Did Everything Go Sideways After You Discovered Manifestation? Here’s Why

The internet is fairly rife with stories about things being pretty difficult — sometimes even getting more difficult once this manifestation work starts.

Here’s a personal story:

I was in the same boat. My manifestations were going almost suspiciously fantastic — all the doors were opening and I could practically see eternity unfolding in front of me.

Then I read The Kybalion and bought in hard to the concepts of polarity and rhythm.

What that meant, naturally, was that after a week or so of my unfiltered success, the ‘pendulum’ had to ‘swing the other way’ and so suddenly, instead of manifesting good things, it was like my life was suddenly trying to grind me into the ground and prove to me that I wasn’t able to do these things I thought I could do.

Week 1: Total Success

Week 2: Abject Failure

Week 3: Total Success

Week 4: Abject Failure

This was exhausting and confusing and awful.

Annnnnd it was all my fault. I did that! I did that by deciding a piece of structural reality (In this case, Polarity and Rhythm) applied to me and my work. Once I made that decision, the pendulum began to swing and I was slaved to its systemic wave because I chose to be.

It wasn’t necessarily some ‘conscious’ choice — I as a my personal perspective didn’t sit there and say, ‘You know what’d be funny? 

If I alternated weeks of AWESOME with weeks of SANITY-DESTROYING AWFULNESS. LOLZ.’ 

But it was a decision that was made from my perspective nonetheless because an idea was presented and I gave it a casual thumbs up. ‘Yeah, Polarity. Rhythm. Those things seem to be structural facts in my reality already.’

Whether they were or weren’t at that point, they for sure were after that point.

That’s what it means to be the sole commander of the universe. It’s ALL your fault. The ‘good’ stuff is all you, the ‘bad’ stuff is all you. It’s all YOU.

(If you’re wondering, as soon as I’d realized what I’d done to myself, I fixed it and I don’t run so HOT/COLD anymore. Just HOT now — like the surface of a newborn baby star.)

Do I need to be in the advanced class and know the full, complete answers to everything to make changes in my life?

Not at all.

But you could always try commanding for more knowledge or intuition or how to acknowledge WHO you are better — those things would pay immediate dividends.

I know trying to manifest giant stacks of cash on our pillows is a pretty appealing target, but there’s an infinite variety of things you can command for and manifest. Depending on the commitments and obligations you’re carrying around, it may be ‘easier’ to work on stuff that’s ‘inside’ first.

(Structurally, of course, it’s all the same, but if you don’t yet have that viewpoint, it might be worth trying a different tack.)

Can I have a basic understanding of manifestation and be just as effective?

For sure.

There’s a lot of conversation going on, and a lot of it involves various ‘lesser truths’. I’m especially interested in conversations around ‘mental models’ because I’m kind-of into it (shocking, I’m sure).

None of that stuff is necessary to manifest what you want and it may or may not help you to understand. If it doesn’t, feel free to ignore it and just focus on the stuff that does help you.

In fact, you can just ignore all of it and go straight for the top. It’s a pretty sweet deal, I hear.

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