How to Tell Your Ex The New Person They Have Seeing Could Be Bad News

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Fee says, “Proud of you, Clay. I’m a Relationship Inner Gamer and I love the direction you’re going. I love you, Clay!”

Thank you so much. I never coined the term, Relationship Inner Gamer, but hey, cool! We can go with that.

Devon says, “What do you do when you find out that your ex-wife is dating somebody who hits on younger girls and you and your ex-wife have two stepdaughters that you raised since they were younger?”

If your ex-wife is dating somebody and you’re worried that your own daughters might be in some sort of danger from this person, then you know, obviously, talk to your ex-wife about this.

Let your ex wife know that, “Hey, I’ve noticed this person hit on young girls that are maybe the age of our daughters. And I just want you to be aware of that.”

You’re basically giving her evidence so that she can make that conclusion herself when it comes to our own thought process like we talked about today.

She might have her blinders on or something like that, but you really want to make sure that you step up and that you really have this conversation with her.

As a mother, I’m sure she’ll probably be very defensive of her children and all of that so that they are well-taken care of and not in harm’s way or anything like that.

If it really comes down to it, you can always talk to this individual and say, “Hey, I really don’t feel comfortable when you hit on young women because you know we have these young women in our lives that are my children and it really doesn’t make me feel good. So is there some sort of understanding that we can come to?”

If it’s some sort of legal issue, like they’re 13 and he’s 40 or something like that, then you can take it to a law enforcement thing if it really comes to that.

But I think that you can probably resolve it between you and your wife first and if that doesn’t work out, then fine, resolve it with the individual person as well too. But that’s what I’d recommend in that particular situation.

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