Why Using “Techniques” To Manifest Can Be Helpful But Isn’t Essential

As an Experiencer you will almost certainly have an Experience. 

By which I mean that even having an experience of floating in a still void is still an experience. If a certain visualization feels good, if you want to speak your intentions out loud, if you want to chant Ia Ia Cthulhu Ptaghn!, you can do all of that.

The only thing you don’t want to do is make the mistake of believing that what you visualize or speak or intend of whatever has anything to do with your success at manifesting the life you want. 

Your success with any manifestation comes from being WHO you are.

So metaphorically — When you’re submerged in the ocean, you can wave your hand around the water all you want (making waves), but the only thing that matters is that the ocean is in contact with your skin.

This equally means you don’t have to do anything because WHO you are is always doing everything. You are the ocean, so you’re always in contact with it. The ‘Steps to Manifestation’, in that sense, are completely irrelevant.

Once you ‘make the jump’ after doing whatever technique you choose– you may or may not find ‘Limbo’. Whatever you find is fine. You don’t need to worry about it. 

You will almost certainly have an Experience, whatever it is doesn’t matter for all the same reasons I said above.

For example, probably 80% of my dedicated attempts for manifestation in any given session make me feel kind-of amused.

“HERE I AM, in my Private Dream, watching myself watch myself.”

“HERE I AM, in my Private Dream, watching God try to understand how and why he’s God.” 

Kind of funny, right!? Sometimes I laugh out loud when I notice.

But the humor doesn’t mean anything. I could have any experience and it would be equally irrelevant. It’s just one flavor of how I respond to whatever I decided to create.

My other 20% of decisions to create reality may result in all kinds of random stuff, like a trip to Mars or Saturn’s Rings (I keep leaving myself boxes up there?) or a gush of choir music, or a sudden warmth emanating from my hands. I get a lot of mid-forehead itching. 

None of that stuff means anything. 

It doesn’t mean I failed, it doesn’t mean I was successful, it doesn’t mean anything independently of the value I assign it. So I remain detached and let it go and just return to doing what I was doing previously.

Because I ALREADY AM THAT, I am always creating my world 100% of the time. The world then proves back to me what I’ve already commanded for.

What you need to understand when you’re trying to manifest a new reality is that:

You’re already doing it (and in fact, can’t not do it).

You can’t do it wrong (because you are already always doing it).

You make all the rules so however you do it is ultimately fine.

Whatever happens, happens because you told it to happen (IE – Everything in your world is a direct response to what you’ve commanded and who you are).

The magic is always already happening. You’re just becoming aware of it. Becoming aware (acknowledging, as you say) that you are the cause of everything that’s happening.

You can acknowledge perception/experience — you’re not looking for some endless empty void when you meditate (which would just be another experience anyway). 

You just don’t hang on it. You’re having an experience, sure, but whatever experience you’re having doesn’t matter for the purposes of this work.

Empty Void is structurally no different than Saturnalia Vacation which is no different than Choirs and Heavenly Light which is no different than thinking about the trip you’re taking to the beach tomorrow.

All steps and techniques become redundant as you acknowledge WHO you are

Remember that steps to manifestation are also manifestations, so while they may have practical utility in your current perspective, that at the end of the day you don’t need them.

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