10 Complete Turn Offs For Guys And How To Fix Them

Knowing what men find attractive is one thing, but have you ever thought about the things they find unattractive, the little quirks and cues that are turn offs for guys?

Hey, ladies. My name is Amy North. I’m a relationship coach from Vancouver, BC.

As you may have guessed, today’s piece is going to cover the top 10 turn offs for guys.

You may be thinking that this is a bit of an easy one, but stick around! You might be surprised of some of the turn offs for guys I’m about to cover.

1. Too much makeup.

How many times have you been afraid to leave the house without doing your hair and makeup?

It’s one thing to care about your appearance but you may be surprised to know that men actually aren’t into the whole makeup thing.

This doesn’t mean that it’s wrong to wear mascara or a bit of cover up, especially if these things make you feel confident and sexy. But when a woman goes overboard with makeup and gets what guys like to call cake face, it’s not a look they find attractive.

When I say too much makeup, some of the things I’m talking about are clumpy mascara, overdrawn eyebrows, extreme eye shadow, thick foundation, bright lipstick, the works.

Sure, some men are into this kind of aesthetic, but on a larger scale, guys do consider overdone makeup to be unattractive.

Keep in mind to that when it comes to what men are attracted to, natural beauty trumps cosmetics.

2. Bad breath.

Now this is a bit of a universal turn off because I can’t imagine any men or women being OK with bad breath.

To avoid being a victim of foul smell in mouth, make oral hygiene a top priority. And when possible, carry around a travel toothbrush, mints or gum. This is especially important for you women who smoke and drink coffee.

3. Dry or oily skin.

Before you get upset about this one, I’m well aware that dry and oily skin issues can be tough to manage and often times they’re related to bigger medical issues. I understand that completely.

However, since I’m covering a list of what guys find unattractive, it would be unfair not to include this on the list. Just note that these skin types are not attractive to most men. So do what you can to take care of yourself.

4. Dressing sloppily.

So many women confuse sexiness and sloppiness. For instance, having your bra hanging out is not sexy. Seeing your thong above your pants is not sexy. Wearing a dress or skirt that is so short that your panty peeks out when you bend over is not sexy.

Simply put, sexy is not showing too much.

Even though you may think that guys find it attractive, they really don’t.

In fact, showing areas of skin that aren’t associated with sex is what’s attractive to them. Think sleeveless tops, scooped collars, fitted skirts, this is where less comes more in to plain. Leaving something to his imagination is what’s really attractive.

5. Gossiping about others.

Women are known for gossiping and that’s not usually a good thing. True, not all women feel the need to talk about others and their personal lives, but in the grand scheme of things, women do gossip much more than men which is why it’s no surprise that men find gossiping so unattractive.

A big part of why guys don’t like gossiping is because it brings out a woman’s insecure side. Since gossiping tends to be a negative thing, talking poorly of someone else doesn’t do you any favors when it comes to looking good in his eyes.

What’s worse is when you gossip around a guy, it makes him worry that you’ll bad mouth him to others when he’s not around. That makes you hard to trust. So simply put, avoid speaking negatively of others.

By the way ladies, this isn’t a complete list of what men find unattractive. To find out more of those, watch the free video presentation I made for you.

6. Lying.

Similar to my previous point, lying to a man makes you hard to trust, which again is why guys find it so unattractive. No man wants to be with a woman who makes him second guess everything that comes out of her mouth.

Just like you wouldn’t want to be with someone that made you question their words, neither do men. Lying to a man in never a good idea. Chances are that the truth will eventually come out and then you’re left cleaning up a mess that could have easily been avoided.

Moral of the story, don’t lie. It does you no favors.

7. Self-centeredness.

Have you ever been on a date with a guy who thought the whole world revolved around him?

He probably talked over you or spent hours bragging about all his accomplishments. Well, this can easily be mistaken for confidence, realizing someone is self-centered is a huge turn off.

Sure, it’s totally fine to be proud of yourself and show the world that you’re strong, capable woman, but it’s another thing if you take it too far. By that, I mean putting yourself above others, craving attention, lacking empathy and thinking you know it all. It all comes down to being entitled and that’s not an attractive way to be.

8. Being obsessed with your cellphone.

Guys find it so unattractive when a woman is obsessed with her cellphone, and rightfully so.

Going on a date with someone who is constantly glued to their phone screen, not only feels disrespectful, but it also tells us that whoever you’re talking to, or whatever you’re doing, is more important than him.

No excuses here either! It doesn’t matter if you want to check in on Facebook or post a photo of your meal on Instagram, when you’re with a guy, do your best to leave your phone alone.

9. Cursing like a sailor.

Chances are, at some point in your lifetime, you’ve sworn.

Perhaps you do all the time and it’s become a habit or maybe you save your F-bombs for those really necessary moments. A little swearing here and there is fine. Guys find it unattractive when women swear all the time. Why? Because it isn’t sexy to them.

In fact, swearing probably even reminds him of hanging out with his buddies. Sure, this varies from man to man, but in general, cursing like a sailor isn’t cute. It’s actually brash or even tough sounding. If you want to squeeze your way into a man’s heart, then you want to be seen as his lady, not a foul mouth.

10. Nagging and complaining.

Personally know many women, myself included, that can’t stand being around men who do nothing but nag and complain, it really dampens the whole mood.

To avoid this, keep conversations positive and fun. Yes, there will be times when it seems impossible to put a smile on but in those moments, try your best not to lash out or over vent to him.

Being able to talk to a guy about your issues is one thing but being a constant downer is another.

Well that’s just about does it for today. If you have any questions or feedback about turn offs for guys, then please feel free to post those in the comment section below.

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    I don’t think you meant to say a big part of ‘white’ guys don’t mind gossiping. Don’t want to see you get into trouble.

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