5 Tell-Tale Signs He Likes You Even If He Won’t Confess His Attraction (Yet.)

Today we’re going to be talking about five signs he likes you even though he won’t confess his attraction to you. Juicy topic here, let’s get started.

1. He waits three full days before calling you.

The first sign he likes you but would never admit to is that he waits about three days before calling you.

A guy will wait two or three days before calling to ask you out or follow up after a date— whatever your last interaction was— he’ll wait two or three days after that.

This is just something that is sort of like hard grained into a lot of guys psychology.

I’m not talking about pickup artists or players this is average guys.

They’ll just wait approximately two or three days to get in touch. And, a lot of guys don’t even realize that they’re doing this, they’re just doing it anyway and that’s definitely a sign that a guy likes you.

If he didn’t like you, he wouldn’t be doing this whole three-day thing. He would either call you right now, which again, could also be a sign that he likes you or he would wait a painfully long period of time. But usually, if a guy likes a woman and wants to go out with her and wants to see her in a romantic context– if you look for the two or three-day thing, that’s a pretty good sign he likes you.

2. He dresses up to meet you.

Now, the second sign that a guy really likes you is if when the two of you get together and meet up for a date, a coffee, or whatever, he’s dressed better than when you met him.

So, I don’t know where you met him. Might have been in a club, out doing errands, or at some class or group.

But, if he meets up with you for a date and he’s dressed better than whatever he was wearing when he met you, that means that he’s probably trying to impress you, win you over, and show suave and sophisticated he is. That sexy devil.

I know women like to keep an eye out for how a guy dresses anyway but keep your eye out for it. If he is kind of upping his fashion game a little bit, then that’s probably a sign that he cares a lot about you and he’s very interested in impressing you.

Now, not all of us guys are very fashion conscious but if you do notice an improvement— maybe not super fashion model style attire or anything— but if you just notice an improvement, a step up from where his fashion was at before, then he’s trying to impress you.

3. His romantic timing is way off.

The third sign that a guy is really into you is that he gets to a sexual-romantic tone too quickly or too slowly.

Guys will rush to set a sort of sexual-romantic tone when they’re afraid of being put in the friend zone. So, they want to make sure that you see them as a romantic prospect.

They might do this by flirting. But they’ll typically try to rush to set the romantic or sexual tone OR they might really awkwardly avoid anything sexual.

There are some guys that just don’t feel comfortable expressing their sexuality. They don’t want to come across as a sleazy club guy or something like that.

So, they might try to do the whole “nice guy” thing, by winning you over and taking it slow. They might awkwardly avoid this whole sexual romantic sort of thing.

This is when his body language says he’s into you, how he’s behaving says he’s into you but when it comes to actually vocalizing it or making physical contact, he’s not doing it.

And it’s awkward because everything else is pointing there, that’s a sign he likes you too.

4. He spends “prime time” with you.

The fourth sign that a guy is really into you is that he spends his prime time with you. By “prime time” I mean that man’s equivalent of Friday or Saturday night because these are often reserved for dates or for people who are really important to you.

If he’s a typical guy who has a Monday through Friday job or has a flexible, irregular schedule, “prime time” would be whatever his Friday and Saturday night might be, right?

These are prime spots in his schedule because they’re downtime. He can stay out as late as he wants to relax, sleep in the next day, all that stuff. He doesn’t have to get up and go to work.

So, these are prime times for him when it comes to spending time with women or friends.

And so, if a guy is allocating this prime time block of time for you, that’s really a sign that he likes you a lot.

Now, obviously, I’m not talking about 2AM booty calls.

I’m talking about when he says, “Hey, you want to get together at 7:00 PM on Saturday night? I’ll meet you at this restaurant. Wear a red dress. I promise it will be nice.”

That’s what I’m talking about. I’m not talking about like the kind of last minute thing like, “Oh hey, I didn’t have anything else to do. You want to come over around midnight, we can watch Netflix and chill?” I’m talking about prime time kind of stuff where he wants to go out to a dinner place or something like that.

5. He talks about the non-serious women in his life.

The fifth and final sign that a guy likes you but will not confess (yet) is that he talks about non-serious women in his life.

This might be a little bit counterintuitive for women because I know there’s a double standard when it comes to this sort of thing. But, sometimes men will talk about the women in their life who are attracted to them, who they’ve dated in the past or where the’s been a romantic thing in a non-serious way between them.

They might do this to frame it so that you’re seeing them through a romantic lens, like, “Hey, this is a guy that other women like.” “This is a guy that other women have expressed interest in.” “This is a guy who is desirable.” “This is a guy who has dated a bikini model before.”

A lot of guys will basically try to impress you by essentially saying, “Hey, other women dig me.”

Now, they won’t be doing this like, “Yeah, man. I’ve been dating this girl and she wants me to be her girlfriend and I really like her.” That’s friend zone stuff right there.

But if he’s telling you, “Hey, there’s this secretary at my office who has this like crazy crush on me, but I don’t really like her that much” he’s basically trying to impress you by saying that other women like him. Understand the difference there?

All right. So I hope this has made it clear to you, whether or not the guy that you fancy might actually fancy you as well.

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