Are You Texting Him Too Much? 3 Tips For How To Text A Man

So.. are you texting him too much?

I’d love to tell you that when you’re dating a man, you should be sending him one text every two days that is exactly 17 words long.

Unfortunately, texting a man you like is not that simple.

The fact that you’re reading this suggests that you’re wondering if there’s a problem with how frequently you’re texting him and what you do text when it starts up.

Now, let’s dig deeper into what happens when you text a guy you like or you’re dating:

  • Who is initiating and ending the text in conversations?
  • Are you always the one to text first?
  • Does he often cut the conversation off or simply stop responding?
  • Are your texts much longer than his?

If most of your answers to these questions about texting him are yes– then this is a clear indication that you’re texting him too much.

This doesn’t mean that he doesn’t like you or that he’s pulling away.

Sometimes men simply don’t like to have extended conversations over text and prefer to talk in person.

Don’t take it personally, but slow down. You don’t want text messaging with him to become a chore.

Or on the other side, there might be too little texting rather than too much but a common mistake is to text more because he’s texting less.

If you respond to him pulling away by trying to cling on tighter, you’ll just find him slipping through your fingers.

Here are 3 guidelines for texting a man you like– so you don’t have to worry “am I texting too him too much??” ever again.

1. Don’t text for no reason.

If you worried about your texting cooling off, then wait until you have something to say before reaching out. Make sure every text has a clear purpose rather than just, “I miss you” or “I’m bored and the conversation will be focused and purposeful.”

When each text from you has a definite purpose, he will associate texting with communication and excitement rather than just rambling.

2. Don’t have conversations over text that would work better in person.

Long involved conversations about complex feelings don’t work well over text.

Texting is supposed to be fun, light and flirty. If you’re in a new relationship you should be focused on getting on FaceTime or having the conversation in person.

You want to have experiences together so you build memories for future interactions.

You can’t make memories over text. Memories and experiences happen when you’re out there enjoying the world. This will bond you in ways emojis never can. This also applies if you’re in a long distance relationship.

So, what should texting actually be for?

Texting is for sharing information and making plans, making jokes and flirting.

It works best in short exchanges rather an extended back and forth that lasts hours.

3. Let him miss you.

One problem with texting in a relationship or when we’re dating is that we feel like we should be in constant contact all the time.

Especially when the relationship started out that way. It can create resentment because we feel if we don’t text back, we’re doing something wrong even if we’re genuinely busy.

To avoid this, text him less often.

Being a little unavailable will make him think about you more and make the conversations you do have more special.

Wonder if the text messages you’re sending him are hurting you more than helping you?

Then click here to visit my website. You’ll find a free video about my text chemistry program, it takes all the information I’ve learned about communication with men over the years and applies it to modern dating and texting.

Texting plays a huge role in romance these days and you need to know how to go about it to make it work for you not against you.

Now, when should you worry about what’s happening over text?

If they’re sending one-word answers or not replying for days at a time, this isn’t great.

That said, it could have nothing to do with your relationship which just means that the two of you have very different relationships when it comes to texting and that’s OK.

And maybe it’s something to discuss if it really bothers you so you can find a balance that is right for the two of you.

If the way he’s text messaging you  only bothers you because it makes you feel insecure about the relationship, take a step back before you have a big discussion about it.

Focus on spending more quality time with them rather than increasing your texting or confronting him about the way he texts you.

I guarantee that you’ll have better results and fewer misunderstandings.

All relationships are different but that some key information to keep in mind when you’re wondering how much the text any guy in that less is more when it comes to texting a man– especially early on in the relationship.

Odd text message that makes him quiver with obsession for you?

Once you use this text on him, he will immediately distance himself from other women… and constantly think about ways he can be closer to you. 


Watch this video now.

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