How to Be Attractive to Men Immediately… Says SCIENCE

Can science help you be more attractive to men? The answer is yes!

Hello, ladies! It’s coach Amy North here and today I’m going to talk about six scientific ways to be more attractive to men. So let’s jump right into it.

1. Wear red.

A study at the University of Rochester found that women who wear red may be more attractive to men.

The study featured a number of experiments where men were to rate black and white head shots of women on red, gray, blue, green or white background. The women standing in front of the red backgrounds seemed more attractive and more like someone they would date.

In fact, when asked why these men chose the women standing in front of the red backgrounds, few suggested the background color, indicating that the reasons for picking red were completely subconscious.

2. Surround yourself with friends— preferably good looking ones.

Another study out of the University of California concluded that the people look better when they’re surrounded by other people.

A group of people were shown 300 pictures of women’s faces, both in pictures were she was with friends and pictures where she was by herself. Results overwhelmingly showed that both men and women found women surrounded by friends more attractive than their solo counterparts.

So, the next time you go out, definitely go out in a group.

3. Smile.

Smiling can make a woman up to five times more attractive to a man because it stimulates certain parts of the man’s brain. Not only that, but smiling disarms a man which puts him at ease, making it easier to converse with him.

Also, it’s been scientifically proven that men like people who like them, thus making them more attractive. So the next time you’re flirting with a guy, don’t be afraid to show him those pearly whites and you’ll be bagging them and tagging them in no time.

By the way ladies, this isn’t an exhaustive list of ways to make a man chase you and adore you. But for that, I made a video on my website that’ll help you become irresistible to men. To watch this video, just head over to my website here.

4. Grow your hair out.

In a study conducted in 1995, men were shown pictures of women with long hair and short hair. The women with longer hair scored consistently higher in the attractiveness department. Not only that, but scientists have said that long and lustrous locks are a good indicator of fertility and well-being. So don’t be afraid to grow that hair out and don’t be afraid to show it off.

5. Mimic his body language but be subtle.

According to another study, women who subtly mimicked their dates scored higher in terms of likability. But obviously the key here is subtly.

Don’t go out on your way trying to mime your date, he might get weirded out by that. Instead, try something like this. Say you noticed that he brushes his hair every so often. Try brushing your hair a minute after he brushes his.

Once you master this little trick, he’ll find himself liking you for reasons he can’t easily pinpoint.

6. Raise your voice.

A higher pitched voice signifies youth and it also forces men to think of you as the delicate, more fairer sex. Studies have shown that men want to protect women that seem delicate and fair, and triggering these protective instincts will make him more attracted to you. So the next time you’re out with a guy, don’t be afraid to be a little bubbly and heighten the sound of your voice.

So, that’s all I have for you today, ladies! If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to shoot me some in the comments section below.

Also, if you want to learn more about how to be attractive to men, make a guy chase you, fall in love with you, and commit to you, then just head on over to my website now.

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