How To Think About Manifestation So It Becomes Simple and Effortless

‘Manifesting’ effortlessly feels to me almost exactly like absentmindedly reaching up to scratch my eyebrow.

It is an effortless NO-THING that is derived from the basis of WHO I AM. 

You don’t sit there and try to ‘be in the end’ or create vision boards for it or chant in archaic Greek to get your hand to flip up there and put your eyebrows back in order. 

You know, as part of the identity you’ve accepted, that you are a human being with limbs and that you can use those limbs to affect the seemingly physical world in which you live. 

You never think about it twice because that’s just part of who you are.

Similarly, when your identity, your self-definition, expands to include more and more of creation, you may find the ‘feeling’ of this is very much the same.

You might find that as you walk back from your identity that you begin to see that everything around you is just an extension of YOU. 

You might realize you can ‘feel’ or ‘see’ from the perspective of your desk, or that ‘other’ people (including the one whose eyes you’re looking out of right now) or things (like a spoon, for an example) are just like fingers in a glove and if you pay a little attention to it, you can isolate each one and move each one independently.

If you pay close attention, you may even catch YOURself moving them ‘inadvertently’, like reaching up to scratch your eyebrow.

Structurally, the ‘limb’ metaphor works great too, because these people we seem to be are like fingertips. 

They are hugely sensitive, marginally independent and occupy hardly the tiniest portions of our bodies — and yet.

You can focus all your attention into a fingertip, can’t you? 

You can just sink in and luxuriate in the sensation of a fingertip sliding down a 2000 thread count silk sheet, or down the side of your lover’s body, or feel an entire world captured in a raindrop sitting there on the end of it.

Fingertips are connected to finger joints and finger joints eventually become a hand and a hand eventually becomes an arm and an arm eventually connects to a shoulder and then a torso and so on and so forth.

The human body then, in some sense, is one potential map of structural reality.

YOU are the consciousness at the core of that body. 

So not only are you all the fingers, but you’re the arms and the shoulders and the legs and the internal organs and the funny faces you’re making into the world — and yes, even the structure and composition of the brain itself, because YOU go deeper than that, just like you do in this seeming localized realm being perspective.

So because YOU have all creation at your disposal, you’re right — ‘commanding’ the universe is just like commanding your body to pick up that slushie. It’s yours to do with what YOU will.

I made another post that proposes a different, but maybe equally valuable structural perspective on the way reality is strung together. 

Especially if you like Neville Goddard’s I AM.

The ROOT FUNDAMENTAL at the center of either of these mental models of reality is that YOU are the center and everything else is derived from YOU. This is what gives you the ‘Authority’ to ‘move’ or do anything and everything.

But equally, these mental models both demonstrate a stark ‘divide’ between ‘you’ and YOU. 

Conventionally, we usually offload the authority to make changes in our world to various ‘systems’ — like the arm or the shoulder or the kidney. We only rarely seem to ‘look up’ and realize that we are more than a fingertip.

When you do that, when you claim the configuration of All That Is, or Infinity, or The Absolute or Universal Line or whatever you prefer to call it, you really do have access to the whole thing.

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