2 Key Reasons Why You Should Keep the Lights On During Sex

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If you are the type to turn off the lights before getting busy with your man, read up!

With all of the messages we receive daily about our appearance, it’s no wonder that so many of us are critical of ourselves. And when you feel insecure about something, your natural inclination is to hide it. Not put it all out there on display!

But that’s exactly what I’m encouraging you to do.

I want you to “do it” in broad daylight…

With the lights on…

Letting him devour your body with his eyes…

Why you might ask?

It’s because men are highly VISUAL creatures. Adding in the ability for him to see how much pleasure he’s giving you sends his brain into sexual overdrive.

Here’s just a few reasons why:

1. Giving him permission to adore and pleasure your body feeds his ego.

Did you know the number one thing that turns a man on is your enthusiasm for sex and how much you enjoy his prowess?

Yep, number one. Not how flat your tummy is or the lack of cellulite on your booty.

He wants to feel like he is taking you to the heights of bliss. And if you are too caught up in keeping covered, you can’t possibly surrender to the pleasurable sensations happening.

If you refuse certain positions out of insecurity, that definitely affects how he interprets your enthusiasm for sex with him.

2. Letting him watch himself have sex with you is literally intoxicating.

Two of his senses (three if you are talking dirty and moaning) are involved.

Not only does he get to physically feel how amazing the sex is, he gets to watch how amazing it is, too. It’s a double-shot of hot for him. And his brain goes on overdrive releasing all of the amazing feel-good pleasure chemicals that frankly feel insanely incredible.

 Plus, with the lights on, it’s like his own personal naughty movie.

Especially in positions like doggie style where he has a front row view of all the action. Or if you strategically place a mirror where he can take in the show. Yowza!

Okay, I get that the idea of putting it all on display sounds scary to some of you reading this.

But here is what I want you to remember:

He’s not judging you NEARLY as much as you are.

He’s way more focused on enjoying the hot view of sex with you than on counting how many stretch marks you have. Because, hello! Naked woman having sex with him!

Also, if he tells you that you are beautiful…BELIEVE HIM. Don’t list out your flaws or put yourself down. Let him know that his appreciation is well-received.

You ever feel that ANXIETY?

You know what I’m talking about… that FEAR in your gut that things aren’t the same between you? You know, when things have gotten stale?

I used to worry too. . .

But then I learned this Naughty Erotic Secret…

See, I’m just a regular woman.

I’m in my 40s…

I’m a little overweight…

But I figured out how you can use WORDS to keep a guy 100% sexually focused on YOU (and ONLY you) no matter how far away you are…

What I’m talking about is like having a magic thread connecting you and your man…

An unbreakable thread…

A thread so strong that even if some floozy in a tight skirt is flirting with him at a business conference all he can think about…

Is you…

You REALLY need to hear about this…

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1 thought on “2 Key Reasons Why You Should Keep the Lights On During Sex”

  1. Avatar

    As a man, I must say this is right on the money. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Felicity, you have it figured out. There’s nothing sexier than a women who feels sexy. Even if she doesn’t fit into the box of what society would consider sexy.

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