How To Get Him To Ask You Out In 3 Steps (Plus 4 Bonus Flirting Tactics)

Today, we’re going to talk about three steps to get him to ask you out without him knowing.

After all, sometimes you meet a guy and you realize he could be a good guy, a good possible boyfriend or he could also be a guy you see in a bookstore and you just want to catch his eye.

Well, this is the point. You got to make a move of some kind but you don’t want to be the one to do everything. You have to get him involved.

What you need is a good strategy for how to get him to ask you out and start the romantic fire.

First, I have to give you three simple things that you can’t do to ask a guy out.

First off, don’t do that third grader trick of sending him an email with the suggestion subtly planted somewhere inside that you two should go out sometime.

Men are notoriously obtuse.

He’ll probably miss it and then you, of course, you’ll feel weird for putting it out there in case he did see it and now, the next time you have to bring it up and then you sound pushy. Don’t do that.

The other one is don’t make that corny and dumb comment or have your friend do that dumb comment, “Oh, you two make such a cute couple.” That’s not going to work. It’s probably going to backfire on you if he wasn’t already thinking about you that way.

And lastly, don’t be fake or manipulative to get his attention.

No matter how much you think it’s going to get you the result, ultimately, you still have to own up to that deception.

Keep in mind, a guy only puts a woman into the friend zone temporarily.

It’s not a permanent thing the same way it is with women who tend to put guys in the friend zone for good.

A guy won’t. A guy has his eye typically on one woman that he’s infatuated with and all other women become “maybes.”

So you might be on the maybe list, which means you might feel like you’re not a priority.

But that’s OK.

He will still consider you as a love interest. Here’s how to get him to ask you out.

1. Make him notice you.

Step one to get him to ask you out is to make him notice you.

No matter what the situation is, you have to get him to see you in some way.

Otherwise, he could pass you up for some other girl that happens to run into him at the right time.

The best way to do this is eye contact. Literally, catching his eye. Just lock eyes with him for a second or two and then look down and away.

If you really want to lock this one in, give him a little smile. I’m amazed that most women don’t really understand this fine art of visual flirting but it really works.

Use your eyes to put out that invite.

Some guys are, again, incredibly clueless when a woman is in her flirt zone, so you have to be willing to do maybe a little bit more.

2. Start a conversation with him.

Step number two to getting a man to ask you out is to start the conversation.

Talk is the essence of all short-term or long-term hook-ups.

You have to talk to him. Take a clue from a pick-up artist who actually has a really good technique for this.

It’s called the opinion opener.

An opinion opener is a simple way to start a conversation by asking somebody for their opinion about something.

It’s that easy.

Just ask his opinion about a purchase you’re planning to make like a gadget, a new phone, a tablet or a car, whatever it may be.

Ask him what he thinks about it.

And just remember, a guy needs to believe that there might be a slightly mystical element of fate in your connection.

Believe it or not, guys are romantic this way so feel free to throw in a little comment like,

“Hey, why is it we haven’t met before?”

That’s actually going to be a great trigger to make him think, “Huh, maybe she is a possibility.”

Remember, a guy may want to ask you out but when he realizes that you like him a lot more than he likes you, he might lean back a little bit just to see what you’re going to do about it.

It’s doubt that will kick him back into gear to pursue you which is where you want him and where you need him.

So don’t do too much of his work for him.

3. Weave your way in.

That brings us up to step number three of this process of getting him to ask you out which is weaving your way in.

You never need to put yourself completely on the line by expressing your interest to him. You don’t ever have to verbalize your attraction to him either.

Sometimes, you have to find more assertive ways to get him to see that there’s a possibility here.

That’s where weaving your way into his life can actually be a really effective way of getting him to ask you out.

Try one of these flirting tactics to weave your way in and get him to ask you out.

The ‘Check it Out’ tactic.

Just ask him if he wants to check out a new bar or a restaurant that opened up and well, there you go.

You’re sitting there for a dinner or a drink and you get a little time to work your feminine wiles on him.

The ‘Already Doing It’ tip.

This is where you can tell him that you’re going to go grab a coffee or you’re going someplace that he might like and see if he wants to come along with you.

It’s an indirect but casually exciting way for a guy to just hang out and hang out over maybe a cup of java is a great way to do it.

The key to this way to get him to ask you out that makes it legit– and this is important because you don’t want to use just some phony tactic– is that you should really ALREADY be going out doing that thing you suggest.

Don’t call him up and then if he says, “No, I can’t make it,” you don’t go and do whatever “it” is.

Go and do it anyways.

Because otherwise, the next time you do it, you might have that vibe of caring a little bit too much if he says yes or no. And guys can actually pick up on that one.

The ‘Hit a Movie’ strategy.

One of the easiest ways to get a guy to go out with you is just to go see a movie. You can keep it very open-ended with no intentions.

If you really want to be sure he’s going to say yes, well, pick out an action flick maybe he hasn’t seen. Put the rom-com on the backburner.

There’s also the ‘Asking for Help’ technique.

This one is kind of a variation on the theme of asking for his opinion on something. Because if there’s anything a guy loves to do more than share his opinion, it’s to help out a woman in need.

Our rescuer instinct runs very deep my lady and if you don’t take advantage of this, you’re crazy.

Go take a look around your place right now. I bet you have some things that need fixing or tweaking.

The easiest thing to do is call him up, start some chit-chat and then mention that something needs fixing around the house.

You can even text him at random and say,

“Hey, you do know how computers work?”

It’s a slam dunk that he’ll be over there helping you with your “tech issues.”

The best sign of a good possible relationship between two people is that you have two things in common as your foundation.

One is physical chemistry. It’s usually the easy part for most romantic couplings.

The second part is that friendship foundation. This is the stuff you have in common, interest and attitudes that will keep you going through those difficult patches.

In order to succeed as a couple, you need both. It’s a simple equation and it never lets you down.

To learn more about the signals to tell a guy whether you’re a soulmate, the woman he wants and can’t live without, I encourage you to go on over and watch my presentation on The Soulmate Signals.

These are the surefire triggers to tell him you’re the one.

This is a valuable stuff. You can’t afford to not know what signals a guy is looking for.

Watch the video to see what I mean.

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