8 Ways To Get A Guy To Notice You And Make Him Yours

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Have you been wondering how to get a guy to notice you but feel like your efforts haven’t worked?

Does it feel like no matter what you do around him, he doesn’t even know you exist?

I’m here to help you stop overthinking it and get down to the basics. There are a number of ways to get him to notice you, just remember to have fun with it, don’t try too hard, and follow these easy steps.

1. Walk right in front of him.

Don’t play hard to get. If you aren’t noticeable, he can’t notice you. Get in front of him. This might sound obvious, but he’s never going to notice you if he can’t see you.

2. Smile at him.

Smile and make eye contact. When you smile at him, make sure he sees you do so. Men are much more likely to approach women that let them know they exist. He’s not going to ask you out if you look like a grumpster, and aren’t sending him signals that you are interested. This is a very easy first step to getting him to notice you, but easy to overlook when you’re nervous.

3. Make him feel special and appreciated.

Men don’t often get what they want from women in terms of feeling awesome. That’s why your appreciation and acknowledgment of something he does will make you stand out.

Do this by complimenting him or acknowledging something wonderful he has done in a way that nobody else already has. “Hey, I saw that pitch you made to the boss, way to go, wish I had thought of that. Great job.” Compliments are always a great way to get him to notice you. Just don’t fawn all over him and get weird.

4. Flirt. Especially if he starts first.

Men won’t ask women out unless they know they are interested. If you aren’t flirting with him, he doesn’t know you exist. Or he might, but he certainly doesn’t know you are interested. Yet.

5. Do something amazing.

We all notice people that do something amazing. Whether it’s the guy in your chemistry lab class or the hot dude in marketing, do something awesome that has people talking. Give a brilliant answer, do something for him that takes a load off of his work, have an awesome article published, or simply succeed in a way that has you standing out from the crowd.

6. Connect with him.

And, not by following him on social media, by finding something that the two of you have in common and make the actual connection with him. “Oh, you like the Rangers? My dad just got season tickets, we go all the time!” Look for common interests you share with him and subtly drop them into conversation.

7. Don’t be too cool, but don’t try too hard either.

It’s a fine line that we all need to practice. Playing TOO hard to get will work against you, but being too easy to get will send the wrong message.  You can master this art by combining all of the other techniques.

Part of being confident is allowing yourself to forget all about impressing him once you’re in the moment with him. Practice being light and easygoing in ALL your relationships so that when you’re trying to get a guy to notice you, it will be effortless.

8. Laugh and play.

Squirt him with a water gun. Or reasonable facsimile of a boy-related toy. Sound goofy and silly? Exactly right.  There’s a reason men prefer laser tag to long, intense emotional conversations.  If getting him to notice you is what you want, this will definitely get his attention.

Remember the kid in third grade who kept pulling your braids? The same concept will work for him twenty years later, just this time; you’re the one being the goof.

Don’t take yourself so seriously. Your playfulness will always be remembered, and hey, wouldn’t that make for a great “how did you two meet” story down the road? “She shot me!” Just remember, timing is everything here, don’t take this step when you are watching him defend his PHD dissertation.

The Bottom Line – How to Get a Guy to Notice You

The bottom line with getting a specific man to notice you is to be noticeable.

Sometimes women overthink this very easy step far too often, and wind up trying too hard or being too cool to be noticed. Guys aren’t going to notice you if you don’t show them you’re worth noticing.

Do something that stands out, smile and make eye contact, and don’t be afraid to be a little goofy once in a while.

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