8 Signs He’s Flirting With You And NOT Just Being Nice

Today we’re going to talk about the weird place when you don’t know if a guy is flirting or if he’s just being nice.

You don’t know really what this guy is about.

Is he just being polite?

What’s going on with him?

Today, I’m going to give you signs he’s flirting with you that you can look for.

Sometimes, guys can be hard to read, right?

How do you know if he’s really into you or not?

It can really be a confusing thing. You don’t want to put yourself out there if the guy is just trying to be polite to you.

1. Flirty touch.

The first sign he’s flirting with you look for is to look for the flirty touch.

Guys can’t help it. We have to reach out and touch a woman when we are feeling that attraction for her.

When he sees a woman he really likes, he’s just not going to be able to resist it. It’s one of the things that we are compulsively. It’s one of the things that’s just in the back of our head we got to do.

I think it comes from a lot of guys, unfortunately, being starved of physical affection. Guys don’t get the same kind of huggy, kissy, feely, touchy attention that a lot of women do.

2. His smile lingers.

He’s going to smile at you to be polite but will that smile stay on his face if he’s digging you?

Probably not as much.

So if he’s smiling at you and he keeps smiling—looking for more reasons to smile at you, that’s a very good sign he’s flirting with you.

When he’s really into it and he likes being with you, he’s going to make it more of a point to laugh with you and to share his smile with you.

3. He’s excited about finding things you have in common.

The third sign he’s flirting with you is he’s excited to find things you guys have in common.

This is a really big one.

He’s going to go out of his way to either point out those things that you guys share— whether it’s interests, music, movies or whatever else it is.

If a guy really likes you, he’s going to be on a manhunt to find things that you guys have in common because it’s an easy way for him to bridge the connection with you.

4. He makes sexual jokes and references.

This one kind of comes as a given. Guys tend to joke about sex a little too much.

You—as a woman— have to read between the lines to understand this. He’s not just trying to be a loser or a douche bag, any of that stuff.

He’s really trying to find out if the sex card is on the table. He wants to find out how you feel about the idea of sex.

Then you can bet he’s probably flirting with you if he’s trying to figure this out. He’s just trying to get a feel— not find out if you’re going to have sex with him that minute or even that night– but if it’s a possibility.

For him, that’s the way he figures out whether or not you are physically attracted to him.

A lot of women shut guys down on this one and you have got to be careful.

Instead of shutting him down, just laugh it off and kind of move the subject along to a different topic.

And… yes, he’s going to come back around to it and you’ll even want to roll your eyes, but let it go.

Most guys do this and some guys are just clueless. A lot of guys with really good hearts, in fact, do this and they just don’t realize how annoying it can be to you.

5. He playfully teases you.

Teasing is a pretty sign he’s flirting with you. This is your textbook schoolyard behavior where you call Mary a name because she’s got red hair and it’s really because you like her and you don’t have any other way of opening a conversation with her.

Guess what?

Guys don’t outgrow this.

If a guy teases you about something, there’s a really good chance he’s flirting and into you in some way because he’s looking for a way to spark the connection and interaction by bringing it up to a new energy level.

That’s really what he’s doing with the teasing. He’s not trying to just bust your balls and give you a hard time.

He wants to amp up the excitement and interest in the conversation.

But, of course he’s going to basically cover up his interest in you by acting like you’re just an annoying bratty little sister of his.

That’s OK. You know better now.

6. You catch him staring at you.

The next sign he’s flirting is you catch him staring at you. If this sign he’s flirting isn’t obvious, I don’t know what is.

How do you know if he just happens to catch your glance or happens to lock your stare?

If you catch him looking at you from across the room or even while you’re sitting right next to him, he’s probably smitten.

He’s probably looking at you or trying to sneak glances at you to take you in.

Guys take women in visually.

You’ve heard so many times that men are visual. It’s nothing as simple as just looking at your boobs and butt. He’s going to take in your face and your appearance as a whole.

It’s a thirst that men get once we find a woman that we’re attracted to.

7. He has told his friends about you.

If a man brings up a woman in a conversation for any reason, it’s probably because he’s basically thinking of asking them out.

He wouldn’t hold on to your memory if he wasn’t interested in some way. If you walk up to him and his friends together and his friends say:

“Oh, I’ve heard about you.”

“He’s talked about you.”

“He said something about you”

“He mentioned you.”

Anything like that that means he likes you.

And, a bonus sign he’s flirting with you:

8. He tries to get your phone number somehow.

The next sign he’s flirting with you is if he asks or somehow tries to get your phone number from you.

Getting your phone number is a killer indicator he’s interested in you because he’s never going to do this if he’s not interested in you romantically in some way.

Men just don’t do it.

We’re probably not going to be getting your phone number just to hang out.

We will on occasion, but more often than not, whatever his excuse is, he’s trying to basically sneak past your radar and get in contact with you again.

That’s what he’s trying to do by getting your number… Find a way to re-establish contact with you.

The key here is to be very cool about him.

Don’t shoot him down too hard if you figure out he’s flirting with you and you’re not interested.

If you are interested in him, then obviously, take the ball and run with it.

If you’re still struggling to figure out if he likes you or not, well then you got to know what guys giving off as signals.

Guys give very clear signs about their interest in you, you just have to know how to read it.

…Of course, you have to be paying attention.

Let me show you how to read his signals.

I’ll share the exact ways you can pick up the little signals that guys give off which tell you whether he’s really into you or just wasting your time.

See what I mean here.

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