Do Men Only Care About Sex? (Advice From A Man)

Today we’re going to be talking about whether or not men only care about sex.

So there’s a common myth in our culture and women’s dating advice that men think about sex every seven seconds and I want to clear this whole thing up.

Men – and I’m just going to go out on a limb here and say masculine men. Men with masculine energy, men who have predominantly masculine energy are going to be attracted to feminine women with feminine energy.

Femininity is often associated with things like sensuality. That includes looking nice, being sensual, doing things that I’m sure you don’t want to see me do like scooping up whipped cream on my finger and licking it off. Masculine energy is drawn to and pulled into that. And, one of those expressions of sensuality is sex, right?

So, masculine men are drawn to sensuality. And it’s because of that a whole lot of men think about sex, care a lot about how a woman looks and find themselves drawn to physically and sensually appealing women, right?

Men do think about sex, just like women think about sex too. But, you’re selling men short if you think that we’re just knuckle-dragging Neanderthals that only care about sex. We care about lots of things in life. At least I do, and I think a lot of other men do also, based off conversations with other men I’ve spoken with.

A lot of men actually do care about a lot of things like emotional connection and whether they get along well with women. It’s an unfortunate mischaracterization to think that men are only interested in sex.

Again, men are attracted to the sensual, so we will find our attention pulled towards things that often relate to sex. But there is so much more that men really want in a relationship and a woman when it comes down to it.

The sad thing is that a lot of women’s dating advice sells men short. It characterizes men as brutes, and oafish buffoons who only care about sex. In turn, this causes women to prioritize sex because they think, “if sex is what men want, we should focus on it so we can get men’s attention.”

Unfortunately, often men and women will spend too much time focusing on sex and their physical connection that they completely ignore or neglect their emotional connection.

And, focusing on the physical connection can cause a lot of problems because if you’re focused solely on the physical side of things, you’re going to neglect the emotional side of things. This means that the relationship ends up becoming sex-focused, which means you end up doing things like friends with benefits and other stuff like that.

That’s where you find yourself in these situations where you’re wondering:

“Was he only using me for sex?”

“Do men only want sex?”

“How come he doesn’t call me back?”

“We had sex and then he just vanished on me.”

So when stuff like that happens, it’s often because you’re prioritizing sex too much or using sex as a bargaining chip. You have not nurtured the emotional connection between you and the guy well enough before sex.

When you prioritize the sexual relationship, you prioritize the physical connection between the two of you. Then, you’re going to not have that emotional foundation that’s going to make the guy want to stick around.

That emotional connection is what is going to make him want to commit to you. It’s what is going to make him want to spend a whole lot more time with you.

If you’re fueling that other part of things that says, “Oh, well men only care about sex.” Well yeah, if you only prioritize the sexual connection between the two of you.

Then, you shouldn’t be surprised if the guys that hang around with you and stick around and spend time with you are the kinds of guys who only care about sex, right?

The kinds of guys who are into emotional connection, sharing, talking, and feelings are going to go and find somebody who doesn’t just prioritize the sexual connection. They’re going to go and spend time with that woman.

To sum this up men don’t only think about sex.

Sure, we do think about sex about as often as you think about sex maybe even a little bit more. But sex is not the only thing that men think about. Men care about a lot of things when it comes to relationships and when it comes to being with a woman.

Men want to be with a woman who has a lot going for her aside from just being great in bed. Being great in bed doesn’t hurt, but men want to be with a woman who has a lot to bring to the table beyond just sex. They want somebody who has a great personality, similar values to them and who wants similar things out of life.

Don’t sell yourself short by just focusing on the sexual connection.

Go for all of it. Build that emotional foundation with a man right along side the physical connection. If that’s something you want to learn how to do, head on over to my website, fill out the quick quiz and sign up for my email newsletter.

Then I’ll send you customized advice, tips, and strategies that help you meet, date, and attract the kind of man that you really want without just focusing on the sexual connection.

And, if you’re a guy and you’re reading this, leave a comment below. Do you just think about sex? Are there other things that are important to you with a woman? Share your thoughts down below.

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    It is the job of a the mother to teach her daughters about men and sex and build their self worth up. If mothers would do their job as the daughters most important parent, we could strengthen the female gender.

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