7 Flirty Questions To Text A Man That Will Make Him Swoon

Today, I’ve got seven flirty questions for you to text a guy to start a conversation and get him to open up.

It’s no secret that one of the best tools you can use to get a man to open his heart and commit to you is through the effective use of flirty questions.

I say it all the time. Questions, questions, questions.

Flirty questions are like a hot knife through the butter of his defenses and they’re incredibly simple to use.

All you need is the right flirty question to get him talking. And when a man starts talking, he’s an open book to you. It’s kind of like a love spell that you can use any time to awaken his attraction for you.

Today, I’m to give you some of those flirty questions to use on him but first, I’m going to give you a few of the bad questions and bad flirty texts I’ve seen out there.

A lot of websites tell you these questions are good ways to flirt with a man and they are not.

Bad flirty question text number one:

Do you have a girlfriend?”

Really, why ask if he’s taken? This is an obvious flirty question that could make you feel pretty dumb in about 10 seconds. You never have to worry about being this direct with a man.

Bad flirty question number two:

Have you ever…?”

I’m actually talking about one kind of have you ever question here and it’s one about sex. If this is your first time talking to a guy or your first date, there’s no need to get into the sex talk. Instead, just use one of the other flirty texts that I’m going to show you in a second.

And bad question text number three:

Are you busy on ______?”

This is another one of those “set you up for failure” type flirty questions that I see suggested everywhere out there on the internet.

Don’t get suckered in on this one. It’s a bad question to ask a man. While it seems like a safe way to ask a guy out— you don’t need to go this far.

In fact, if you have to be in THIS obvious with him, he’s an idiot or maybe he’s just not interested in you.

Either way, he’s not for you. Let’s get to my first flirty question to start a conversation with him:

1. “What gym do you go to?”

This one is an obvious flattery question.

It’s a little bit less obvious than the usual,

“Have you been working out?”

Use this flirty question and then pretend some fake shock when he tells you that he works out at home or hasn’t been going to the gym lately (which probably means he is just not working out).

But please, don’t ask him this flirty question if he’s got a beer gut and he’s obviously un-athletic. Only ask if you find his physique attractive— otherwise it’s a shallow manipulation.

2. “What’s your favorite funny?”

This flirty question is good because he might not get it at first.

Yes, that’s a good thing because making a guy wonder always triggers him to think more about you. So if you ask him where he gets his funny and he asks,

“What do you mean?”

You respond with:

“Where do you go to get a good laugh in the middle of the day?”

What you want to discover here is where he’s finding his humor. It’s a great way also to find out what kind of sense of humor he has and whether or not you are compatible.

3. “What’s your favorite movie line?”

All guys have favorite movie lines. We love to do that movie line game thing. You’ve probably seen it happen quite a few times between guys.

His will likely be more oriented toward humor or macho action stuff. It’s what guys like.

His answer to this flirty question will also tell you something about what he finds funny and what he gets excited about. And there’s nothing more fun than trading movie lines and getting some after-laughs from a movie that was good. That’s just a super fun way to bond with him.

4. “What’s your weirdest thing?”

This flirty text question is fun and it’ll take a little bit of thinking but it’s another great way to get some storytelling going between you and him.

For example, you want to ask him what the weirdest thing is that he owns and you could ask,

“So what’s the one weird thing you own that has the best story?”

Now, it helps to have one of your own stories to offer up as an example. Like that weird little plastic ring you wear that you won at the carnival where you had the most perfect day of your life or something like that. Something with more of a twisty-turny emotional story would be great.

Then get him to tell you the whole story of his item, complete with as many emotional details as you can get out of him.

This is also your opportunity to get him to tell you a story and hear how he relates to things with emotional meaning in his life.

You can ask him just about anything— like the weirdest thing he has with an emotional story attached to it.

5. “What’s your favorite superpower?”

This text is a super great flirty question to ask a guy.

Mostly because every guy has read a comic book or at least seen a Marvel superhero movie and they’ve all wondered what would it be like to have that power.

So when he tells you what superpower he’d choose, listen carefully and then ask him what he would do with that power.

This is critical because he’s going to tell you the most about what he values in life when it comes to power.

This will tell you a lot about him just by understanding how he would use it.

Does he want invisibility?

The power to fly?

Destructive lightning?

…whatever he chooses is going to tell you a lot about his personality and allow you to start a conversation where you get to know him better.

6. “What’s your favorite app?”

This flirty question that could have really only appeared in the last few years in the age of the Smartphone. But we all have an app on our phone that we simply can’t live without or use way more than the others we download and forget about.

Sharing an app is just a cool way of bonding with a man.

You’re going to find there’s a lot of conversation you can build around “why” he’s using that app.

7. “What’s your purpose?”

Now, I definitely don’t want you to say or text this flirty question exactly like I just did here but you do want to pose a real power question to him.

Power questions are my particular flavor of question that gets a lot of emotional content out of a guy and tells you a lot about his personality.

The best one you can ask once you’ve established that this guy’s worth a serious look is this: 

“So what are you doing to change the world?”

…Boom! Mic drop.

This question is probably the most powerful weapon in your arsenal to flirty text a guy or just even flirt with him in person.

It instantly takes you from being just some other girl he met to being a woman that is looking for a truly special guy.

Now he has something he has to live up to and you’ve got expectations. If he spends a lot of time thinking on this question, that’s a good thing because this is not a light question by any stretch.

Remember what these questions are doing. They’re revealing his personality and who he is to you. And there’s no bigger decision in your life than a man you decide to marry.

So you better know up front if he’s the kind of guy you could.

After all, marriage is probably your goal whether or not you would admit it to yourself.

Eventually, that will be your decision to make if he’s going to be a good husband or a father. And it’s better to start out with that question on your mind than later when your heart is involved too much.

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