How to Make Him Chase You (5 Ways to Make A Man Yours)

Have you ever wondered how to make him chase you like crazy until he has you in his arms?

My name’s Amy North. I’m a relationship expert from Vancouver and author of the bestselling program, The Devotion System.

Today, I’m going to reveal five tips that’ll make a man you chase you down, ask you out on a romantic date, and sweep you off your feet.

1. Stop being needy and clingy.

Now, my first tip is one that you’ve probably heard a million times, but it’s extremely important.

Stop being needy.

Yes, like I’ve always said, neediness absolutely destroys attraction. It’s one of the main reasons why men pull away.

I’ve got to say something that might shock a few of you girls out there. You could be acting really clingy, needy, without even knowing it.

Yes, there are subtle ways us girls can display neediness and send men running. For example, did you know something as simple as asking a man to hold the door for you shows neediness? It’s hard to believe, but it’s true.

Instead, be your own woman and do things by yourself. Once a man sees that you’re strong and independent, he’ll be chasing you down in no time.

2. Stay busy with your own life.

My second tip on how to make a guy chase you is to stay busy and have a life. Let’s put it this way. Are you into a guy that just sits around and watches Netflix all day? Nuh uh.

We want a man that’s got a lot going for him, and men want the exact same thing from a woman.

The next time you’re tempted to text him something like, “I’m bored. Want to hang out?”, stop.

Instead, show him that your life is jam packed full of fun and amazing activities with your friends and family. Once he sees how incredible your life is, he’ll want in and he’ll be the one asking you to hang out.

3. Maintain a little mystery.

Tip number three is to be a little mysterious. While honesty is the best policy, there’s no harm in holding back some key info.

One of the most psychologically powerful things you can do to a man is to let his mind wander.

Let him be curious and think about what you’re doing tonight.

Let him guess what your favorite movies are.

And, better yet, never, ever, tell him what turns you on.

Spilling the beans too early can kill his interest faster than you can say, “Amy North”.

Speaking of which, if you really want to learn how to make a man chase you and make him commit to you, then you have to watch the free video presentation on my website.

In that video, I reveal my love triggers that’ll make you simply irresistible to almost any man.

4. Learn patience.

Get good at playing the waiting game.

I know, I know, you really like this guy. You really think he could be the one, but winning him over isn’t going to happen overnight.

Patience is a virtue, and if there’s one mistake that most of my clients make, it’s that they jump the gun and come across as clingy and needy.

Remember, desperation pushes men away, so if you want to be a magnet and reel him in, then you need to be patient and play your cards right. Once you learn how to do this, it’ll only be a matter of time before he comes crawling to you.

5. Use the cat string concept.

And, finally, last but not least, use what I call my “cat string concept” technique. Cheesy name, I know, but it works.

Now, I want you to do something for me.

Imagine a kitten with a string. Aww, cute, right?

When you dangle a string within a cat’s reach, it will leap and swipe, desperate to catch it. Now, think about what happens when you drop that string. Does the kitten savor its newly acquired prize?

No. It studies it briefly before moving on to the next thing that catches its eye.

Men are like kittens.

When something seems difficult to obtain, they value it more. They want it more. And, when a woman seems difficult to obtain, they value her more.

Now, learning how to master this little technique is a subject for another day. But, if you want to learn more how to make him chase you and about my cat string concept, then you simply have to check out my free video presentation on my website.

Not only do I cover how to use my cat string concept, but I’ll also teach you some sneaky psychological strategies that will make that one special man desire you no matter the situation.

All right. That’s all for now, ladies. I’ll see you soon.

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