What To Text Your Ex Girlfriend After No Contact (Get Her Attention)

Hi, there. It’s Brad Browning here, relationship coach and author of “The Ex Factor” guide. Today, I’ll be talking about what to text your ex-girlfriend after no contact if you want her to come back to you.

Now, before I jump into this, you need to know a few things before you first start texting her.

First, you need to understand that you can’t simply just start texting your ex-girlfriend directly after the breakup.

If you have read any of my other articles, you probably know that applying my “no-contact” rule for at least 30 days after your breakup is crucial.

If you don’t allow enough time to pass after the breakup before you start casually texting her, your ex-girlfriend is going to think that you’re desperate for her attention, and for women this is a huge turnoff. So, don’t do that.

Before texting or communicating at all with your girlfriend after no contact, you need to make sure you send her the right signals first.

Step #1 – Don’t text her something boring.

A lot of guys will start off by saying something hollow and unprovocative.

Simply saying, “Hey,” or “What’s up,” is not going to stir up your ex-girlfriend’s emotions.

Remember, women are extremely emotional. So, what you need to do is say something that will compel her attention and force her to want to write back to you.

Think of something that will capture her imagination and grip her emotions.

If you really want your ex back, you’re going to have to use some creativity. The video up on my website will teach you a little bit more about how to affect her emotionally to the point where she feels like she has to respond.

Step #2 – Make sure you text her for a good reason.

Texting her for no other reason than to say, “Hello” is just not a good enough reason to text her.

At this point, you shouldn’t convey to your ex-girlfriend that you want to talk to her at all.

So, when you do text her, make sure that you need something from her or you want to tell her something specific.

For example, this text usually generates a response after no contact:

“Hey, do you remember the name of that Italian restaurant we went to on your birthday last year?”

Remember that all you want to do here is just open the lines of communication with your ex-girlfriend. You’re not trying to get her back, attract her back into your life or seduce her. You just need information. You’re just asking about an Italian restaurant.

Once you get the conversation, all the juices flowing, then you can start planting the seeds of desire in her mind. Until then, keep things light and simple, and have a point to your texts.

Now, that text message I just talked about earlier is good for a number of reasons.

First, it doesn’t convey any neediness.

Secondly, it’s not boring, and it also brings back a positive memory that she had of you.

And, finally, it gets her thinking about you and possibly getting jealous.

She might be thinking, “Why is he asking this? Is he going to take another girl there to this restaurant or something?”

Step #3 – Make sure you don’t talk about any drama.

Texting your ex-girlfriend after no contact regarding your past relationship is a huge mistake.

Don’t do that.

You don’t want to make your ex-girlfriend think that you still care about her, at least not yet.

You’ll scare her away by doing that.

Don’t bring up any of the past.

Don’t bring up any negativity.

Don’t start any drama.

…And, definitely don’t ask her if she’s dating anyone new.

At this point, you need to act like you don’t even care about her or what’s going on in her life.

Step #4 – Be funny.

Remember, girls get bored easily, so if you’re not holding their attention, then they’re going to ignore you and move onto the next guy who will entertain them.

No matter what kind of relationship you had in the past, your ex-girlfriend is no exception to this rule.

One of the best ways to open up the lines of communication with her after no contact is to text her something funny and entertaining.

You can bring up a hilarious memory that you had shared together or make fun of a mutual friend you both know. If you don’t have any funny memories to text, just send her a link to a funny YouTube video.

Again, the only reason that you’re texting her at this point is just to open up the lines of communication.

Now, if you want to escalate your text messaging to the next level and possibly make her fall for you again, you need to watch the video on my website. Thanks for reading. Talk to you soon.

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2 thoughts on “What To Text Your Ex Girlfriend After No Contact (Get Her Attention)”

  1. Avatar

    Hi brad, we were in relationships for last 4 and a half year. She broke up with me 2-3 weeks ago. She said I was being selfish and then said I don’t want to be with you anymore. I begged tried convince to fix but her reply was negative. She used to stay next to me now they have shifted to other place(I m not the reason Behind it) I used to go at her place everyday but she never spoke. It’s been 3days she shifted to new place from then I am in NC. Will this help me out to get her back?

  2. Avatar

    Hi Brad,

    Dated this girl for abt 1yr&2mnths,she broke up with me on May 26th that is abt 1mnth&2wks,but before the break up we used to have this small stupid fights on&off,which sometimes would last for a few weeks with NC,but being a bigger person i would initiate contact by going to her place and insist on ironing things out, eventually we would get back together again. Everytime we had fights am the only one that would swallow my pride and bring us together and not her. So this time we had a fight abt her wanting me to stop what i doing online and go to sleep, you see she’s quite aware that i only respond to my mails either on fridays or saturdays since most of the other days of the week im pretty much occupied and tired after a long day, have explained this position to her several times and by the end of talking sense to her she always cools down with the understanding that it’s ok. So this time three days before the break up,she brought up the same issue of not wanting me to be online,i got irritated inwardly and decided to ignore her,so i went on ahead and finished with all i was doing and went to bed pretty late. the following day i tried engaging her but she remained non-responsive,so i thought it nice to give her space until she cools down,on the 2nd day i went to her place in the evening but she wasn’t home,rang her asking where she at and whether she is coming home soon,she responded that she’s just winding up her business and in afew she’ll be heading home, after 1hr i rang she told me that she’s in the bus of which was a big lie cz where she was at particular time the surrounding was very quiet,not even a slight sound of a moving vehicle let alone passengers talking to one another,so the 3rd time i rang after 30mns she told me the same story of being in the bus,i told her off to stop lying cz by this time i was really starting to get worked up bt i didn’t lose my cool. When she eventually got home i on top of the apartment my balls frozen like no monkeys business, from the top i could see her alighting from a motorbike,gave her afew minutes before i went downstairs to her apartment.
    She didn’t give any indication of apologies or even some sort of explanation,i didn’t bother asking either,by the time i had finished taking shower i found her sitted on the couch scrolling her phone and same time watching news, but since i was that furmished i went to the kitchen and fixed myself a sandwich and a glass of milk and went to bed.the following day was idd ul fitri i woke up early as usual and took off, after abt 10mns she rang me talking in high tone saying that she is tired of this game we playing,told her i didn’t know what she was talking about,she insisted on the game talk saying that she is tired and still very much young to be stressing herself over someone who is not adding value to her life.

    Its like she wanted me to tell her the same things she was yapping abt,bt rather kept my cool and told her obviously it appears to me that you have something more that you want to tell me,so please go on ahead,she then was like when you come back call me first before you come to my place cz i wont be around,then she asked what time il be coming back,told her im very sure bt it’ll be abit late,she told me in that case come tomorrow and take your stuff am tired of this relationship,told her it’s ok.

    Now it’s 1mnth 2wks since the break up bt i have not gone to her place to get my stuff, and she has not contacted me in any way to remind me to go for my stuff.

    The reason as to why i would sometimes spend along period of days or weeks at her place is because where she lives the apartments location is approximately where there is alot of availabilities eg, supermarkets, hospitals,24hr hotels&cafes,24hr bars&clubs,her apartment is always with running water in taps. Whereas my place is somehow in a remote suburb with bad roads,rationed water supply and it’s high risk area to be out late.bt the beauty of it all is that i own the 3bedroomed house while my ex still pays rent which i sometimes chip in.

    Wont mind hearing your thoughts on this subject.

    Thank you brad

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