“What Should I Do When My Sex Partner Continues After I Say No”


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Today I answer a woman whose casual sexual relationship has turned abusive.

Dear Elizabeth,

I’m in a friends with benefits relationship with this guy and he loves anal sex but I don’t. I’m a small girl and he is a big guy with a thick penis. It’s good to have sex with him but not the anal. We have tried olive oil etc to make to make it better but still I don’t like it. I have told him that I don’t want it and we start with kissing and vaginal sex but eventually he turns me around and ends up doing anal while I keep saying no. This has happened a couple of times, what should I do? How should I convince him not to do anal?

I don’t know whether ending the relationship right away would be a good idea because I don’t have anyone else to satisfy my needs and all I want is him to stop anal and have vaginal sex.

What should I do?

-Back Door Is Closed

This is rape.

I have a strong policy with letting my boundaries be violated. If I put a boundary in place and someone violates it, we are not going there again.

You have to cut this off immediately.

You have already said “no” and been ignored.

Please understand that this behavior is not okay.

Putting yourself in any ROOM with someone who ignores it when you say NO is a terrible idea.

Even if you don’t have an established relationship, a loving sex partner will not continue to have sex of any kind with you while you say no.

Having someone to satisfy SOME of sexual your needs doesn’t hold a candle to your personal safety. What he is doing is classified as sexual assault. If you let it continue, you risk letting it escalate until he’s having sex with you when you don’t even want to.

Continuing to have sex after either of you says no = Sexual assault.

You have to value yourself over potential sexual satisfaction and not allow this to continue.

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Elizabeth Stone

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