Q&A Ask Elizabeth: Do Great Guys Date Women With Kids?


mombaby300x200Today, a reader wonders if it is really possible to meet someone great who will accept her daughter.


Dear Elizabeth,

Do you think it’s possible to find a guy that can fall in love with you even though you have a child? It just seems like there aren’t any good ones out there anymore, they don’t see it as a benefit or my daughter as this wonderful part of the package, but instead as just baggage. It’s really frustrating trying to date and not know how to approach the situation.

Thanks 🙂

– Frustrated Single Mother


Yes! It is possible to find a great guy willing to date a woman with a child. It does make it harder, but not impossible. Sometimes it takes a mature (don’t read this as old, I don’t mean that) guy who is ready for it, but they are definitely out there. Have you tried online dating? Often that is a good way to find out in advance if they would be open to you having children without having to go through a whole meet and greet only to be disappointed.

There are lots of great men out there who will date a women who already has a child. Sometimes they just take more effort to find. Often they have their own children as well and in turn, know it is a challenge to meet women who will accept that.

Keep at it!


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