3 Dangerous Myths About Feminine Energy

Feminine energy is sort of controversial AND super misunderstood.

When we hear the term “feminine energy” it pulls all sorts of thoughts in people’s heads.

“Being in your feminine energy and attracting the masculine means you’re NOT a feminist…”

“You have to be fake to be in your feminine energy…”

“Feminine energy isn’t as powerful as masculine energy…”

Unfortunately, feminine energy and “bad rap” often go together…and that is leaving you with the short end of the stick.

But so few of us have been taught the true facts about feminine energy.

Let’s get into the biggest and most damaging MYTHS about feminine energy:

“Being in your feminine energy and attracting the masculine means you’re NOT a feminist.”

Not true at all. But it’s one of the most common myths I hear.

And it doesn’t even make sense.

So… you’re NOT a feminist if you’re using your divine feminine power to attract the divine masculine? (even if you really want to?)

The real story is totally different.

Have you ever noticed that some people are FOR women but AGAINST using feminine energy for it’s true purpose– creation in all it’s forms– including attraction?

Even if you’re not used to acting in a feminine way or staying in your feminine energy, in practice, staying in your feminine energy with a man can be incredibly freeing and feels amazing.

“You have to be fake to be in your feminine energy.”

This is another whopper. Here’s why this myth gets around: lots of impressionable women grew up learning about men from pop-culture gossip magazines and the latest romantic comedy.

Which is FUN but not necessarily TRUE or helpful.

Following that advice can result in endlessly struggling to be someone you’re just not. Then wondering why you don’t quite fit in.

The truth is that everyone– all human beings– naturally have BOTH feminine and masculine energy systems.

Yin and yang energy sources combine to create each person’s unique energetic signature.

The real problems happen when people deny either energy source within themselves and try to repress it or ACT more feminine or ACT more masculine instead of truly embracing both and understanding what the energy sources actually do.

“Feminine energy isn’t as powerful as masculine energy.”

This is the worst myth of all. It’s what I call a “killer myth.”

That’s because believing it can kill your success more than any other myth.

And this myth exists only because we’ve been playing small.

So here’s the real truth:

When you get (and stay) in touch with your true source of feminine energy, you are harnessing the universe’s energetic forces that “create” while divine masculine energy is forced to react to this powerful catalyst.

And, when you’re experiencing problems with a man, MORE feminine energy will most likely start shifting things between you and him.

Divine energy management– getting into your feminine energy to attract a masculine energy person– is one of the love blocks I discuss in my free masterclass The 7 Blocks To Manifesting Love. Usually all it takes for women to start manifesting love is for them to start breaking through their own personal set of blocks to manifesting love.

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