.

If you’re just casually dating each other, you first met each other and he is with another girl, he might not text you back in that situation.

What you shouldn’t do when he doesn’t text you back is shame him or condemn him.

A lot of women do this because they think— I don’t know— that shaming him will work.

Has this ever worked?

I mean, does it ever work long-term?

I’ve never seen shaming or condemning anyone ever work long-term. 

But people still do it and it doesn’t work.

It will probably lead him to never wanting to talk to you again more than it will make him do whatever it is that you want him to do.

Using shame and guilt could also make him start hiding things from you.

If you condemn or shame guys for doing things that you don’t want him to do, a lot of times he will just start hiding that from you which isn’t good and you don’t want that.

Another thing that you shouldn’t do when he doesn’t text you back is treat him like dirt because he didn’t respond to you sooner.

Treating him badly or being passive aggressive about the whole thing is NOT a good thing to do.

It’s not attractive and it could make him pull away and disappear altogether.

So here’s what you should do when he doesn’t text you back.

1. Have something else that you can focus on besides him.

Have something else that you can focus on and if he isn’t texting you and you’re starting to freak out about it or get obsessive about how he isn’t texting you back, go do something.

Go do something that you like, which kind of leads into the next thing you should do when he doesn’t text you back which is having passions and hobbies, right?

2. Have your own passions and hobbies.

If you have passions and hobbies that you’re interested in and a life that’s really interesting, then if he doesn’t text you back, it’s not a big deal because you’re doing things.

What’s the big deal if he’s not texting you back, because you’re so interested in your own life.

3. Go hang out with your friends.

The third thing to do when he doesn’t text you back is have friends that you can go and hang out with.

You might have people that you can spend time with and get your mind off of texting him when he doesn’t text you back.

4. When he finally does contact you, reward him.

Then the last thing is when he does end up contacting you.

Let’s say that he hasn’t contacted you for a couple days.

When he does contact you, tell him that you’re happy to hear from him, and say,

“Oh, it’s so good to hear from you.”

A lot of times, a guy will pull away and then he’ll come back and the woman will shame him.

What she doesn’t realize is that she’s basically punishing him for coming back and re-initiating contact.

You want to do the opposite.

You want to reward him for coming back and starting to talk to you again.

So if he comes back and starts talking to you, you say,

“You know, it’s so good to hear from you.”

That can be a really powerful way to get him to continually contact you.

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