9 Ways To Make Your Ex Hate You FOREVER

Struggling with a breakup?

Sometimes, the best way to understand a better path toward getting your ex back is to talk about what NOT to do if you ever want any chance of reconnecting with your ex.

All of these 9 ways to make your ex hate you are intended to be humorous– and you’d think I wouldn’t have to mention that– but, alas.

1. Call your ex obsessively, several times a day.

This will bug them like crazy and may cause them to block your number. You can always get more numbers, though. Disposable phones and using friend’s cell phones are easy ways to get this done.

2. Keep writing them and letting them know how much you miss them.

Letters, emails, and text messages can hit them from several directions. Leave notes on their windshield. This is a great way to get their attention (and wrath).

3. Remind them frequently of things that they said and promises they made.

Who says that things have to change? They said it once, so they must have meant it forever and just forgot. Constantly remind them. You will only be reminding them how good an idea it was to leave you.

4. Follow/Stalk them and remind them you’re ALWAYS THERE.

Every single breathe they take, you’ll be watching them. Be sure to grin whenever they see you. They will think your crazy and you may scare them. Be ready for the restraining order.

5. Bother their friends.


Ask your exe’s friends constantly how your ex is doing and see if you can find out where they are going to be. Try to go everywhere that the friends are. Don’t worry about how they keep trying to duck away from you, you’re charming and you should never let them forget it.

6. Call your exe’s new flame.

Make sure to let them know that you are your exe’s REAL true love and it is only a matter of time before you get them back.

More than likely you will end up making both of them hate you and they could end up becoming closer because of the harassing you do.

7. Call your exe’s parents and remind them of your exe’s bad decision to dump you.

Nothing like a call from their son or daughter’s jilted lover to get the blood flowing in the morning.

8. Try dating their best friend.

Your efforts to make them jealous may end up ruining another of their relationships. Sooner or later the best friend will realize that you are just using them and you will be alone again.

9. Call your exe’s workplace repeatedly to track them down.

That will be a great way to get your ex to hate you, especially if it costs them their job.

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