106 Things To Do Instead of Contacting Your Ex


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In the beginning of no contact, it can be really tough to avoid the urge to contact your ex.

If you’re trying to get over a breakup (or get your ex back with the no contact rule), here is a long list of things to do instead of contacting your ex to get your mind off them while the desire to contact your ex passes naturally:

1. Take a long hot bath.

2. Call a friend.

3. Go for a walk.

4. Meditate.

5. Listen to a self hypnosis session.

6. Give yourself a mani/pedi.

7. Funny movie marathon at home.

8. Nap.

9. Paint, draw or color.

10. Volunteer.

11. Go out to see a movie.

12. Visit a farmer’s market.

13. Organize your living space.

14. Create a budget.

15. Go window shopping.

16. Take up knitting.

17. Read a book.

18. Spring cleaning.

19. Go out dancing.

20. Call your friends and make them come over for more dancing.

21. Go to the gym.

22. Write in your journal.

23. Anything that expends energy, like jumping jacks or running in place.

24. Pray.

25. Yell into a pillow.

26. Look up community events and go to one.

27. Join toastmasters.

28. Read a magazine.

29. Join a support forum.

30. Start blogging.

31. Read about other people’s breakups.

32. Sing

33. Do your hair or get it done. Practice styling it differently.

34. Catch up on your thank you notes, write letters to people you haven’t spoken to in a long time.

35. Meticulously clear out your email inbox until there are zero unread messages.

36. Go out and take interesting photos in your local area.

37. Mark things off your long-suffering to-do list.

38. Video games.

39. Update your Facebook profile (hopefully by deleting your ex! :).

40. Download new music. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out my lists of Breakup Songs.

41. Pick flowers.

43. Cook an elaborate meal for yourself and/or have friends over to cook for them.

44. Go bowling.

45. Go play miniature golf.

46. Write your ex a letter and tear it up.

47. Go through old photos, make albums and scan any that aren’t digital.

48. Cuddle with your cat or dog.

49. Do gardening.

50. Give yourself a foot massage.

51. Do karaoke.

52. Water your plants. If you don’t have any plants,

53. Get some plants

54. Declutter. Go through your closet and donate or get rid of all clothes that are out of style, don’t fit or you never liked.

55. Zone out in front of the TV.

56. Dust off your old musical instruments or take up a new one. Learn to play music.

57. Brush and floss.

58. Give yourself a facial.

59. Learn French (or any new language).

60. Make a rubber band ball.

61. Write a letter to your future self at futureme.org (I do this once or twice a year and it’s a really nice thing to receive in the future).

62. Create some notes with positive affirmations and post them around the house.

63. Create a list of your best qualities. Post it where you can see it.

64. Light candles and/or incense.

65. Practice being a tourist in your city.

66. Call a friend or family member who is going through something and provide support. Don’t ramble on and on about your breakup!

67. Buy a coloring book and crayons. Color.

68. Build a terrarium.

69. Gather up all of your loose change in a jar and create a fund to motivate yourself to avoid calling. When you go a certain period of time that you haven’t contacted your ex (say each day or week), add money to the jar. Use the cash to spoil yourself once you’re over it.

70. Play solitaire with actual playing cards.

71. Make an extensive to-do list.

72. Get your car detailed, oil changed and fix all those little nagging problems.

73. Plan a party.

74. Plan a vacation.

75. Take up boxing.

76. Try jewelry-making.

79. Smell aromatherapy oils. Smell has the unique ability to change your emotional state.

80. Paint the house.

81. Remodel.

82. Make stuffed animals or pillows out of old clothing.

83. Make a quilt out of your old sheets or clothing.

84. Teach yourself to juggle.

85. Go to the zoo.

86. Go to a museum.

87. Make a quilt out of your old sheets or clothing.

88. Bite the bullet and do any chores you have been putting off.

89. Rearrange your furniture.

90. Have a garage sale.

91. Donate old items.

92. Enter sweepstakes.

93. Get a second job.

94. Make money online.

95. Write a novel, poetry or short story.

96. Take a class.

97. Teach yourself everything about how to use a computer program.

98. Nip procrastination in the bud by getting work done in advance.

99. Pick up extra hours at work.

100. Get a massage.

101. Drink a glass of water.

102. Make a list of short, medium and long term goals.

103. Get a jump on your taxes.

104. Research and make some investments.

105. Make a scrapbook.

106. Get a pet.

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