4 Hopeful Signs Your Ex is Not Over You (If You Want Them Back)

Today I want to share with you four signs your ex is not over you and they have not moved on from your relationship.

1. Your ex is angry and emotional toward you.

The first sign you ex is not over you is that they might get explosively angry at you out of the blue.

Maybe they pull away one moment and they are giving you the cold shoulder then, maybe the next day, you wake up to a string of text messages or something about how angry they are at you. Maybe they send you a weird email about how much they hate you or call and leave a voicemail about how great life is without you.

That is a huge sign they definitely are not over you.

They are still having a very strong emotional reaction to you. They might be able to push that down and repress it for awhile but it will pop up and they will have these little emotional eruptions from time to time.

Strong emotion is a huge sign your ex is not over you. Definitely keep your eye out for that.

2. They try to make you jealous.

The second sign that your ex has not moved on and they are not over you is that maybe they’ll go out of their way to tell you things like, “Oh hey, I’m dating someone, so I’d really like to flirt with this guy. That guy is super hot.” Or if you’re a woman or man – “that other person is hot; that person is cute; I want to be with that person or whatever.”

That’s really just an attempt to make you jealous. It’s kind of like trying to get a reaction out of you. They are trying to test you to see if you’ll respond. They are trying to turn it into a competition to see who cares more or less or whatever.

It’s kind of petty – it may be a little bit high-school, but when we go through a breakup, we act on a more self conscious level. A lot of people want to one-up their ex to prove that their decision to leave the relationship was the right choice.

First of all, don’t fall into the trap of getting all worked up over who your ex is rebound dating, like “oh, you’re dating that guy” or “you’re dating that girl” or “you’re fooling with him or her.”

Understand that this bragging is coming from a place of them trying to get a reaction and elicit some sort of response from you. They are essentially testing you, and that’s huge sign that your is not over you at all. So, keep an eye out for them trying to make you jealous.

3. You discuss emotional topics.

When you two do talk, you talk about emotional things.

Maybe you talk about your feelings for one another or maybe the past breakup or maybe it’s not even your relationship really at all. Maybe your ex wants to talk about what you want to do with your life or what you’re working on these days, how your family is doing – things like that.

Those topics are more emotional.

If your ex was truly over you, they would not care about these emotional things at all. That’s why it’s a huge sign that your ex is not over you if they are still are interested in your feelings and how your emotional world is.

4. Your ex asks personal questions.

Maybe your ex is sort of shut down; he doesn’t talk a lot about his feelings. Instead, he’ll ask you personal questions, like “Hey! How was your holiday this past week?” or “What are you doing next weekend?” These are things that somebody who didn’t care about you would not be bothered to ask.

If your ex is taking a specific interest in your life and what you’re up to, then that is a huge sign that they are still concerned about you, probably at an emotional level but if nothing else, at an intellectual level.

Some people are just kind of like shut off in their emotions and it’s very hard for them to access them. Instead they try to connect with people intellectually because they don’t know how to connect emotionally.

I used to be one of those people. But underneath that numbness is a genuine emotional desire to connect.

When your ex asks more personal questions about your life, they want to know where you are emotionally. They want to know more about you and what you’re up to in your life. They are very curious about you.

When your ex is over you, they are not curious about you.

They are just think, “I’m done with you. You’re gone,” and this does not come not from an angry standpoint, instead it’s more like, “that chapter of my life is closed.”

Again, these are four signs that your ex has not moved on. If your ex is doing these things, you still have a shot at getting back together and working things out with them.

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    I have been with my ex for 12 years. We were 15 years old and I was very immature, selfish and overall not a very good person. I realized too late what I was doing. He had warned me for years. He said that everytime we fought he felt like he was nobody and lost love for me every year. So he says that he does not love me anymore anyway. That no matter how much I change he doesn’t want me anymore and never will. Do I still have a shot at getting him back if he doesn’t even love me anymore

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