5 Frustrating Reasons Why Men Ignore Women (And What To Do)

Today’s wonderful, fun, loving dating topic is why does my boyfriend ignore me?

I’m going to give you five reasons why men ignore women.

Attention is a valuable thing. When we’re kids, we want attention all the time until we don’t and then we get shy, right?

When we’re adults, we crave attention but we also seem to avoid it as much as possible. It’s probably because we don’t want to feel that lack of attention when it’s taken away from us. I confess, that nothing triggers my own insecurities more than feeling ignored.

First, I want to stop and take a look at 3 signs he is ignoring you so you can know for sure if he is really ignoring you?

Are you actually being ignored by a man?

The crickets are chirping.

You haven’t gotten a text from him in days. Or maybe he left you hanging after your last text and he is yet to reply to you. Or maybe you’re waiting for that call back from him that was two days ago.

One of the most difficult things to do is to sit calmly while you wait for somebody to get back to you. When we feel ignored by someone we like, it feels like rejection and that’s never fun.

He barely acknowledges you.

You’re sitting there with your man standing right beside you and he barely acknowledges your presence.

It’s a really cruddy feeling to not be made to feel important by him. When you’re feeling lonely in the same room, you know there’s a problem in your relationship.

You feel ignored.

Trust me on this one. You got to trust your gut instincts and if you feel it, it’s probably true.

When you have a feeling you have to respect it and give it some validity.

Just check inside and see if your gut is telling you the honest truth.

All right, so why is he ignoring you?

1. He’s mad at you.

There are a lot of people in the world— both men and women— who don’t know how to deal with their anger. It’s either foreign to their experience or they are afraid of their extreme feelings.

Remember, when a person is acting out of their emotions, they’re not thinking about your emotions. They’re only trying to manage their state as best they can. It’s a protection mode.

2. He’s busy as heck and really can’t find the time.

It happens. A guy gets caught up in his career and it usually happens for a guy in at least the first 10 years after he gets out of college and goes in the workforce.

Of course, there’s a whole bunch of other reasons other than a career but if you don’t know what’s going on with them that should be your first warning sign.

You need to know what he’s got going on in his life. Some guys do use the excuse of being busy to push you away and you might not have a good connection with him if that’s why he’s ignoring you.

3. He’s feeling smothered and needs space.

Most guys aren’t going to tell you this one to your face. It feels really awkward and uncomfortable to discuss when we need space.

And most of the time he wouldn’t even know that this is what he’s feeling. He’ll just have a sense of repulsion to you that he just can’t explain.

Yes, a guy will still feel attracted to you and desire you but deep inside, he’s got this weird feeling that something’s not quite right. I’m not sure it’s going to dawn on him that you’re there a little bit too often.

That’s when he’s going to pull away and want a little breath of fresh air. And let’s be honest, smothering is never pleasant. It screams of insecurity and anxiousness.

Next reason why isn’t he paying attention to you?

4. He’s cheating on you.

I know this one will not be your favorite but it is a possibility.

If he’s out of touch a little too often, a little too regularly, there is the possibility he’s seeing another woman.

First of all, make sure you really are exclusive.

The best way you can do that is to make sure you know you’re really exclusive with him.

A lot of women assume exclusivity when they haven’t really talked about it. The best way to do it is to talk about it.

But, have him ask you to make it exclusive.

If you ask him to be exclusive, that’s going to leave you wondering if his heart is really in it. You’d be wondering if maybe he wasn’t ready. You’ll think, “Maybe I pushed him into it.”

And… you need to know that he prizes and cherishes you

All right, what’s another reason why is your boyfriend might be ignoring you?

5. He hates texting and calls.

It’s no secret that guys don’t text or call women the same way that women do for men.

Men just don’t see texting as being very essential or important the way women do. This is really important for you to accept and understand.

Because if you keep feeling hurt because he’s not responding to your every text you send within 10 seconds the way you want him to, then you’re the one who suffers for that, not him. He’s just following his dude protocol.

Now,  if you communicate to him that it is important to you that he responds to your texts and he still doesn’t respond to them, you’ve got a problem you should handle.

All right. And, I know you’ve got a bonus one here. Why is your guy ignoring you?

6. He’s thinking about breaking up.

There’s a deep dark secret here I want to share with you. During the first few months you’re with a guy, unless you’re totally wowing him, he’s probably thinking about breaking up at least once per week.

It comes with the territory. A guy is always looking for the reasons to keep going forward in a relationship and if he doesn’t see them, he’ll just hold space.

He’ll be there and not do very much, which is usually what triggers you to realize there’s something going on.

Remember, if you’re not “wowing” him, you’re just going to be a BTN which is a “better than nothing. “

And when you’re just a better than nothing relationship, he’s only going to put in a minimum amount of effort while he waits for something better to come along.

There is a chance that your man could be looking to move on and he might just be waiting for someone to show up.

The good news is that this can be turned around. You can get him to pay attention to you again, make you his priority and even fall in love with you if you know what to say.

It’s all in the words you use. I’ve got the right words for you. I’ve got a whole dictionary of the right things to say to a guy at the right time.

Go into the link right here and check it out.

Find out how you can trigger his obsession switch.

See what I mean here.

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