7 Subtle, Classy Dirty Text Messages You MUST Send Him Tonight

Hey, this is Carlos Cavallo. Today, I’m going to talk about seven dirty text messages that you must send him tonight. You see, sexting guys isn’t difficult if you know what we respond to. The problem is, it’s when women assume that guys only want to hear you talk dirty to us or text dirty to us, it’s not as simple as just throwing in a few naughty words and hoping that’s going to turn them on.

First of all, what should a good text do? First and foremost, a good flirty text message should keep his attention. Contrary to popular belief, most guys will not drop you like first-period French for the next hussy that comes along.

However, you do want to keep his attention on you for as long as possible. This will give him a chance to crystallize you into his mind. The more he thinks about you, the more deeply set in this thinking you are. And that means you’re the first woman that will make him think of doing the naughty.

Another thing a good text should do is it should keep them thinking about you. Even after he’s done reading it, your flirty text should stick in his mind along with his thoughts of you. You want him fascinated and obsessed for as long as possible when you’re not around.

A good flirty text should also make him text you back. It’s an important thing to get a reply text from him, even if it’s pretty instinctive that you want one. It shows that you’ve managed to bend him to your will, at least a little bit. And you’ve stirred up his curiosity because if he isn’t replying to you, what’s he up to?

A good dirty text should make him a little turned on, let’s face it, a man’s sex drive is the expressway to his heart.

Knowing what to text and how to text him into a little arousal is a good way to light the fires of passion in him. Dirty text messages are the perfect way to do this.

So, how do you send a naughty text to a guy?

You don’t want to seem slutty or desperate but you have to make a mark on him before some other woman comes along who knows how to spark his desire.

I’m going to share seven dirty text messages with you. These aren’t the ones that you’re going to read about many of the fluffy fashion magazines, either.

I want to give you flirty messages that will really have an impact on him and an emotional impact. I want to caution you to not use the text messages that you typically see in articles on other sites, especially the big name sites which I’m not going to name here.

Many of them are created by writers who have no experience in coaching women to success in relationships like I do. They just write these things and make them up.

Before I share good ideas for dirty text messages, I have 4 important tips about sexting to share.

Dirty Text Tip #1— Don’t go overboard.

You don’t want to send him too many naughty texts at once. You’re going to lose your impact on him and risk boring him.

What usually happens is that a woman will send something a little bit dirty in text and she gets a response from him. She assumes then that she’s got him hooked so she keeps going with the same texting thread, only to eventually bore the hell out of him. You have to make any dirty text feel like it’s going somewhere with him. It’s really critical to make it feel like it’s actually going somewhere and it’s not just a tease.

This is the critical difference in the text messages that work versus the ones that fail with guys. If you send a dirty text to a guy and then keep that pattern without it leading to the hope of meeting up with you, it’s going to feel like he’s being teased and you don’t want him to think of you as a tease, right? I’ll give you a great way to do this in just a minute.

Dirty Text Tip #2— Don’t get TOO dirty.

Some women think that because men have such sexually driven minds that we must like really raunchy dirty talk.

Well, there’s really only one place where we enjoy that and that’s in the bedroom. It’s also not nearly as dirty as you might think.

Sexting is different, so you want to use the right words to get him excited. Men respond to certain words more intensely than others and these words are not the ones that women typically use. It’s not in your vocabulary which is why so many women scare men off with their text messages instead of drawing them in closer.

Dirty Text Tip #3— Stoke his curiosity but don’t give everything away.

Human beings love to be teased but it’s no fun if don’t leave anything to his imagination.

One of the mistakes I’ve seen is when the dirty text message conversation gets carried away and it crosses over into x-rated talk like I was talking about before. Guys might seem like we want this but we don’t want this. As crude as we might seem and some of the crude things we say, we like some things being held back to our imagination. And, we don’t necessarily want to hear you using filthy dirty talk to explain it to us. Yes, this even goes for naughty pictures which leads us to this last tip.

Dirty Text Tip #4— Do NOT send him nude selfies.

I know some guys really like the thought of getting a woman to send a nude selfie. It’s like an accomplishment of some kind. Some of them are pretty blunt about it and say, “Hey send me a picture of your boobs.” And, some are not so blunt, right? They say, “What are you wearing?” which is leading towards an eventual, “Send me a picture of you.”

Either way, the goal is the same— we want to see some skin.

It’s not that we’re foul, lusting creatures of perversion, you know? We just can’t help it, we are visual creatures and we’d like to get a gander at the goods. But you can’t let yourself get carried away.

The more approval he seems to give you, the more tempting it is for you to start sending wild images to him. Don’t go there. Keep it to his imagination. Nothing naked should happen on your cell phone. It’s too risky and no matter what you might think from his cajoling and begging, he’ll be much happier if the payoff is left to his imagination for now. And yes, even if he sends you dick pics, don’t go there.

