5 Emotions That Naturally Make A Man Commit To You

Today we are going to talk about five emotions that make a man commit.

Women often wonder what is it that really makes a guy want to commit to a woman. You have to understand his emotional world.

Yes, men actually do have emotions.

And their emotions will be the main factor in whether or they commit or won’t commit to a woman. So these are going to be the five emotions that basically drive a man to commit or not commit.

1. Compassion.

The first emotion that makes a man want to commit is compassion.

If you have compassion for him, he’s probably going to want to commit to you. By compassion, I mean that you can put yourself in his position, imagine what his life might be like and love him from that place— not just because you think, “Oh wow! He is dreamy.”

Instead you think (and say), “Wow! That must be really hard for you to get up and do whatever it is that you do every day. I really respect how you are so dedicated to your mission and your career (or whatever).”

That’s what I mean by compassion. So if you can feel compassion for him, that’s going to let him know that you support him in what he is doing, you’ve got his back and you’re on the same team as him. And that is a big thing when it comes to men wanting to commit to a woman.

2. Trust.

The second emotion a man has when he wants to commit to a woman is trust.

A man has to actually trust you and that you’re not going to bring drama to your relationship with him.

He is not going to commit to you if he thinks it’s going to be hard work, drama and struggle. It’s not going to happen. Basically, he has to trust that what he sees is what he’s going to get with you.

If you’re putting on this front of being drama-free and peaceful, you better be able to back that up. Otherwise he’s not going to trust you and he’s not going to want to commit to you.

Sure, he might even already be your boyfriend but the first time you have a big dramatic fight, he’s probably going to want to pull back and maybe even step out of the relationship. So just know that he needs to be able to trust you that what he sees is what he’s going to get.

Be willing to demonstrate accurately what your personality and a relationship with you is going to be like. Don’t pretend to be nice and polite and then, once you’re in a relationship, turn on the flame thrower and show him the real pyro inside you.

3. Security.

Building off of trust is our third emotion, which is security. He needs to feel emotionally secure with you. He needs to feel that he can trust you with not just what he sees or what he’s going to get but also with the things that he shares with you. If you’re in a relationship, you’re probably going to have a lot of open and honest conversations with one another.

Hopefully, you’re going to have a lot of connection and you’re going to share a lot of things with one another.

If he doesn’t feel secure that you’re going to protect the things he shares you and honor your word while staying loyal to him, then security is going to be a problem for him. Security is something that men really want if they are going to commit to you.

4. Gratitude and appreciation.

The fourth emotion that men need to feel in order to commit to a woman is your gratitude and appreciation. He needs to feel that you have gratitude for him and that you appreciate him.

A lot of people have said that men thrive off of appreciation. It’s true. We do. So this shouldn’t come as a major shock to you.

Men want to know that the effort, work, and toil that they put in is appreciated by the woman in their life. They want to know that you appreciate that he goes out to work and brings home money or you appreciate when he does chores around the house. They want to know that you appreciate that he helped you out that one time. It may seem small and you may think that it’s implied.

But if you can vocalize your appreciation to him, it goes a long way. Gratitude and appreciation inspire him to want to commit to you because a lot of women don’t really express their appreciation very well to men. When a woman comes forward and expresses her gratitude in a genuine heartfelt kind of way, it leaves a big, lasting impact on a guy.

5. Hope and inspiration.

The fifth and final emotion a man needs to feel in order to commit to you is hope and inspiration that being together with you is going to be better than him being on his own.

He needs to believe that somehow committing to you in a deeper way is going to be a big life improvement from not doing so.

So if he commits to you in a bigger way, are you going to bring him more into your world? Are you going to experience new and better things with him? Are you going to have greater connections? Is there something more that is going to happen if he commits to you? If not, then there’s really no incentive for him to commit to you at all really.

You want to really invite him into your world. But this requires that you build out your own world as well because a lot of people neglect their own lives when it comes to dating and relationships. They treat relationships like, “I’m a warm body and I just show up on a date and there you go. You like me or you don’t.” No. How you live your life determines how you show up in relationships and dating.

When you live your life in a loving, passionate, exciting, engaging sort of way and surround yourself with people that you love, do things you love doing, and go to places that you love going, this will not be a problem for you.

But, if you hate the people that you see regularly, if you don’t like doing the things that you do, and if you don’t like the places that you go, then the way you choose to live your life is going to be a problem for a man.

When you can invite him into your world and he sees that the deeper he commits to you and the more he connects with you, the more into that wonderful, cool, amazing, awesome world that he gets to visit then that’s going to inspire him to commit to you.

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If you are a man, what is it that has really inspired you to commit to a woman in the past? Go ahead get the conversation started down below.

If you’re a woman, what things have make a man commit to you?  Please discuss down below.

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