5 Painful Reasons Why Women Break Up With Men

Today, we’re going to talk about five reasons why women dump men. Some of these reasons why women break up don’t just apply to women– men break up with women for some of the same reasons, but I wanted to address some specific reasons why women leave.

Let’s cut to the chase and get right into it.

1. Too few positive interactions.

The first reason why women dump men is a lack of positive interactions between the two of you. It’s a lack of connection, right?

The two of you are drifting along through life, not really connecting very well and maybe your connection is flat or maybe even kind of negative. Maybe you are arguing and fighting all the time. That lack of conneciton can lead to a breakup.

Think of it like you’re floating out here and your girlfriend is floating over here. You have to have interactions and connections that bring you back together. Otherwise, if too much time passes, you’ll end up drifting off in your own separate ways.

Eventually, if you get too far apart from one another, that’s when one person might start to wonder, “Hey, why am I in this relationship? Maybe I should just go date Ted from accounting.”

So, lack of positive connection is one reason why women break up with men. So, make sure that you’re having enough good positive interactions that are causing the two of you to come together to connect on an emotional level. That’s also one thing that you can do to prevent a breakup.

2. She realized you weren’t long-term relationship material.

The second thing that causes a lot of women to dump men is if she realizes that you’re not the kind of guy that she wants to be in a long-term relationship with.

When it comes to dating and relationships, I encourage people to stop and think about what kind of partner and relationship they want and to get really clear on that.

If you find yourself in a dating or relationship situation with somebody who isn’t what you want or can’t offer you what you want then it’s best for both of you to forgive and let them go.

Then there’s more space in your life to find somebody who does fit the person and kind of relationship you really want.

And so, if a woman— either because she’s listening to my advice or other advice out there, comes to the conclusion that you’re not the kind of guy that she wants to be with long term for any number of reasons, she might go ahead and break up with you.

And, there’s nothing wrong with that. Sometimes two people just aren’t destined to make each other happy and have a fulfilling relationship with each other. It’s not anyone’s fault, it’s just the way it is.

3. She’s going through major life-changes.

The third reason why women break up is that she might be going through a major shift in her life.

She might be making a transition from being in school to being out in the workforce or maybe there was a death or major life event that caused her to stop and re-evaluate a lot of things in her life.

Oftentimes, relationships and other things in our life can fall a victim to these kinds of big, life-changing moments, right?

Other things can fall victim to it too, like careers, living in a certain city, other relationships, friendships, family member relationships and stuff like that.

When somebody is going through a huge shift in their life— whatever that might look like— it can cause them to re-evaluate some things and decide they want to make big changes, for better or worse.

Either it’s something that they consciously want to change to make their life better or it can happen because they’re just confused and don’t know what else to do so they end up breaking up with you.

4. She’s too afraid of being vulnerable and opening up to you.

The fourth reason why women dump men is because the woman might actually be afraid of being vulnerable and really opening up fully.

You could be at a place in your relationship where things are going deeper and deeper and becoming more and more close and intimate.

If she’s a little bit emotionally unavailable (for any number of reasons), that could scare her from opening, fully committing and going all the way emotionally.

For better or worse, some people won’t choose to go deeper and deeper into the relationship when put in this situation. They’ll choose to opt out, step away, or do something that doesn’t involve them being vulnerable, open and intimate with another person.

They might choose to step away in order to keep themselves from being emotionally uncomfortable. It’s kind of sad, but that’s where a lot of people are.

If a woman happens to be a little bit afraid of opening up and being vulnerable in that way, she might want to step away from the relationship, walk away and basically dump her guy.

5. Your masculine-feminine polarity is off.

And reason number five that women dump men is that there is a lack of masculine, feminine polarity.

Each one of us has both masculine energy and feminine energy, right? It doesn’t matter if you were born a man or a woman, you have both energies. And each one of us has a different sort of balance of where those energies are.

Some of us are more masculine than feminine, some of us are more feminine than masculine and it has absolutely nothing to do with what sort of body you were born into.

It’s totally possible to be a dominantly feminine man and it’s totally possible to be a dominantly masculine woman. There’s nothing wrong with either one of those things, it’s an energetic balance.

But, if you want to have a good strong relationship dynamic, it’s important for there to be some polarity between a masculine energy and a feminine energy.

For example, if you are particularly a masculine guy and you are in a relationship with somebody who’s going to work out really well— it really helps if your partner is a very feminine woman because that creates a strong masculine-feminine polarity dynamic.

However, what’s happening in our society is that there are a lot of men who are becoming more feminine and a lot of women who are also becoming more masculine.

So, what happens is there’s an evening out or flipping of the roles and that can sometimes cause people to bump heads. This happens especially when it’s a masculine woman and a masculine man together or a feminine woman and a feminine man in a relationship.

If there’s no polarity and no opposites, then there’s not going to be the kind of tension between masculine and feminine energy that magnetically draws the two of you together.

Of course, you can’t control someone else’s energy, but you can always control your own energy.

If you’re a man, you probably want to focus more on becoming more of a masculine guy so that you can really draw out more of that feminine polarity that’s within your woman.

I hope I helped you understand some reasons why women break up with men.

Women, what do you think, am I right? Am I wrong? Did I miss something? Please go ahead and leave a comment down below and let me know what you think.

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