Why Do Men Pull Away? 5 Reasons Under Your Control

Everything seemed great between you and your man.

Then, slowly but surely you have noticed that he has been acting strange. Perhaps, he is no longer intimate with you or maybe he seems distant when you’re together.

Whatever the signs, you’re probably wondering why he’s pulling away.

My name is Amy North. I’m a relationship coach from Vancouver, BC and author of the bestselling program, The Devotion System.

Today, I want to talk about the reasons why guys lose interest and pull away. Trying to understand why men lose interest in women is like trying to teach your cat French. It’s impossible.

While ladies are usually able to offer an explanation when they lose interest in their partner, be it that he was too clingy, lacked motivation, wasn’t attentive, and so on, men have a tougher time making their reasons clear.

For instance, a man can go on a few great dates with a woman, text her daily, and think she might even be the one.

Then poof!

Just like that, his interest disappears and he has little desire to talk to her.

That said, every situation has a reason or rhyme whether you can see it or not. Instead of trying to figure out your guy’s reason, try to see the bigger picture through his eyes and consider these 5 reasons why your man may be pulling away.

Let’s get started.

1. Your emotion shows.

Allow me to explain. When you first start dating someone, you’re not yet emotionally involved so it’s easier to come across as cool, calm, and collected. Whether you know it or not, men find this kind of confidence extremely attractive which is why they enjoy being around these kind of easy-going women.

But as time passes, women become more emotionally involved and start showing their feelings. Men on the other hand may not even be thinking twice about what’s going on yet. This difference in behavior can be a problem.

From a guy’s perspective, the beginning of a relationship is in enjoyable because it’s straightforward and carefree. However, once women become more serious about how they feel, they tend to start looking into future worrying about losing their dream guy.

When guys see this happening, they don’t know how to respond. And so, they pull away, which brings us to number 2:

2. You’re insecure.

If you’re the kind of woman who is constantly nagging your boyfriend about other woman or complaining about your body image then it’s no wonder your boyfriend is losing interest in you.

Questioning your man’s female friendships or pointing out anytime they innocently glance to that someone else are quick ways to push him while making yourself seem jealous and insecure, or as he may put it, crazy.

Yes, it’s rare to find a woman who is 100% happy with her body but at the same time, those aren’t feelings to project on to your boyfriend. They are your own personal issues that you need to deal with.

If you’re interested in learning how you can become your guy’s dream girl, then visit my site and watch the full video presentation. Oh, and spoiler alert, it actually has very little to do with your looks.

3. You seem desperate.

If your boyfriend is pulling away, it could be because you are emotionally unequipped.

In other words, if you’re not happy with yourself then it’s near impossible for you to be happy in your relationship.

You may be thinking, “But my boyfriend makes me feel great.”

However, if he’s your sole source of happiness then he may be feeling suffocated. It’s important for both partners in the relationship to have their own life. This means their own hobbies, interests, passions, and friends.

If your boyfriend is your be-all and end-all then you may be scaring the poor guy away.

Think about it from his point of view. You wouldn’t want to be with someone who is desperate for your love and attention. No. It’s a major turnoff. When your desperation shows, your man will run a mile.

4. You gave it up too soon.

Showing someone you like them by having sex with them is probably the worst move you can make when you want to form a serious relationship.

That’s because when it comes to sex, women are opposite to men.

Whereas women can sleep with a guy and feel more emotionally connected and attractive after the fact, men see sleeping with the girl as a challenge. Once the pursuit is over, it’s not uncommon for them to lose interest and move on.

Even if he seemed like he was into you and happy and sexually engaged, if he didn’t have to work for it, then chances are it just doesn’t matter to him. Just remember, what starts fast, ends fast.

And now, last but not least,

5. You try to force his love.

As I mentioned earlier, one of the key differences between men and women is that men live more in the moment whereas women are constantly looking to the future. This means that a guy might be crazy about you one week then change his mind the next.

That’s why it’s important to keep your heart out of the situation until you’re in a serious committed relationship.

When you let yourself get emotionally involved too soon, it’s likely that he’ll notice even if you don’t say it out loud. Your reactions and behaviors speak volumes.

When men sense that women want more from them than they’re ready to give, they start to pull away.

Since his idea of dating is about pursuing you, making it known that you are readily available takes away his urge to go after you. Sure, it can seem hard not to get wrapped up in the situation but remember, if you want to keep him close then you have to play this game.

Did you know that there is a state of desire more powerful than love?

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Well, that just about does it for today. Thanks so much!. I hope you found it helpful. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post them below. Until next time, take care.

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    So, what will the woman do if ever those mentioned above that should have avoided doing by the woman like sleeping or having sex with a man on their 3rd dates happened? Is there any way to get back the man’s interest in that woman? Is there still a chance for the man to be fully committed or interested especially in marriage? Thank you for your help and more power!

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