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How To Get A Commitment

How to get a commitment from a man is a tricky subject. Find out how a man thinks about marriage and what you can do about it.

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“Some men are just jerks. It’s not that complicated.”

I got an email the other day that contained so much in a short sentence that I have to say something because it points to …

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Sick of Dealing with Hot and Cold Men? I Was Too.

If you’re sick of hot and cold men, here’s the answer. Find out how to make men treat you more consistently how you want to be treated.

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What To Avoid If You Want Him To Ask You On A Second Date

One of my male friends recently found himself in a really common situation that I want to talk about today. He met a new woman …

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How to Fall Out Of Love

How To Fall Out Of Love With Someone Who Doesn’t Love You Back

Are you in love with someone who doesn’t love you back? Wish you could change their mind or forget them? Here’s what to do about it.

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How To Tell Someone You Miss Them Without Sounding Needy

Telling someone you miss them is INCREDIBLY vulnerable and can be a dangerous thing if you’ve been out of contact. Find out how to tell someone you miss them without sounding needy.

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How to Be Vulnerable In A Relationship WITHOUT Being Needy

Being genuinely vulnerable in a relationship helps create emotional connection. Being needy and clingy does not. So what’s the difference? Find out the difference between negative and positive vulnerability in relationships.

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How To Know If Your Marriage Will Survive

Wondering if your marriage will make it? Find out the number ONE predictor of divorce and whether or not your marriage will survive the odds.

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How Do You Know When To Give Up On Your Marriage?

Wondering if you should give up on your marriage and get a divorce? Find out what an expert on saving marriages says about when to give up on your marriage.

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How Do You Know If You Married The Right Person?

Wondering if you married the right person? Find out how to know whether you married the right person and what to do if you’re worried you made a mistake.

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