How to Get A Man Addicted To You Forever

This is Nicole Elissa with Commitment Connection. Today, I am going to share how to get a man addicted to you forever.

To know this secret that really makes a difference, make sure you read until the very end because this is something that men have shared with me for years.

The number one thing that gets a man addicted to you is how much he feels that you accept him and how much you believe in him.

This is interesting because one thing I hear from men all of the time when they’re describing themselves is that they’re not perfect.

From my understanding, what happens is that many times when you’re in a relationship, they feel like their woman, their partner expects them to be perfect.

When men sense that you will judge them if they’re not living up to the expectations or the image that you have of him, it can make him feel several different ways.

It can make him question himself if he’s not grounded in who he is.

It can make him more feel separate from you because he feels like he cannot be himself with you if he cannot rest and allow himself to just be who he is.

This makes a huge difference for men because they’re always telling me “Oh, I’m not perfect.” Or when they’re talking in regards to other relationships they say, “I’m not perfect.”

What they’re asking for is acceptance and the clear understanding that they’re not perfect, they’re doing their best and that they do have a willingness to continue to improve.

There will be moments where he might not achieve a goal or he might be feeling down. He needs to feel that you accept him and believe in him.

Many of men’s fears have to do with whether a woman really wants to be with him or that she only wants his success or the image of what he has obtained so far in life.

You can show him that you can be with him no matter what— when he’s having low moments, when he’s having great moments and that you believe in him. You’re not putting on any sort of pressure for him to be something that he is not, then that makes him addicted to you.

When I say forever, it is forever.

It creates a safe haven for him where he knows that you are the one that actually sees him and believes in him and will be with him during the journey with great joy and understanding.

Most men have the willingness to grow and they want to grow just that. If they feel they cannot grow when they’re with you or if you’re going to judge them, they tend to shut down.

One of the easiest ways you can work on this is by creating the space to accept yourself. If a man can see that you accept yourself, you will notice in him, him feeling more grounded and safe with you.

As women, we can have a tendency to be hard on ourselves. That perfectionism that we have with ourselves doesn’t send off the right signals to a man because he will feel like you expect him to be perfect too.

People grow when they feel accepted, not when they feel pressured.

When you can practice that level of self-acceptance with yourself, he’s going to notice that you can actually practice acceptance with him too.

If you create a space of non-judgment where you can actually hear him out and support him and let him know how much you believe in him, you will notice how much he’s going to crave you and want to be with you.

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