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9 Important Lessons On Rekindling The Sexy Spark In Your Marriage

9 Important Ways to Rekindle The Sexy Spark In Your Marriage

They say sex is like riding a bicycle: once you know how to do it, you never forget. While I …

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4 Reasons To Get Yourself Some Gorgeous Lingerie

4 Reasons It’s WAY Past Time To Get Yourself Some Gorgeous Lingerie

Here’s what I want you to do: In the next two weeks, commit to purchasing a piece of lingerie that makes you feel sexy. That’s …

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Why Your Sex Life Sucks: How To Fix Boring Sex Marriage

Tired of having really boring sex in marriage? Find out why sex gets boring in your marriage and learn what you can do to spice things up in the bedroom.

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Is A Threesome A Terrible Idea?

Threesomes are one of those titillating topics that get people talking yet many don’t know the best way to add them into their sex life. …

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Why Erectile Dysfunction Doesn't Mean Your Sex Life Is Doomed

Why “ED” Doesn’t Mean Your Sex Life Is Doomed

We’ve all giggled at the goofy commercials but ED is a problem that affects nearly every relationship at one time or another. Felicity Keith offers …

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signs a man is into you, signs he's into you, signs a guy is into you

How To Tell Someone You Miss Them Without Sounding Needy

Telling someone you miss them is INCREDIBLY vulnerable and can be a dangerous thing if you’ve been out of contact. Find out how to tell someone you miss them without sounding needy.

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How to Be Vulnerable In A Relationship WITHOUT Being Needy

Being genuinely vulnerable in a relationship helps create emotional connection. Being needy and clingy does not. So what’s the difference? Find out the difference between negative and positive vulnerability in relationships.

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How To Know If Your Marriage Will Survive

Wondering if your marriage will make it? Find out the number ONE predictor of divorce and whether or not your marriage will survive the odds.

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How Do You Know When To Give Up On Your Marriage?

Wondering if you should give up on your marriage and get a divorce? Find out what an expert on saving marriages says about when to give up on your marriage.

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How Do You Know If You Married The Right Person?

Wondering if you married the right person? Find out how to know whether you married the right person and what to do if you’re worried you made a mistake.

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