How To Attract a Taurus Man (8 Things He Can’t Resist)

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Attracting a Taurus man is not always easy in the first place.

Then, it’s often even more difficult to keep him close and interested in you.

In order to easily to attract a Taurus man, it’s important to know his characteristics, strengths, weaknesses and quirks.

Some traits of a Taurus man include loyalty, stubbornness, slowness, and sensuality.

Taurus men are usually attracted to independent, confident women; therefore, if you’re interested in attracting him, it helps for you to possess these traits.

Additionally, if you’re patient, feminine and practical, a Taurus man may be a perfect match for you.

Here are 8 ways to attract a taurus man.

1. Show your femininity.

It’s important to be strong and confident in order to attract his respect, but according to the Taurus horoscope, the Taurus man also needs a woman with a strong feminine side.

He loves beauty and expects his woman to be beautiful and look good for him. Whenever you’re getting dressed, aim for classy and elegant.

Having a refined taste in good clothes, food, music, and wine is an added advantage in attracting a Taurus man.

2. Be independent.

As a lady that is keen on dating this guy, you need to work your way to your financial independence if you’re not there yet. A Taurus man will be more attracted to your move towards financial growth.

Materialistically, a Taurus man is very interested in making good money and achieving success, that is why he is attracted to a financially independent lady to assist him in achieving his financial goals.

He will be attracted to a lady that he can comfortably have conversations about financial issues and investments. It will be easy for him to be attracted to you if you can offer him financial and investment ideas.

3. Be patient.

As for his negative traits, the Taurus man is often stubborn and insensitive. He may be careless about what he says. He does not like change, and this can sometimes be boring.

Due to his laid-back nature, he prefers the indoors environment. If you’re an indoors person, he can be a good fit for you. Identify interesting indoor activities that you both can engage in and have fun, like watching a good movie together, playing indoor games, listening to good music and the like.

Due to his stubbornness nature and hate for change, you may not wish to engage in any arguments with him since it will be very difficult for you to convince him to change his beliefs and stand on certain issues. It will be wise of you to be patient when dealing with him if you don’t want his negative traits to frustrate you.

4. Be honest and loyal.

When starting a relationship with a Taurus man it’s important for you to be honest about your life.

Honesty is essential for this guy. He does not easily trust, and you do not want to put him off by any slight lie.

Do not hide anything in order to win his attraction because you cannot hide forever. Since Taurus men are so slow to trust, if he catches you in a lie, he will not be happy and will possibly leave you for the breech of trust.

5. Respect him.

A Taurus man is naturally attracted to a relationship that exhibits mutual respect for both partners.

Taurus men are natural leaders, and they like to take charge. Respect him as a builder, and he will also accord you the respect that you deserve.

Offering him guidance and support will be a great way to approach him when you’re dealing with him. You want him to feel that you appreciate him for his leadership.

6. Listen to him.

If you’re in a relationship with a Taurus man and trying to figure out where the relationship is headed, be cautious on how you approach the issue.

The Taurus man is very stubborn and strongly planted in his beliefs. He does not like being pushed around. Pursue him in a very polite way.

The Taurus man may be masculine and strong, but he is the silent guy who likes women who are more reserved and quiet. If you’re interested in him, it will be good that you keep your feelings to yourself at the beginning of the relationship.

Seduce him smartly so that he doesn’t exactly know you’re interested in him. 

Learn the art of listening and invest time and effort in making him trust you. Show him that you’re trustworthy by confessing things about yourself. Once he has gained confidence with you, it will be easy for him to open up.

7. Be neat.

A Taurus man is organized, neat and grounded. If you’re naturally neat, it will be that much easier to attract him.

If he gets a chance to visit your home, he will notice how you have organized your things. Taurus will notice a neat and organized house and it will make him think well of you.

8. Be careful how you handle him.

A man that falls under the Taurus horoscope is jealous and possessive; therefore, the idea of flirting with someone else should not cross your mind when you’re with him.

Taurus men take things slow and are often interested in commitment and serious relationships.

If you’re simply looking for a carefree fling, you may want to look to one of the more playful zodiac signs like Sagittarius, Pisces, Aquarius and Gemini who are more likely to be up for a casual, good time.

Taurus men are more comfortable taking their time getting to know you and building something together.

He will be very observant about your behavior when you’re around other people to see how you interact with them.

If you’re looking for a real and long-term relationship, this is the right guy for you.

Remember to be sweet and feminine and keep him engaged through interesting conversations. He does not usually enjoy authoritative, overbearing women; therefore, do not come out as aggressive when around him since this is a major turn off.

Additionally, Taurus men like women of substance. He is most likely to be interested in women with natural style who don’t wear much makeup. Serious Taurus usually enjoys engaging in constructive conversations and generally avoids gossip.

Attracting a Taurus man is a long term project since he moves slowly and takes a while to get comfortable and really trust people.

And… it is usually tough to read a Taurus man.

If you want to capture his heart, there is a little secret that will make you irresistible to the Taurus man.

Taurus is hardwired to long for certain things within you.

Learn simple ways you can capture a Taurus man’s heart and make him forever yours, creating a passionate relationship that burns with intense fire for eternity.

Discover how to put him under your spell now…

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