5 Things You Should NEVER Discuss On A First Date (He Will RUN)

Hi, my name’s Amy North. I’m a dating coach and author of the bestselling program, “The Devotion System.” I’ve helped thousands of women attract and keep the men of their dreams.

Today, I’m going to talk about five topics that you should avoid like the plague on a first date with a guy.

Okay, so let’s begin.

1. Your ex.

This seems like a no-brainer, but some ladies I’ve coached are still so enamored by their ex that they can’t help but to bring it up to their new date.

I know it can be hard. You were probably with your ex for a long time, and it’s hard not to think about a person that has had such a powerful impact on your life. But, for the first date, talking about your ex (even a little bit) is totally off limits.

In fact, don’t talk about any of your past relationships unless your date specifically asks you about it.

2. Why You’re Single.

A lot of girls make excuses for themselves as to why they’re single.

You’ve probably heard them all before, “All guys are assholes,” “Most guys aren’t good enough for me,” “I’m still not over my ex,” “All the good ones are taken,” etc.

Saying these excuses will only make you look like less of a catch in your man’s eyes.

As far as you’re concerned, the only reason why you’re single is because you’re enjoying being single for now.

That’s it! Nothing more, nothing less.

In order to make yourself look like more of a catch, you need to show off your value to him. In order to do this, you need to use what I call my “spark technique”. Now, that’s a topic for another day, but if you do want to learn more about it, then just head over to my website, and watch the free video presentation.

3. Check your baggage.

The next topic you should try to avoid on a first date is your baggage.

Remember, the beginning is one of the most important parts of a relationship. You don’t want to send a guy running for the hills by exposing all of your baggage on the first date. It’s not that having baggage is a bad thing.

I firmly believe that everyone has their secrets. But, first dates are supposed to be fun. You want to make sure that the guy has enough fun to want a second date. Hearing you talk about negative baggage just isn’t going to make him want that second date.

4. Anything gross and disgusting.

The fourth topic you should avoid on a first date is anything gross. Let me elaborate. We all know that girl who just talks about how disgusting her period is all the time, all the weird things that’s going on with her body.

To us females, it’s normal and fine. Most of the time, we actually think it’s kind of funny. But when you’re trying to attract a man sexually, talking about gross stuff isn’t going to help you.

Keep these topics to yourself and your friends, for now.

5. His relationship with his family.

The fifth and final topic that you should avoid on a first date is his relationship to his family. Not everyone has a perfect family. If you accidentally bring up someone sensitive to him, the mood will turn sour and things might get awkward. Talk about family if he brings it up. If he doesn’t, then he’s probably doing it for a very good reason.

Of course, this isn’t a completely exhaustive list of all the things that you shouldn’t talk about on a first date, but it’s a good start.

To learn more about how to handle a first date and pique a guy’s interest then, again, head over to my website and watch that free video presentation.

You’ll discover exactly how to act on a date and make him desire you, and only you.

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