How To Get Your Ex To Forgive You (Even If You Messed Up BIG TIME)

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Today’s subject is a little painful. I’m going to teach you how to get your ex to forgive you.

I know how difficult it can be to get someone to forgive you. It’s not easy. The amount of guilt that you feel for hurting someone you love can be unbearable at times. And, the amount of time it’s going to take for your ex to forgive you is, obviously, going to vary depending on the situation.

Obviously, if you’ve done something serious like cheat on him or her, the amount of time required for your ex to recover may be significant. So, be prepared for that.

But, regardless of the length of time that it takes them to forgive you, you need to know one thing.

You can’t make your ex forgive you faster.

You can’t rush it. There’s no magic sentence or magic potion that will expedite the process. And, the difficult thing is that everyone is different. Some people have a tendency to forgive quickly, and some people will hold onto things for a lot longer.

Now, if you think your situation is particularly unique, don’t hesitate to drop me a comment right below the video and I’ll do my best to answer your question. You can also send me an email. You can find my email on my website.

Regardless of what you think about your situation, what your odds are, just remember a few key pointers.

1. Apologize sincerely.

You need to apologize and put your heart and soul into it— really mean it.

I know this seems like an obvious one, but hear me out.

You need to sit down and look into your partner’s eyes and tell them how sorry you are. Make sure they know how badly you feel. Make sure the apology feels real, feels genuine, not rushed or fabricated.

You don’t want to make it seem like you are only saying it so that you can get your ex back. It needs to be real. So, show your regret, and show that you’re very sorry. Your apology needs to come directly from your heart because you mean it.

2. Don’t apologize too much.

You need to apologize a few times to start, depending on what you’ve done wrong, but that’s where the bad words end.

Sometimes when somebody hurts you, the last thing you want to hear again is “I’m sorry,” over and over. Apologizing once or twice, but really meaning it, is a lot more powerful than a million “I’m sorry” text messages or whatever it is. Don’t overdo it.

3. Allow your ex to ask you questions.

Your ex probably wants to know the details of why you did what you did.

Allow him or her to ask you anything they want about what happened. Tell them succinctly and honestly, but always make sure that you have an undertone of regret. Helping your ex understand the situation might lessen the blow a little bit.

4. Take action.

Don’t just say things. Do things.

You know the old cliché, “Actions speak louder than words, and talk is cheap.” That is all true.

You need to rebuild the trust and love that your ex once had with you, and you can’t simply do that by just saying a few words to him or her. You have to take action.

If this means buying flowers or giving your man a massage, then do it.

If it means being supportive emotionally through this difficult time, do it.

5. Give your ex some space if they need it.

Sometimes your ex will tell you just, “Get out,” and at that point, don’t linger. Just get out of there.

You have said everything you needed to say, and now your ex needs some time alone to process the information. That’s a good thing. You don’t want to be around your ex when he or she is angry with you. It’ll only make things worse.

Sometimes giving each other space is the best way to get your ex to forgive you.

6. Promise you won’t ever do it again.

You need to promise that this won’t happen to your ex ever again. I know it’s not really shocking advice, but it has to be said. But, here’s the kicker. You need to keep that promise.

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Thanks for taking the time to read, and best of luck.

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3 thoughts on “How To Get Your Ex To Forgive You (Even If You Messed Up BIG TIME)”

  1. My girlfriend or ex now, she had another guy come and stay with us because he was having a hard time with life at the moment. But I am a jelly person so after a few days of her hanging around him all the time I’m starting to get a little mad. But the thing is that I came back home one night and she and the guy were in the bathroom together, so I freak out. She tried to explain that he was just sick and she was helping him. At the end though she thought everything was just in my head and we broke up. I love this girl to death but I need some help man.

  2. I aborted his child and he pretend that everything is okay when he found he started cheating on me with other girls and he has finally broken up with me and few days later I discover that am pregnant for him but he refused to be take me back and never want to take the responsibility as the father because of his new one of his new girl he cheated on me with. What should I do to get him back?

  3. I got home from work and my girlfriend Judy Betty texted me hi and from there she started to yell at me and cussing me out for no reason and she’s telling me to go die idk what do if I should let her cool down or colm down and I sead sorry.

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