How To Get Him To Commit To You (Make Him Ecstatic to Be Together)

So, you met someone. You think he’s the one. Now, the only problem is how to get him to commit to you.

Hey, my name is Amy North, and today I’m going to share with you some tips that are guaranteed to keep your guy only wanting you.

Before I get started, I just want to quickly say that getting a guy to commit is a process that starts with you.

Once you feel like your best self, confident and ready to take on the world, that’s when you should focus on the relationship.

When that time comes, here are five powerful tips that you can use to make him commit to you.

1. Know your worth.

As I mentioned, getting a man to commit starts with knowing your own self-worth.

Believing that you’re valuable and that any man deserves you is key to making him crazy about you.

To show him this, it’s important that you don’t drop what you’re doing when he calls and that you definitely don’t make your entire life revolve around him.

Plan activities for yourself and keep yourself busy so that you won’t be tempted to spend all your time with him. The better you are with self-restraint, the more effective you will be.

At the same time, this doesn’t mean that you should ignore him or reject his date proposals.

Making yourself a little bit harder to catch means that he will have to work for your time and affection. When he sees that, he’ll want you even more.

2. Be bold.

The truth is that getting a guy to commit isn’t that hard at all.

You just need to know what you want and be bold enough to go after it. Studies have shown that the word “want” is one of the most powerful words on the planet.

By turning your wants into something sexy, you can use it to your advantage.

For instance, tell him want you want and when you want it. Don’t make it sound like you’re a spoiled brat or like you’re being bossy. Rather, give off the vibe of a confident woman whose views and wishes can’t be shaken.

Men like to rule, yes. But, they also love a woman who knows when to take control.

If you’re interested in learning some powerful strategies for getting what you want in a relationship, then visit my website and watch my free video presentation.

3. Find a balance between criticism and encouragement.

If there’s one thing men can’t stand, it’s being nagged.

If you nag too much, you’ll have him running for the hills, not to mention that getting him to commit will be twice as hard.

Instead, embrace a new tactic.

Let him get away with the things that bug you every once in a while, and find new ways to word what’s bothering you.

In fact, sometimes being silent is golden, because he will be wondering what’s on your mind and will affect on his actions without you having to say a single word.

Being able to find the balance between criticism and encouragement is super important when it comes to getting a man to commit. If there’s one thing that men love more than anything else in the world, it’s praise.

When he does something well, recognize his achievements and support him when he needs it most. Being his rock now will make it easier to make him yours down the road.

4. Let him chase you.

Men are hunters, and they thrive on winning you.

It is so important that you let him chase and catch you if you want him to commit.

That said, there are two kinds of chasing.

One is about capturing his interest for the first time and letting him see you as the prize he’s longing for in his life.

The second is a closer, more intimate type of chasing. It happens after you’ve already been caught and you do it to keep the chase alive every day in many of your interactions with your man.

It’s a key part to keeping him committed. Many times, in the beginning of a relationship, a woman will chase him.

Since he’s the hunter, he’ll feel like it didn’t take much work to get you and he’ll get bored.

To avoid this situation, pull back everything you were throwing at him, the communication, availability and accommodations for his schedule, the whole shebang.

Don’t initiate plans with him, text him, or be the first to call. You should only respond to his advances.

This may seem counterproductive if you’re trying to win the guy over, but if you’re constantly contacting him, asking him to do things, and checking in, he won’t have the opportunity to come to you.

Master the art of pulling back, giving him space, and letting him pursue you while you play a subtle version of hard to get.

5. Be honest.

Tricks are for kids. “Fake it till you make it,” should never apply to a relationship.

Building a relationship, especially a committed one, on a lie, is never a good start. If the foundation is shaky, the entire relationship will also be shaky.

Instead of using crafty tricks to pull him in, or making him think you’re someone you’re not, to keep him sticking around, be honest with him. Who knows? You may even be more surprised in the outcome than you would imagine. Eventually, how to get him to commit to you will take care of itself.

Well, that’s all for today. To learn the stupidly simple technique that will make him obsess over you and beg you for a commitment, head over to my website and watch the free presentation there now.

Until next time, take care and good luck.

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