3 Important Things Men Test Women For While They’re Dating


Hi, this is Nicole Elissa with Commitment Connection. Today, I’m going to share three things that men test a woman for while dating.

I have personally noticed that men do these three things to test if a woman is really into them. Passing a man’s tests really adds to the sense of wanting to be with you in a long term.

I invite you to read until the very end so you have that clarity.

Once you notice he’s testing you, you can actually help him in knowing that you are the right fit for him.

It’s important to mention that as human beings we all have our insecurities, we want to protect our heart, we want to ensure that if we’re going inside like we’re going to be in a relationship, it’s with the right person.

Men test women to really see where you’re at. Sometimes, some of the insecurities men have are not the same as the insecurities that women have.

Today, I will address three things that are really important. The second one is actually one of my favorites. I’ve seen that it’s very subtle but it’s the topic that really needs to be addressed. So pay attention to that one.

Let’s get started with how men test women.

1. How grateful and appreciative you are of him.

The number one thing I see men test women for while dating is how grateful she is for the things he does for her. He looks for how appreciative she is of him as a man and his desire to give to you and the actions and things he does for you.

Appreciation is key because I hear it from a lot of women that we don’t necessarily know exactly how to be in our feminine or receive.

When we feel confused about the whole topic, what happens is that sometimes women don’t share their gratitude with a man— either because they believe they shouldn’t express it for whatever reason, or because they want to explore more of their feminine side and their sense of self-worth.

But then they forget to say thanks.

Or because they don’t know how their man is going to react or they’re worrying in their mind whether they should you know pay for something or they’re thinking about how to pay it back immediately.

Appreciation is a very interesting thing.

It’s a matter of being able to say thanks and be appreciative of him and being able to communicate it because men really do pay attention to these things.

It’s not a matter of if a man should pay for the meal or not on a date.

It has to do more with his values what he believes is right and what you desire to experience as you’re being courted.

Saying thanks makes a huge difference and showing your appreciation not just – more so in the energy of saying thanks rather than believing that you have to immediately pay it back and do all these different things.

Men are looking first and foremost just for a thank you. So it’s important to address it and make it from the heart. That’s going to make a huge difference in how he sees you.

2. Neediness and entitlement.

The second thing that men test a woman for while dating is they test to see if a woman has certain neediness or comes with demands or expectations kind of with an energy of like:

“You should be doing this for me.”

“You should be doing that.”

And it goes along with my first point, with gratitude.

When a man doesn’t hear you say thanks and senses that you’re waiting on him to be happy and feel good, then it makes him shut down simply because a man wants to know that you are taking care of yourself and you are responsible for your happiness.

He gets a sense of freedom whenever he’s around you like he’s free to choose you.

He’s free to love you and knows that you’re also being responsible in regards to your self-worth and your happiness rather than waiting on him.

This is not a conscious thing.

It can happen when we start dating somebody and it’s really important to always have time for ourselves and really value that time for ourselves so that a man feels free to choose you.

Love is given freely. I really stand by that.

It’s important that both parties feel like they are with a happy partner.

Somebody that is fulfilling their own needs. Then the other partner comes in and wants to add to that happiness rather than making the other person completely responsible for it.

3. Whether you try to control him.

The third thing that men test women for is to see if you’re trying to control him or his time, freedom and independence.

If a man says that you’re trying to control him, he feels trapped.

Chances are, any moment in time where you’re feeling that sense of needing to control with somebody it’s because you’re feeling fear or insecurity.

It’s really important for you to address your own fears and work on them so you’re not projecting those fears or insecurities on the man so he feels free to love you.

Relationships have to be two responsible people working on learning how to love themselves more or just expending that self-love and learning how to love another person freely out of their own choice.

One of the things that puts a damper on a relationship is projections, expectations and demands.

Men test a woman to see how much she tries to control him because it makes him feel trapped. He wants to feel free to choose you and that you understand and trust him.

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