5 Surefire Signs Your Love Will Last

Today we’re going to talk about five signs your love will last.

Let’s get right into this.

1. You know exactly what you want.

The first sign your love will last is if you know exactly what you want in a partner and your partner has it, right?

Maybe you’ve done some of our exercises like the five by five list and you know specifically what you’re looking for in a particular partner.

And, maybe you’ve met somebody and started dating them and you want to know, “is this going to go somewhere? Could this become the kind of relationship that I would really enjoy being in?”

You want to know that the person that you’re dating or considering dating has the things you want, right?

For example, if you don’t know if they have these things and if you think, “I know he’s generous and kind but I don’t know if he’s in a good financial shape.”

This is just an example of some hypothetical things that somebody might want in their partner. How could you discover if he’s in good financial shape?

Is there something you could ask him? Could you have a conversation? Are there ethical ways that you could find out whether he has what you want without hacking into his bank account or something like that?

If there are any unknowns about the person, find out if there’s any way you can discover whether or not those are things this person has the qualities you know you want in a partner.

2. You know what you don’t want.

The second way that you can tell if your love will last is if you also know what you don’t want in a relationship and your partner doesn’t have these qualities.

Just like we talked about before, get clear about what you don’t want and then make sure your partner doesn’t have these qualities.

You can’t guess or hope. You want to know.

You want to know, “Is partner emotionally stable?” If your partner is not emotionally stable and it’s important for you to not be with somebody who is emotionally unstable, then you have to say, “sorry, goodbye!”

You have to get clear on this stuff and check just like we talked about before. Find out if there’s any way for you to discover if your partner has or does not have these qualities, and don’t settle for less.

3. You are a match for what you want and don’t want in a relationship.

The third sign your love will last is to turn the spotlight on yourself and think, “I know what I want and don’t want in partner or relationship but am I bringing myself to this partner or relationship in a way that is going to click and mesh with these ideals that I have.”

For example, if you want to be with somebody who is emotionally honest, open, and available, are you emotionally honest and open and available?

Because most people who are honest, open, and emotionally available want to be with other people who are also emotionally available, right?

If there’s a part of you that’s emotionally unavailable— afraid to commit or addicted to weird drama in your life, then there’s going to be a problem.

If you are in alignment with what you want in a partner or a relationship, then there’s probably a good chance that your love might be the kind of love that lasts.

4. You can connect and bond with your partner.

The fourth way to tell if your love might be the kind of love that lasts is if you have the ability to connect and bond and talk freely and openly about things together, right?

This is obviously where the advanced relational skills that we talk about on our website and newsletter come into play.

So I’m not going to beat this to death. But you want to have good communication and interpersonal skills. Because no relationship is perfect, problem-free, smooth, easy and effortless, right?

There are going to be bumps along the road.

There is going to be conflict, disagreements and problems.

And if you are not able to connect with them to talk these things out and have good communication, then you could potentially have some problems down the road. So it’s important that you have good communication skills and the ability to connect with each other if you want your love to last.

5. You share similar values.

The fifth sign that your love will last is if the two of you share similar values in life.

Not only do you share similar values but you share similar expressions of those values, right?

For example, maybe one of your values is that you’re an adventurous person and you find out your partner is also an adventurous person.

Great! That’s a good start, right?

But, being adventurous could mean something different for you than it could mean for them, right?

For some people being adventurous means taking a year off and traveling around the world seeing 15 different countries. For other people being adventurous might mean “Hey, there’s a new Ethiopian Restaurant down the street, let’s go check that out.”

Those are two very different expressions of the same value.

And, if you want to take your partner around the world and he just wants to go to a new restaurant then it might cause friction that could be difficult to handle. So, make sure that you both have similar values and that you both have similar expressions of those values.

So, this has been five ways to know if your love will last.

To learn more about how to find lasting love and create a great, healthy relationship where you can relax, knowing that you’re fully loved for the person you are, head over to my website and fill out the quick quiz.

I’ll start sending you customized tips, relationship advice and strategies to help you get the kind of love you’ve always dreamed of having.

Otherwise, leave me a comment down below with any questions or comments about these signs your love will last.

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