So now, let’s jump into the seven dirty text messages you can use to sext him. Not so dirty that they are X rated but they work to flirt with him just the same.

1. The Fascinator.

Remember how I told you that you need to text him into curiosity, one of the best strategies to get a man thinking about you all day long is to send something like this first thing in the morning:

“I had the weirdest dream about you last night.”

Now, of course, he’s going to want to know what was about and if it was sexual. Whenever it is he texts you back, you simply say, “I’ll give you the details when we get back together again.” Boom! Right there, done! Fascination has been installed and he will now be thinking of you all week long. You see, you only need to plant the suggestion now and again to let him start fantasizing about you.

2. The Teaser.

Sexy text number two is what I call the teaser.

Now, every so often, a well-placed tease text is fine to start some naughty talk. The key here is to give them something fun and funny without being too mean about the “Ha-ha! Just kidding” part because it feels like you pulled the rug out from under him when you do that.

Here’s an example:

“My hands are down there right now.”

Now, of course, he’s going to assume you’re doing something dirty.

He’s going to send something back to this like, “Oh, really? Tell me more.” Then you nicely bust his bubble with this reply, “In the bottom of my closet, rearranging all my shoes. This is work!”

Now, you got to remember not to carry too far before you let him in on the joke. You might even send them a consolation prize text.

3. The Consolation Prize.

Naughty text number three is the consolation prize. If you do tease him a little bit or if you just want to end the conversation with a very sexy message, you simply send them this one thing:

“Mmm. Don’t worry, you’ll get yours…”

Now, you haven’t said what yours is, you’ve left it completely to his imagination and that’s fine. You’ve just reassured him that he’s not going to be left hanging out there forever and that’s all he really needs. He won’t be eternally teased and that’s actually really important. Of course, this will leave him deliciously tempted and wondering what his will be and of course, when he gets it.

4. The Dirty Neighbors.

Sometimes the best way to bridge into a naughty text conversation is to use fictional neighbors. Try this one:

“Hey, my neighbors are at it again, must be newlyweds.”

Again, bringing up sex indirectly is the best way to do it in text since you don’t want to carry it too far.

5. “Too Bad.”

Now, this dirty text message is really awesome, this one is by far one of the best sexts I’ve got for you.

You can use this one opening with a bunch of different add-ons.

You start out your message by saying too bad.

Let me give you an example here:

“Too bad you’re not here right now.”

Now, the way this works is that it makes a guy feel challenged on a certain level. It’s something we could actually change. We could actually take that as a challenge and do something about it and we’ll start throwing out ways of overcoming the obstacle of “too bad.”

He might respond with, “Well, I could be over there in about 20 minutes.” It does work, trust me. “I’ll be right over just like the roadrunner” or you could come over for a late night tuck in, you’re going to get a response from him on this.

The cool part is that this opening on your text gives a lot of room to challenge him. It’s a bit like the princess laying up a quest for the knight overcome and it works like crazy.

6. The Hot Shower.

This one is steamy (pun intended). You send him this:

“Wow! Just took a shower. That was so hot I couldn’t stop myself.”

Again, you’re teasing what might have happened in that shower and he’ll take that ball and run with it.

He’ll be guessing what it was that you couldn’t stop yourself from doing. Just play up the details of your self-cleansing session like, where you put the soap, how you had to lather it up. I’m getting kind of excited talking about this, let’s move on.

7. The Girl Kiss.

I’m finishing up on a really high note here because this dirty text message is really good. I call it the girl kiss.

Now, this one is super naughty, so use it with care because it will drive him nuts. This is what it is:

“Hey, would you be mad if I kissed a girl?”

Now, whether or not you have kissed a girl, it doesn’t matter. It also doesn’t matter if you’re not the type of girl to say this sort of thing. Guys go crazy with desire when they think there’s a chance of girl-on-girl action.

Even if it’s just hinted at and we know it’s not going to happen, it’s still pretty cool to us. And it can just be in our imagination and sometimes, that’s all we really want. But it’s enough to get guys hot and bothered for days. And you can always follow up later with:

“Not that I have, I was just wondering if you’d be jealous of losing me.”

There’s a little bit of a backpedal built into that one. This one is a real fire starter, so use it with caution.

So, there you go, seven dirty but not so raunchy text messages you can use on a man. These work so well because they use the most powerful sexual stimulant there is, imagination.

Guys don’t need the vivid details, heavy swearing, or even x-rated stuff to get us excited. Just let us know that you’re thinking about sex and you’re willing to play with it. And that’s enough to get almost any man turned on and fantasizing about you.

And, of course, this is just the tip of the tantalizing iceberg of desire that you can create in his heart and his mind.

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